Meet some of our former great HR Innovation & Keynote Speakers.

  • CEO & Founder

    With over 20 years in the field, I am a seasoned expert in building web and mobile apps. Mainly focusing on JavaScript for the past 17 years. TypeScript and React in the last 7 years. I founded SmartGeeks, a company that builds web and mobile apps. Additionally, co-founded VoiceKitt, a GenAI voice assistant company that went through the Techstars program, and launched Zooc, a platform for async communication. My work has earned me projects with big names like Klarna, Siemens, and Allianz. Always on the lookout for new technologies; I am currently exploring RAG.

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  • HR Professional

    I hold an MBA and a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Rights and have extensive experience working in HR within the oil & gas industry, where I developed a strong foundation in managing personnel and organisational development. As an HR expert, I am currently researching the challenges of remote leadership in virtual work groups at IU Berlin.

    I have a diverse background that includes not only HR management but also involvement in various events and volunteering activities that involve continuous interaction with professionals of both tech and non-tech backgrounds.

    I seek opportunities to meet people from diverse backgrounds and learn about their perspectives and life experiences, which enriches my approach to both professional and personal endeavours.

    I love engaging in creative activities and also have a YouTube channel in my name, and I also enjoy sharing HR-related knowledge through my LinkedIn profile on a regular basis. This creative outlet allows me to connect with a broader audience and continuously develop a huge network of like-minded individuals.

    I am particularly interested in how technology can be leveraged to improve HR practices and enhance organisational efficiency.

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  • Founder of The Berlin Life & Career Coach

    A Canadian in Berlin for 10+ years, I’ve gone through the roller coaster of emotions one feels when looking for a job as a foreigner in Germany. During my time in Berlin, I’ve had five different visas and worked as both a freelancer and a permanent employee for numerous companies. I’ve also worked as a hiring manager and have seen the other side, seeing nervous candidates in interviews and the mistakes people make in their job applications. As a result of these experiences, I created The Berlin Life where we help people find jobs in Germany. We offer free career guides, community events, an informative weekly newsletter, and career coaching services.

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  • Coach | Mentor | Emotional Intelligence Assessor | TEDx Host | Event Moderator

    Kairun Daikoku is an Event Moderator, Coach, and Sales Manager in Berlin. He began his cross-cultural and professional career as a Tour Guide, guiding Canadians to Japan for 4 years. This experience opened the door to public speaking and cultural exploration. Leading to a Masters Degree in Standards of Decision Making Across Cultures in Germany. Upon completing his masters thesis in China on entrepreneurial decision-making, it led him to the tech capital of Europe, Berlin. After working in multiple startups and experiencing the organizational transformation to scale up, he turned his eyes to coaching. Presently, he executes the sales strategy in the UK and supports coachees in the areas of well-being, conflict management, leadership, and career change.

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  • Founder & CEO of English Job Denmark

    Leslea founded English Job Denmark in 2019 in response to seeing international professionals struggling to navigate the job search in Denmark. This was something she had experienced 16 years ago as a job seeker when she landed in Denmark from England.

    With over 20 years’ communications experience in both the business & not-for-profit sectors, Leslea helps professionals with a clear career strategy to improve visibility to hiring managers & recruiters. She has helped equip hundreds of internationals with the knowledge and know-how about Danish work culture and the job-search process, to help them land their dream job.

    Leslea also hosts and facilitates workshops, and is an engaging speaker and motivator with organisations and companies in Denmark to help them retain international talent.

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  • Female Empowerment Coach and Trainer

    Lisa Altenpohl is an actress, a coach and a trainer in the field of somatics and female empowerment. In her coaching work she helps individuals to strive in the career work by embodying their core values and learning to work with the nervous system. As a multitalented person herself she knows what it’s like to change careers and build something new from scratch. With her holistic approach she empowers people from all over the world and helps them to reconnect with their power.

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  • Founder & Director of Accelerate India

    Dr. Neha Sharma, Founder & Director, Accelerate India is a seasoned professional with over fifteen years of experience in entrepreneurship, research, business consulting, and management. As the former CEO of CrAdLE at EDII, she has worked closely with stakeholders, including startups, academia, researchers, and policymakers, to cultivate and enhance the startup ecosystem. Recognized among India’s Top 100 Women Leaders in Entrepreneurship by GlantorX and Zee News in 2022, Neha holds a Doctorate in Entrepreneurship from EDII and is a Certified Design Thinking Practitioner. She has a track record of mentoring businesses, organizing training programs, and serving as a visiting faculty member for MBA programs.

    Neha’s contributions extend to her role in nurturing deeptech startups at the NASSCOM Center of Excellence, where she facilitated co-creation initiatives and strengthened the Industry 4.0 research segment. Throughout her career, she has excelled in diverse roles across various industries, including government, multinational corporations, technology startups, and leading industry associations.

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  • German Language and Communication Coach

    Evridika Cuder is a German language and communication coach. Using a variety of proven methods, she helps learners and clients gain confidence in speaking and find joy in learning German. Her expertise lies in assisting international professionals in Germany to connect with the German language and advance their careers, particularly in the tech industry. Drawing from her own experiences as an international professional in Germany, her approach is rooted in both experience and empathy.

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  • Head of Consultants & HR

    I am Head of Consultants & HR at OBJENTIS Software Integration GmbH for more than 5 years.

    We are an IT service provider whose mission is to provide clients with comprehensive consulting and support in the areas of software testing, project & requirements management, quality assurance and system integration, as well as a solution provider for test and process automation.

    Before joining OBJENTIS, I have gathered various experiences in test and project management, e.g. at IBM Business Consulting Services in Japan or SAP in China and Eastern Europe, but also in the area of HR/recruiting.

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  • Executive & Leadership Coach

    Ana-Alexandra Moga is a seasoned engineering & product leader and executive coach with over 17 years of experience in both start-ups and big tech, spending the most recent 12 years leading teams with purpose and grace. She’s passionate about moments of transition and change and uses these in her coaching practice to facilitate a safe space for individuals navigating their own journeys. In coaching, she fosters exploration that engages both brain hemispheres, bringing both creativity and clarity, playfulness and structure, curiosity and focus.

    Fluent in English, Romanian and Spanish, after having left London and before moving to Berlin in 2019, she spent a year long sabbatical exploring the Americas and South-East Asia with her husband, documenting their journey on Instagram. She enjoys being a lifelong learner, which led her back to school for her executive coaching education at New York University in 2021, where she discovered her interest in the intersection of coaching and technology. Ana finds energy in photography, cycling, improv theatre, interior design, and the written word.

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  • Career Coach & Recruiter

    I’m originally from France. I lived in Ireland for five years, studying for a BA degree and working for Apple and Amazon. I relocated to Madrid a couple of years ago without knowing a word of Spanish! I’m a corporate recruiter, and I own a career coaching business where I help people with their self-branding, job search strategy, interview preparation and all sorts of coaching services related to professional careers.

    Outside work, I like to work out: swim, go to the gym, dance, and run! I ran the Madrid marathon last month, and I’m heading to France for the Paris marathon next year!

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  • Stentor

    Paul ter Wal is Global Engagement Explorer, employability expert and workplace architect. For more than 25 years he has been in the speaking, consulting, and training business for executives, Human Beings directors and employees.

    Happiness Makes Money.

    According to the Gallup Engagement Index a staggering 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work. The world has a crisis of engagement, with serious and potentially long-lasting repercussions for the organizations.

    This is where Paul ter Wal steps in. The former lawyer works on both sides – employer and employees – to create better leadership, work happiness and profitability. His concept is based on finding the “Non-Negotiables” and the core values of the individual as well as the company. Because a highly engaged workforce means the difference between a company that thrives and one that struggles.

    When employees are engaged, they are passionate, creative, and entrepreneurial, and their enthusiasm fuels growth. These employees are emotionally connected to the mission and purpose of their work. This makes sales and marketing for organisations much easier.

    The former lawyer at a social benefits organization as well as Assistant Director of a Public Health Insurance company started his consulting career at Capgemini in the field of social security and labor law. Today Paul ter Wal is a professional speaker, advisor, work health specialist.

    Paul is recognized as Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the Professional Speakers Australia as well as Fellow (FPSA) by the Professional Speaking Association in the UK and Ireland. Paul was President of the Global Speakers Federation in 2019 – 2020; he is currently President of the Virtual Speakers Association International (2022 – 2024). He received in April 2023 the Knighthood in the Order of Orange-Nassau. Paul is guest-lecturer at the University of Maastricht and Tilburg.

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  • Country Business Lead Austria

    I have held different sales and marketing roles in international companies like IBM, Oracle and BMC Software before I joined Alcatel Lucent Enterprise 8 years ago.

    Since 2.5 years, together with the Austrian team we accompany our customers on their way to Digital Communication and Networking with flexible business models in the cloud, on premise and hybrid environments to connect everything and everyone.

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  • Freelance Senior Recruiter in Design, Product & Technology

    As top Recruiting Voice on Linkedin with now 25k+ followers, I help startups, agencies & corporates to scale their design, product, marketing & engineering teams.

    I place tech talents mostly in Germany but also all across Europe (Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Zürich, Prague, London, etc.).

    My mission is to guide talents & businesses towards success stories by scoping their expectations, studying growth perspectives & tackling hiring challenges together.

    I helped hiring for companies such as Meta, Wolt, Commerzbank, Daimler, Bosch e-bikes, 7Mind, Plugsurfing & the list goes on.

    My main area of expertise is design recruitment & career coaching.

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  • CEO & Founder of BinaryCodeBarn UG

    With over 10+ years of experience in the software industry, having worked with mobility, iot, blockchain & many other products, I launched my own MVP as a service startup this year to help build a product for early stage founders or help an existing product with scalability & performance.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Customer Success Manager for Business Technology Platform (BTP) at SAP BWN Chapter Co-Lead & WOMANinICT Botschafterin

    I am a Customer Success Partner for the area of Business Technology Platform at SAP and responsible for ensuring the success and satisfaction of clients who have purchased BTP services and analytics products. BTP is the platform that brings together application development, automation, data management, analytics and planning, integration, and AI capabilities into one unified environment optimized for SAP applications. I act as a trusted technical advisor, identifying potential issues and working to address them in a timely and effective manner to ensure a seamless experience for the customer. My goal is to help clients maximize the value they get from our products and helping them to adopt further and to build long-term releationships.

    As a Chapter lead of the Business Women’s Network at SAP Austria I want to empower and support women in the IT industry, creating a community of like-minded individuals, who can learn from each other and work together towards success. With a passion for promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace I want to make a positive impact on the lives of women in business, while also contributing to the success of SAP.

    I am proud member of #WOMENinICT. Through mentorship, networking, and advocacy, we champion diversity and innovation, ensuring that women’s voices are heard and valued. #WOMENinICT is dedicated to creating a supportive and empowering community for women in technology, fostering their professional growth, and driving positive change towards gender equality in the IT industry.

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  • Senior Talent Acquisition Manager of Treysta Ingenieure Holding

    A business psychologist with a strong passion for Talent Acquisition.

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  • Leadership & Career Coach

    Piotr Tomaszewski is a Leadership & Career Coach based in Berlin. He began his career as a Product Designer, collaborating with startups and tech firms for the past 7 years, acquiring expertise in team leadership, hiring, and fostering professional growth. This journey led him to explore Mentoring and Coaching to assist designers in their career development at all levels. He specializes in working with Creative Leaders, helping them find joy in leadership and fulfillment in their careers with an approach that mixes self-discovery and self-leadership.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Talent & Mindset Coach

    Diana Lund Nordstrøm is a Talent & Mindset Coach dedicated to helping internationals elevate their job search process in Denmark. Through Career Network Denmark Elevate, Diana provides a unique opportunity for internationals to join a supportive community that focuses on networking, refining job application materials, enhancing networking skills, and mastering interview techniques, through group coaching and workshops.

    Diana has 8+ years of experience working in supporting job seekers in Denmark, the last 2,5 years focussing on International professionals looking for their next opportunity in Denmark.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Future Relations Expert

    Moritz Reid is a seasoned HR expert with over 20 years of consulting experience, including 15 years specializing in human resources, and a decade dedicated to recruitment. His expertise encompasses intercultural communication, where he has spent 15 years in training, focusing on presentation and facilitation techniques, as well as creativity training. At esentri, Moritz leads initiatives in recruiting, active sourcing, employer branding, and onboarding new employees, driving the company’s mission to inspire candidates and engage them as valued colleagues in a self-organized company focused on sustainable digitalization.

    Moritz Reid ist ein erfahrener HR-Experte mit mehr als 20 Jahren Beratungserfahrung, davon 15 Jahre im Bereich Personalwesen und ein Jahrzehnt im Bereich Personalbeschaffung. Sein Fachwissen umfasst die interkulturelle Kommunikation, wo er 15 Jahre in der Ausbildung verbracht hat, mit Schwerpunkt auf Präsentations- und Moderationstechniken sowie Kreativitätstraining. Bei esentri leitet Moritz Initiativen in den Bereichen Recruiting, Active Sourcing, Employer Branding und Onboarding neuer Mitarbeiter. Dabei treibt er die Mission des Unternehmens voran, Kandidaten zu inspirieren und sie als geschätzte Kollegen in ein selbstorganisiertes Unternehmen zu integrieren, das sich auf nachhaltige Digitalisierung konzentriert.

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  • CTO of Eviden Austria

    Rainer Masopust is CTO at Eviden Austria. During the past 30 years, Rainer has held roles as a software developer and system architect and has worked as a project and business manager with global customers, such as John Deere, Coca Cola, Bayer, Siemens Healthineers. A significant part of his professional career was developing a 200-strong team of people involved in digital business models for new digital services.

    A rolled-out platform implementation led to the establishment of a joint venture between Eviden and a start-up company, providing “software as a service” for use cases in critical industries with a focus on the transport sector. In his new function as general manager, Rainer supports business development from a software point of view for all use cases, ranging from extending embedded sensors via connectivity to the scalable cloud platform using advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO & Founder of AILovesHR

    Arzo Nadi has 18 years of experience as a former HR leader with extensive international experience in renowned companies such as Beiersdorf, Siemens, Luxottica Group and Indeed. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise as the CEO & Founder of AILovesHR, a tech-start up focusing on Strategic HR Advisory and AI Powered Tech solutions. Her career has been dedicated to transforming HR practices, hiring great talent, fostering inclusive cultures, and leveraging technology to enhance workplace efficiency.

    With a deep understanding of both the strategic and operational aspects of HR, she is now focused on guiding companies through the ethical integration of AI. Her mission is to prepare organizations for the future by developing AI competencies, smart automation, and innovative, people-centered workplaces.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Human Resources

    Human resources is relationship work and our people make the difference now and in future. Collegiality, team spirit, dialogue and an open feedback culture foster our success, and above all we are humans – we create a culture and woring environment that enables everyone to develop theier potentioal and innovative strength.
    My work is based on serveral years of international human resources experience in different industries (insurance, consulting, IT and art collection) with a passion for equality, diversity and new HR projects to bring in the future…

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  • Executive Neuro Coach

    Growing up in the Nile Delta with a passion for knowledge, Marwa has built a dynamic career as a Human Resources professional since 2010, navigating diverse sectors including Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Retail, IT Sales, and Tech across the EMEA region. Now based in Berlin, she has transitioned into executive neuro-coaching, combining her rich HR experience with a deep understanding of neuroplasticity. Certified in Neuroscience for Business from MIT Sloan and an MBTI Consultant, Marwa uses scientifically validated tools and innovative approaches like her Neuro-SPARC method to help leaders and organizations achieve extraordinary outcomes. Her unique blend of neuroscience, psychology, and cultural insights makes her a trusted partner in driving personal and professional success.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Psychologist | People Development & Training | Coach | Research & Development JobTreffer GmbH

    Daniela is a psychologist specializing in occupational and organizational psychology. Since 2023, she has been a partner at iVip OG – Institut für Vitalpsychologie. As a university lecturer at institutions such as the University of Vienna, Danube University Krems, and FH Campus Wien, Daniela teaches courses on communication and conflict management, trends and innovation in work and organizational psychology, as well as scientific methods and statistics.

    In collaboration with companies, Daniela focuses on creating new learning and development formats, supporting change projects, and leading workshops and seminars. She is dedicated to fostering individual development and is recognized as an expert in resilience and mental health for the new generation. As a trainer and speaker, she addresses topics such as new work and change in the modern world, communication, sustainable (self-)leadership, mental health, and resilience.

    Her guiding principle is: #we love to develop one another

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Senior Manager Career Service of IU International University

    I’m an English and German-speaking Career Service Manager with around 10 years’ experience working in further and higher education and a proven background in providing career education, information, advice and guidance, as well as in international student support. I’m primarily responsible for the planning, creation, and delivery of group sessions which not only energises me but gives me great job satisfaction. I am also well versed in conducting 1:1 consultations for more tailored support. My goal as a career development professional is to help people feel more confident in navigating their career journey and being able to take the next steps forward.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Actor and Public Speaking Trainer

    Carlo Loiudice is a professional actor, public speaking trainer, and certified life coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

    Beginning his acting career in 1996, Carlo is known for his performances in films such as “The Fortune Teller” and “The Woddafucka Thing.”

    Alongside his acting career, he has built a solid reputation as a coach, helping entrepreneurs, professionals, and students enhance their communication and leadership skills.

    His acting training has made him an expert in connecting with audiences and overcoming the fear of public speaking, transforming many lives through his inspiring workshops and courses.

    Additionally, Carlo is a highly followed content creator in Italy and works with companies all over Europe, recognized for his competence, professionalism, and empathy, qualities that make him an outstanding speaker and impactful coach​.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • International Career Coach

    Annika Harloff has over 20 years of management experience within multinational corporations in Europe and Asia. As globally recognized and certified career coach, she empowers since 2015 people in transition and enables them to outreach their goals with a profound social media strategy, during the application process, job search, job interview and contract negotiation, for the perfect entry into the dream job, creating a long-term vision, keeping a good work life balance in diverse and interdisciplinary teams, with continuous self-development. Annika is a lecturer at internationally renowned universities and she is involved in various organizations and initiatives for intercultural integration.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Lead Associate Project Manager of Vestas

    Lead Associate Project Manager at Vestas, the largest producer of wind turbines globally. Responsible for projects in Austria and Eastern Europe.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of International Unit

    Rainer is heading the International Unit at the Governing Mayor of Berlin – Senate Chancellery. Rainer initiated AsiaBerlin startup initiative as a platform for dialogue with Asian partners. He has special experiences in the cooperation with partners in France, USA, Turkey and various Asian countries. Rainer is an international networker for Berlin with a focus on startups.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Startup Affairs

    Since 2017 Norbert has been handling startup-affairs at Berlin Government, Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises. He is keen on better understanding and supporting the ecosystem.
    Norbert is co-lead in the Berlin Startup Agenda fostering #Berlin as #CityOfImpact and as #CityOfEnablement, next to #CityOfTalents, #CityofDiversity and #CityOfCooperation.
    Before, he worked with Berlin Institute of Technology, Centre for Entrepreneurship, eBay, Technology Foundation Berlin, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit and more.

    Norbert Herrmann provides one view on the Berlin Startup Ecosystem, deriving from his work at the senate administration.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Organizational Developer | Consultant | Agile Coach

    Christian has a profound organizational development background and was responsible for helping to scale a Viennese digital health success story from 7 to 170 human beings, after sale of the company to a global diagnostics corporate. He supports change processes and the interaction between people and organizations — even in socially challenging situations. As a consultant, agile coach, and sparring partner, he supports companies in the journey from team agility to business agility — even in highly regulated and rigid areas.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • ESG & Impact Strategist | Communication Expert | Startup Coach | Workshop Facilitator | Moderator

    Katja Tschoepe is a communication scientist with extensive experience advising international companies on all facets of internal and external communication. In 2016, she launched her own startup and has since mentored other founders and led numerous workshops. Her expertise spans communication, sustainability, innovation, and new technologies such as AI. Additionally, she is a seasoned moderator for events and panel discussions. Driven by her commitment to fostering successful business solutions that ensure a promising future for all, she founded Good Future Business.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO & Leadership Expert

    After 15 years of leadership experience at one of the largest European clinics in Vienna, I am now dedicated to supporting leaders and entrepreneurs who are also under significant pressure due to the additional responsibilities of parenthood. I assist through stress management and self-leadership tools. Furthermore, my expertise in leadership is a significant asset for anyone looking to establish themselves in their career and ultimately achieve the success they envision. This begins with their very first appearance. Originally trained as a radiographer, I spent 9 years working in patient care before transitioning to a leadership role. Therefore, I have a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare system from various perspectives and know what it means to function and to remain a role model in times of crisis, even when the end of the tunnel may seem uncertain.

    Now I have my own business to support people who want to make more out of their lives, especially entrepreneurs and leaders. It makes me proud to accompany others and witness their growth. Inner strength leads to outer strength and thus directly to success

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CTO BeVi AI FLexCo, ML Researcher

    Lusine Abrahamyan obtained her B.S. and M.S. degrees in physics from Yerevan State University, Armenia, in 2012 and 2014, respectively. After graduation, she was a researcher at PicsArt Inc. from 2014-2018. She obtained her doctoral degree in engineering from the Department of Electronics and Informatics (ETRO) at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium, in 2022. During her academic research, she designed a new patented framework for distributed learning and authored papers that are published in high-level AI publications like ICCV and TNNLS.
    Presently, she is a founder and CTO of BeVi AI FlexCo.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Managing Director of ADMIRAL Technologies GmbH

    Mario Dambauer, managing director of ADMIRAL Technologies, has been working in the entertainment & sports betting industry for 25 years.

    Before joining the ADMIRAL Group in 2016, he was responsible for the S&T Technologies division of S&T AG (aka Kontron AG), a leading international technology and services company.

    Since joining the ADMIRAL Group, he has held the role of Director Product Management & Development at ADMIRAL Sportwetten GmbH. Afterwards – in 2023 – he was promoted to CTO/CPO within the management of ADMIRAL Technologies GmbH.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director of Ministry of Finance & Skill Training

    Kartikeya Anand is an Officer on Special Duty to the Minister of Finance & Skill Development, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. He has completed a Master’s Management Program in Public policy from Indian School of Business (ISB) and Executive Program in Management from Cornell University (USA). In addition, he has completed his Leadership Program from Indian institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB).Currently he oversees projects pertaining to Investment promotions & Foreign trade, Renewable Energy, Education & Skill development, Sustainable development Goals and social sector interventions. He is a versatile professional known for his accomplishments in executing multi-million-dollar projects covering more than a hundred thousand beneficiaries under the Navaratna scheme of the state of AP during the course of last 15 years.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Career Strategist

    Hi, I’m Eva – an entrepreneur, leader, mentor, coach.

    In the past 7 years I’ve helped hundreds of career professionals in Switzerland and in Europe to define and to reach their career and business goals so that they have true career success and live the quality of life they deserve.

    Based on my own experiences from business and career as well as thousands of hours of additional learnings, I’ve developed my own methods that I use both in individual mentoring as well as in my signature programs “Unstuck and Redesign” and “JobSearch Made Easy”.

    Coming from 20+ years of international experiences in leadership roles with global banks, where I supported major multinational companies of various industries and sectors. I have proven track records in successfully turning around business challenges, in developing high-performing teams and in working-out efficient solutions to complex issues to achieve results efficiently.

    I have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Rotterdam School of Business, Certification in Strategies from Wharton University, Certificate of Executive Leadership and Coaching, a Master’s Degree in Economics, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism.

    I am a practicing business coach and a certified workshop facilitator.

    External mentor with the RAV, advisor at “Capacity”, (an NGO, aiming to help refugees to integrate into the Swiss job-market) and Group Chair at Executives Global Network.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Career Coach & Key Account Manager

    Claudia Bruce-Quartey is a Key Account Manager for a major open source software company and a career coach and mentor for female execs.

    8 years ago, with a political science background, she decided to move to Switzerland from France and figure it out.

    Being a minority in a male-dominated environment is equally a challenge and an opportunity.

    It means questioning and demanding that payment structures, access to promotions, career developments and rightful attribution of contributions are recognized and rectified for women.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Career Growth Coach

    It is my mission to empower individuals and organisations to shine their brightest. As a growth coach, I help professionals navigate transitions, ignite their purpose, achieve their ambitions and land their dream job with ease, confidence and clarity.

    For over 20 years, I’ve leveraged my unique blend of expertise:

    Co-active coaching: I empower you to unlock your potential through self-discovery and powerful coaching techniques.

    Management methodologies: I utilise proven frameworks like LEAN/Six Sigma to ensure tangible results and lasting success.

    Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, uncertain about the next steps in your career, or having doubts about your self-belief, I’m here to provide impactfull guidance and support.

    My approach involves:

    • Active listening: I truly hear you and understand your unique challenges.
    • Empathy: I walk alongside you with compassion and understanding.
    • Non-judgmental attitude: This is a safe space to share openly and honestly.

    With my coaching clients I work on:

    • Gaining clarity: Identifying your goals and crafting a clear path forward.
    • Building confidence: Unleashing your inner power and overcoming self-doubt.
    • Finding effective solutions: Developing strategies to tackle challenges and achieve success.

    My field of specialty is:

    • Career Coaching: Craft a career that aligns with your values and fuels your passion.
    • Executive Coaching: Elevate your leadership skills and inspire your team to achieve peak performance.
    • Leadership Development: Foster a thriving team environment built on trust, communication, and accountability.
    • Building Successful Teams: Empower your team with the tools and strategies to collaborate effectively and achieve exceptional results.
    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Psychologist | Mental Strength Coach | Podcaster

    Nicole is a psychologist and an experienced mentor in mental strength. Over the last five years, she has developed an online coaching business to support individuals in enhancing mental strength, changing mindsets and increasing consciousness to create the life they truly desire. This support includes helping them find the perfect job match.

    Nicole has been a keynote speaker at various online-summits and live events, focusing on mindset, empowerment and mental strength.

    In addition, Nicole consults with companies to manage unexpected, challenging situations, especially when an employee or team member has died, become seriously ill for an extended period, or returned after a longterm illness, with focus on inclusion or integration.

    She serves as a sparring partner for managers and leaders, as well as supervisor for management and teams on mental health and (emotional) handling of the situation.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Speaker & Author

    Margaretha Öström has a master’s degree in business and economics and an M.Sc. in Personnel Management from the London School of Economics. With the help of her deep competence in personality and group psychology, she conducts leadership selection, group development, coaching, facilitates training and give lectures.

    Margaretha has almost twenty years of managerial experience, including as CEO and being part of several management teams, which she benefits greatly from in her work. She is a mindfulness teacher, a neuroscientific- and an ICF-certified coach. She is frequently hired as an executive coach.

    Margaretha is appreciated for her ability to create trust and safety, her speed in understanding the client’s perspective, her listening ability and having a present approach. Margaretha uses science-based methods, a business mindset and goal-oriented way of coaching/facilitating with focus on sustainable results. With her warmth and professionalism, she creates great opportunities for insights and development.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Business Coach Carolin Anne Female Business & CEO of Let's get visible

    Carolin Anne Schiebel is a business coach dedicated to empowering women to succeed in their businesses or as employees.

    She is the initiator and organizer of the annual Female Empowerment Festival “Let’s Get Visible,” which will see the participation of 1000 women (and some men) in Upper Austria.

    Also as professional keynote speaker Carolin is passionate about inspiring and motivating individuals to reach their full potential.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Career Coach | HR Consultant

    Tina is an experienced Career Coach, Speaker and HR Consultant, empowering her clients to unlock their full potential.

    With a strong background in technology recruiting she has been supporting both international and local companies in filling expert and management roles for over a decade.

    She is passionate about supporting candidates during career transitions and has leveraged her extensive experience as a recruiter on LinkedIn to provide valuable insights for job seekers.

    Tina is an advocate for diversity, female empowerment and equality. She is a WOMENinICT ambassador and Role Model for LEA – Let’s empower Austria.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Chief People Officer

    Catherine is originally from New York but has lived in Europe almost half her life. After a varied career in everything from fashion merchandising to television production and project management in IT in New York City, in 2013 Catherine moved to Belgrade to start the Serbian branch of leading the Swiss digital agency, a Merkle Company where she built the company from 0 to 50 software engineers in two years while achieving a 50/50 male/female ratio.

    From 2020 to 2023 Catherine was the Chief People Officer of Scaleway where she recruited over 400 people in two years while maintaining 4.6+ Glassdoor ratings and high internal engagement scores. She’s currently an interim Chief People Officer, stepping in to ensure continuity during breaks in leadership to boost performance in People Teams in tech. Catherine is passionate about organizational development, live music (especially her husband’s), and her four children.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Author - Founder - Mentor - Speaker

    Philipp fuels personal branding journeys and he helps individuals discover their true calling.

    Background: Personal branding expert blending HR and marketing.

    Education: MBA, certified marketing manager, certified yoga teacher.

    Professional Odyssey: In almost two decades around 10,000 interviews, diverse roles across continents.

    Passions: Speaker, perpetual learner, mindset explorer and sales.

    Mission: Craft authenticity, ignite careers, ace interviews, embrace joy.

    Essence: Be simple, be happy.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Professional Speaker

    Michel Poulaert, CSP, has been a french professional speaker since 2006.

    In France he is known has “the man of 1000 speeches”. With a fluent english he brings an exotic touch to your event and an unexpected look on universal topics and issues.

    2 TEDx to his credit, he is author and Youtuber.

    The culture of failure, sales and optimism are his expertise.

    With generosity he share his mindset and passion, about the love of Life, for Sales and Entrepreneurship.

    Where does he get all his (true) stories and expertise?

    What did he experience and achieve before inspiring his audience?

    Why does his optimism, boldness and vision of failure make him such an eloquent and compelling speaker?

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Global Executive Coach | CEO Coach | Transformation & Growth Expert | Author | Keynote Speaker


    I help senior executives (CEO, CXO, EVP, MD, BU Lead) & their teams to transform their organizations to achieve profitable growth through exceptional, measurable improvements in personal and organizational performance & results. Accelerated personal & team development, exceptional improvements in individual & organizational performance, organizational transformation, accelerated profitable growth.


    I work as a transformation coach with individual executives & with entire executive teams and their organizations. My coaching & consulting approaches are based on global best practices, tested and scientifically validated more than 10,000 times, with exceptional & measurable impact on the success of yourself, your team & your company.


    I work mostly with larger, growth-oriented companies and dynamic medium-sized companies with an international outlook, including AVL List, Bitmovin, BMW, Bosch (BSH), Coca-Cola, Cortical, Gebrüder Weiss, Johnson & Johnson, Harman International, IBM, Mondi, Montana Tech Components, T-Mobile & more than 50 other leading organizations.



    • Executives successfully take on a new position or role (e.g. CEO)
    • Effective behavior in difficult leadership & change situations
    • Improved team leadership & team development
    • Improved self-management
    • Strategy development & successful tactical implementation


    • Realization of growth strategy: profitable growth of 15% p.a.
    • Expanding market leadership through selective geographic expansion
    • EBITDA up by 20% y/y by rapidly growing the service business
    • Securing long-term future of family-owned business through profitable growth
    • Penetration of new markets & growth of 20% p.a. by executing M&A Strategy


    I have written 8 management books, including the “CEO-Handbook” & “Instructions for the Management Revolution”, more than 200 articles on management topics, incl. a regular management column in a leading quality newspaper, am frequently asked by the press to comment on management issues & speak at conferences & major events worldwide. If you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail, please feel free to message me on LinkedIn.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Career Coach & Founder of Career Club DK

    I am a certified Career Coach specializing in helping internationals upgrade their career or get their dream jobs. I am a Dane, Former hiring Manager for 12+ years, a wingwoman and professional Networker. I can’t wait to show you how to groew, maintain and use your network more effectively in your career.

    Nischa is also the founder of Careerclub.dk, a free network for career women in Denmark, where more than 6000 women from 98 different countries unites to be stronger together.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Professional speaker

    A former carpenter, I chose to change direction after cancer in 2014. It was after meeting an incredible psychologist that I discovered a new path: NLP.

    Neuro-linguistic programming, a tool that changed my life.

    Later, a CSP-certified international professional speaker discovered me on social networks and chose to train me in public speaking.

    Today, as a professional speaker, I give motivational speeches at corporate seminars all over France. I am also the author of two books on personal development and motivation (“your life in your hands” and “the day when the bold will inherit the earth”).


    Ancien charpentier, j’ai choisi de changer d’orientation suite à un cancer en 2014. C’est suite à ma rencontre avec une psychologue incroyable que j’ai découvert une nouvelle voie : la PNL.

    La programmation neurolinguistique, un outil qui a changé ma vie.

    par la suite, c’est un conférencier professionnel international certifié CSP qui m’a découvert sur les réseaux sociaux et qui a choisi de me former à l’art oratoire.

    Aujourd’hui, en tant que conférencier professionnel, j’interviens partout en France pour donner un discours motivant lors des séminaires d’entreprises. Je suis également auteur de deux livres de développement personnel axés sur la motivation et le dépassement de soi (“ta vie dans tes mains” et “le jour où les audacieux hériteront de la terre”)

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Principal Instructor, Published Award-Winning Author

    Technology Expert on Java, Python, and Philanthropist by Heart. Author with reputed publishers like Wiley, Pearson, Packt, and BPB. Authored 4 Books on Java, and several international award winning books 1 on Leadership, and 2 on Innovation. Mayur Ramgir has successfully delivered many large scale projects and has extensive experience on scaling technology startups. He is a fellow of “The World Technology Network” and a finalist in the well reputed international award ‘The World Technology Award 2017’. The WTN is a curated membership community comprised of the world’s most innovative individuals and organizations in science, technology, and related fields. The WTN and its members, those creating the 21st century are focused on exploring what is imminent, possible, and important in and around emerging technologies.

    He has been awarded “Pride of The Nation” award by Honorable Home Minister of India Mr. Rajnath Singh along with Veterans India including Maj. Gen. G D Bakshi at the Vijay Diwas Celebration 2018 in New Delhi for the contribution in the field of innovation and philanthropy. He has been awarded “Champions of Change” award by Honorable Vice President of India, Mr. M. Venkaiah Naidu in the presence of former Chief justice of India K. G. Balakrishnan. He is one of the members of 35 high achievers group in India consist of various Ministers, IAS officers, IPS officers, Social Workers, Educationist and Healthcare specialist.

    He has been awarded “Man of Excellence” by Indian Achiever’s Forum for his exceptional service for the betterment of society as Changemaker.

    He is the innovator of 2 patent pending technologies in the USA one of which (ZPOD – MEDICAL KIOSK SYSTEM AND METHOD (USA PATENT PENDING 2017)) disrupts the primary health care industry which will provide primary health care facilities to the rural areas. Many developing countries like India are struggling to provide the primary health care facilities in many part of the country. This innovation is going to transform the life of millions by providing world-class doctor to the remotest part of the world. Please visit the section about ZPOD on the following pages.

    He is known for his world’s first global virtual innovation lab which was featured in the UK’s leading newspaper Daily Mirror.

    Mayur Ramgir was featured on various TV and printed media including Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, Fox Business, Bloomberg International TV, Inc. magazine, Daily Mirror, The Huffington Post and several more. He is also a contributing author of New York Daily Newspaper, Software Development Times magazine, Newsmax Finance, Singapore’s top entrepreneurship magazine “Young Upstarts”, and several more.

    Mayur Ramgir is the founder of a global public charity ZFORCE through which he works on various social issues like underprivileged child empowerment, helping women in need and terminally ill patients. Through his philanthropist efforts he has created a music video #MeTheForce to show how kids and women are getting exploited. For this video he got several International Film Festival awards and nominations “Best First Time Director” for his direction. They are from “New York Film Festival”, “Festigious International Film Festival” and nominations from “London Independent Film Awards”, “Long Island International Film Expo”, and finalist in “Global Film Festival Awards”. He has personally conducted innovation camp for street kids to take them out of poverty and help them make world-class innovators. For his businesses, he works with an organization called Project Starfish, Inc. that trains people with disabilities like blindness, amputated veterans, etc. on various business related skills. He provides these individuals an employment opportunity to stand on their feet.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • FinServ AE & Tech Evangelist

    An accomplished Account Executive, Trailblazer, and Speaker in the tech industry, adept at navigating market landscapes and being a prominent voice in tech innovation. I have a background in introducing cloud solutions to Forbes 1000 Financial Services clients and employing dynamic strategies for success.

    Prior to my tenure in the DC & Information Security space, I contributed as a Guest Author at Salesforce Ben, the largest dedicated Salesforce news site globally. I also served as a Sales Executive at ProvenWorks, specializing in strategic prospecting and sales development. Notably, I achieved remarkable YoY growth in the EMEA region, demonstrating my business acumen and ability to maximize turnover.

    In addition to my professional achievements, I am actively involved in driving diversity in the tech industry. Currently, I passionately support the Women in Tech functions, where I contribute to initiatives to drive diversity in Tech and help driven professionals excel.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Female Speaker - Trainer - Podcaster

    Ursula Helml is a renowned speaker and trainer who is passionate about female empowerment in the professional environment. With her expertise and commitment, she aims to inspire and empower women to boldly pursue their career goals.

    At the core of her work is the conviction that the promotion of women is not only an act of justice, but also a decisive factor for the success of a company. Ursula underlines the importance of male allyship as an essential component for sustainable change in society and in companies. She argues that men who act as allies not only help create a more inclusive work environment, but also help break stereotypes and promote a culture of support and respect.

    She adopts a holistic approach that addresses not only individual hurdles but also calls on companies to adapt their internal structures to foster more equal opportunities.. Ursula specializes in overcoming the “confidence gap” that many women experience in the world of work. Through inspiring lectures and practical workshops, she equips women with the necessary tools and strategies to be successful in their careers. Her commitment makes her an important voice in the dialogue about equality and diversity in the workplace.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Co-Founder & CEO at Datatera

    Senior Software Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Uppsala University in Sweden pursued a career in technology as a Software Engineer for over 12 years. She has built and maintained complex systems of different kinds in a variety of industries, starting with Security & Defense and moving on to Bank & Finance and Nordic Insurance, IT-Consulting and mentoring for Women in Tech before becoming the founder of a startup in Digital Health.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Career Coach

    Camille has an extensive experience in Career consulting, serving people and organizations.

    First Headhunter during more than 15 years, she contributed to her clients growth by recruiting strategic talents, mostly in the Technology sector accross Europe.

    Willing to further support her clients transformation, she became Trainer and certified Coach.

    She funded Ianua in 2018 to help individuals and teams thrive in their professional path.

    She graduated in Business Management (IPAG Business School) and Coaching (ICF certified).

    Camille designs tailor made programs, transformation oriented, acting as a sparring partner to leaders and teams.

  • Leadership, Career & Personal Brand Coach

    Leila Singh is an accomplished Sales and Finance professional with a corporate career spanning 25 years. She has a wealth of experience initially gained as a qualified accountant (FCCA), followed by 16 years spent at Hewlett Packard Enterprise initially in Corporate Finance, and latterly nearly ten years as a successful Sales Executive delivering a little shy of $1bn of business.

    In parallel, during the last ten years Leila has established her Coaching Practice & Personal Brand Consultancy, mi-brand, drawing on her breadth of skills, knowledge, and experience in the areas of sales, finance, and extensive personal growth and development, where she coaches highly motivated and ambitious career professionals at all levels up to CXO and NED’s, typically working in the tech industry, to establish their competitive advantage, be best in class, and accelerate their career towards leadership, by creating a powerful personal brand and showing up as their best self. Her clients’ results speak for themselves, with each client securing at least one promotion through working with Leila, and averaging an increase in income by 47%.

    Furthermore, Leila, a TEDx & Keynote Speaker, is accredited as a Master Coach, Coach and L&D Trainer, and Professional Speaker Mentor, Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Hypnotherapy, Podcast Host of ‘Life Leadership – All Things Coaching, Career & Personal Brand!’, and Published Author of ‘Success Redefined – How to leverage your natural talents to be limitless!’

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder & CEO of Oxyzn

    Alexandra Kafka is a tier 1 PR consultant, Founder & CEO, and corporate wellbeing architect of Oxyzn. She is also a wellbeing keynote speaker and a corporate wellbeing consultant. Combining her five years of client management experience with a deep understanding of mindfulness, she uses these skills to radically enhance employees’ well-being. As a PR executive, she has been sought out by brands like Vodafone, Edelman, Amazon, HSBC, and the Cannes Film Festival, among others.

    She specialises in designing and delivering B2B wellness solutions such as bespoke corporate wellness programmes as well as B2C solutions including detox retreats for HNWIs and UHNWIs and special wellbeing events for VIPs.

    After experiencing burnout herself, she resigned from her PR role and embarked on a two-year mindfulness journey around the world. She studied through the British Wheel of Yoga and the Yoga Alliance, visiting and sometimes sailing to 43 countries to explore ways of transforming her life through well-being practices with the aim of re-starting her career in a new direction. Through a self-healing mindfulness journey, she discovered her love for mindfulness – her second greatest passion in life, which inspired her to show modern employees how to use these wellbeing tools the same way she did. This is how mindfulness became her life’s mission – to help employees on their personal journey to claim their full potential. She can make that promise to her clients because long before she helped other people to enhance their own well-being, love, and creativity she was her own best customer.

    Alexandra is on a 3 years’ mission to help 5,000 HRs to create a positive resilient workplace, deliver their KPIs and achieve greater results of productivity. Thanks to her passion for wellness, she has been entrusted to offer a series of programmes to more than 20,000 employees and 50 multinational corporations including Conrad Hilton Resorts, Marriott, TITAN, Bureaus Veritas, Royal Bank of Canada, BDO, Kennedy’s Law, Wells Fargo, and Charles Rivers Associates. One of her greatest passions is delivering wellbeing talks to big summits – in 2021 alone she served more than 25 big conferences including CodeSync, the Human Resource Summit, and the She Leads Summit. Through these programmes, Alexandra helps leading companies to create not only a happier but also a more productive workplace.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Digital Productivity Specialist, Professional Speaker, Trainer and Tech Founder

    Liz Hardwick helps business owners, leaders and their teams reclaim their time, energy & focus, with tried-and-tested productivity methods and digital tools, to achieve that iconic 4 day working week.

    She regularly speaks at events internationally and online, on topics such as Digital Productivity, Focus and Time Management, Digital Technology and her own Email Management System, ZenForInbox.

    Liz is a Digital Productivity Specialist, Professional Speaker, Trainer and Tech Founder, and has been sharing her expertise and experiences of “harnessing digital for human benefit”, for over 20 years through engaging talks, trainings, seminars and coachings, and via her online Productivity Club.

    Liz has been recognised for her achievements in the TechWomen100, TechWorld’s Top 111 UK Women in Tech Speakers, BC’s 101 Female Founders in Tech, and the Digital Leaders UK 100.

    Alongside a full calendar of speaking engagements and training for clients including BBC, NHS, Arts Council, UNI Global, and more, Liz also volunteers a lot of her time to supporting non-profit organisations, including host of Lancashire Women in Digital in her home county, is part of a Global Media Womens Working Group and is Membership Chair for VSAI (Virtual Speakers Association International.)

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Chief Demo Coach

    Meet Nathan Gold, the renowned Demo Coach from San Francisco. Specializing in high-stakes communications, Nathan transforms individuals worldwide by helping them speak more confidently and enthusiastically while conquering speaking anxiety. He does this for TED talks, SharkTank appearances, investor pitching, customer presentations, and job interviewing through engaging keynotes, workshops, and personalized coaching sessions, both live and remote. With thousands of presentations under his belt, Nathan has collaborated with various companies, including IBM, GetAround.com, Bill.com, DXC-DELL, and Kaiser Permanente, to craft compelling content and deliver unforgettable presentations.

    Nathan is an Industry Fellow at UC Berkeley and Hong Kong Baptist University and a guest lecturer at Wharton Entrepreneurship and the University of Illinois Business College. A two-time DEMOgod Award winner, author of Harnessing Your Speaking Anxiety, and co-author of Giving Memorable Product Demos, Nathan is your go-to expert for high-stakes speaking opportunities and product demonstrations, especially when you need to make the most of each precious minute as the clock ticks away.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Career Coach

    High-performance headhunter of 8 years has helped over 1,000 people find their dream jobs.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder at Kintsugi Tech Coaching

    Career and leadership coach with over 2000 hours of experience and a background in tech sales for 10 years.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Senior Lecturer in Governance of Advanced and Emerging Technologies

    Richard Self worked in the aerospace sector for thirty years, supporting the business with innovative systems solutions and matching technologies to business needs.

    He then made the transition into academia in 2002 at the University of Derby, where he now has small teams of Undergraduate and Masters students researching to identify the best frameworks of questions for evaluating emerging and advanced technologies for gaining business value. He is currently working on the success and failure factors for AI and machine learning implementations.

    He is passionate about helping his students develop their communication skills.

    Richard is a regularly invited keynote speaker at UK and international business conferences, where he always provides the audience with the important questions for evaluating their business needs and technologies.

  • Founder at FUTURE OF HEALTH

    Andy is a futurist, speaker, podcaster, and founder of FUTURE OF HEALTH – a new think tank and systems convener exploring the long-term vision for health and healthcare systems in a technology-enabled 21st century.

    He has undertaken numerous innovation and digital transformation projects across public, private, and 3rd sectors and has authored several high-profile reports for the NHS and policymakers on the future of healthcare.

    Andy is the Programme Director for Imperial College’s Executive Education course on Leading Systemic Innovation in Healthcare and a visiting lecturer to UCL. He is a champion for a new future based on holistic health that includes wrapping holistic, person-centered health and care around the holistic needs of individuals and communities and the transformation from silos to health ecosystems that will make this possible.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Managing Director

    Birgit Vallmüür is the creator of an impactful corporate legacy approach to sustainable and responsible leadership, and a speaker on sustainability leadership, corporate purpose, and corporate legacy.

    Dr. Vallmüür is the Founder of the Sustainability Leadership Consulting Firm, TitanSwan, and presently focuses her efforts on businesses, particularly multinationals, to help lead change. She has utilized her expertise with listed and multinational companies, has taught management and executive education courses, developed and lead medium-term strategic budgeting and management of a sovereign nation, and advised governments globally. As a former senior civil servant, Dr. Vallmüür drafted a national foresight system for one of the most innovative and agile governments in the world – Estonia – and created a national base analysis for allocating €3.5 billion considering global future trends.

    Her work advising finance ministries globally included the Finance Minister level from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Her experience with governments convinced her that the change the world needs must be more rapidly pursued than the government limitations and timelines allow. This motivates her to bring her 15 years of unique experience combining advisory services for private and public sector organizations, central senior roles in diplomatic settings, and academic expertise in management and governmental sciences to support businesses in creating value beyond wealth.

    Dr. Vallmüür holds a PhD in Government and Politics. She is an expert in corporate legacies, a speaker, moderator, and founder of her boutique consultancy, a company she has maintained throughout her career. She is also a (r)Evolutionary at the 2020 cohort of Buckminster Fuller Institute and habRitual Design Science Studio.

    She frequently contributes thought leadership in corporate and executive legacies on Substack. Dr. Vallmüür has made numerous speaking appearances internationally on corporate impact and promotes sustainability and environmental concerns. She has also held a surprise session on the values taught in business schools to faculty members of eleven leading business schools.

    Keynotes by Birgit bring a fresh perspective as she has created a field of her own. Her views are thought provoking, at times contrarian, always inspirational, and consistently empower people to take action.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder & CEO at BIA

    Darius Moeini is an entrepreneur, venture builder & program creator at the heart of the Berlin tech scene. As the founder of BIA, Darius creates transformative programs that challenge businesses to change, grow, and thrive.

    He has a personal passion for creating groundbreaking programs in Innovation, Startups, Leadership, and the Future of Work. Darius launched his first startup in 2009. Since then he’s founded multiple ventures, startup accelerators, and corporate transformation programs. Since launching BIA in 2019,

    Darius has made change happen at businesses of all shapes and sizes: from Daimler and Estee Lauder Companies to Deezer and HelloFresh, to more than 70 brand-new Berlin startups. Darius is also the initiator of the ClimateX Hub and Accelerator.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Careers & Partnerships Germany at Le Wagon

    Hi! I’m Simon! So far my career has been all about connecting people – First as a recruiter and in the consulting industry, and now in EdTech.

    I am the Careers Lead of Le Wagon Germany, one of the leading coding bootcamps in the world. My focus is to connect job seekers after their training with hiring companies with open positions. If you’re in either of those positions, then let’s chat during the fair!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Future of Work Consultant & Keynote Speaker

    Lena has over 15 years of experience in the corporate arena consulting, training and designing systems for global clients.

    In 2019 she left her career to figure out her purpose and find direction in life.

    Now, Lena is an award-winning entrepreneur and an international speaker on a mission to bridge the gap between the corporate and spiritual worlds. She believes that the real key to success and fulfilled life is self-knowledge.

    She was a keynote speaker at:

    📍 Women In Tech

    📍 DevOps Eindhoven & London

    📍 DisruptHR – Belgrade, Channel Islands, Wales & UK

    📍 Hotel Summit – UK

    📍 HRTech – Copenhagen

    📍 Employer Of The Future – Berlin

    📍 Future of Work – Singapore

    📍 HR Champions – South Africa

    In 2022 Lena received a publishing award from Brainz Magazine and co-authored a book ‘You can have it all”.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Career Coach and Recruiter

    I am a co-founder of the company GC-Personal and YouTube Channel GermanyCation concentrating on job search and career coaching for international IT specialists. I have a long experience in HR-Development and Recruiting and share my knowledge and network to prepare candidates for their career breakthrough in Germany!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Co-Founder & CEO

    Mozamel Aman is a social entrepreneur based in Berlin with a passion for Tech, Entrepreneurship, and Education.

    He is the Co-Founder & CEO of StartSteps a digital orientation and training platform.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Consultant at Deloitte

    Yuliia got her master’s degree in mathematics. During her studying Yuliia joined Deloitte, Cyber & Strategic Risk Team as a working student and one year ago stepped in full-time work.

    Her specialization is Software Asset Management (SAM) – use of software products within a company, support of the determination the licensing situation, interpreting it and derivation of appropriate recommendations for action.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Talent Acquisition Partner at Zalando

    Kate Hockey is an Early Careers Talent Acquisition Partner at Zalando. Originally joining Zalando as an intern, she has developed expertise in end-to-end recruitment, and works closely with hiring managers in tech to hire the very best early careers talent.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Senior Consultant at Deloitte

    I’m Jan, working in the IT field for 10 years now.

    As a Senior Consultant in Deloitte I’m working in the field of cloud transformation.

    Our department cloud transformation and systems engineering helps our customers to prosper in their cloud journey.

    My career in IT started back in 2012 with my study and work program in business information system (Wirtschaftsinformatik).

    Ever since being in the field of IT.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Consultant & Interim MD | Company Building | DTC, E-Commerce, FemTech

    I’m Linda, a tech-driven entrepreneur and a passionate enthusiast for innovation and ventures. I founded Comfexy GmbH, a FemTech startup specializing in E-Commerce, retail, and textiles, and co-founded YoniCore, a medical device for the female pelvic floor. My expertise spans E-Commerce, product development, marketing, and finance. Let’s connect to discuss tech, entrepreneurship, and innovation!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Co-founder of YouHatch

    With over a decade of experience in project, event, and product management, combined with her role as a co-founder of YouHatch, Brankica’s primary focus revolves around a genuine passion and a growth-oriented mindset. The values and objectives that have shaped her career span from challenging societal norms and advocating for freedom to nurturing a culture of continuous learning and unlocking untapped potential.

    Brankica’s mission is to create an inclusive and empowering space where we can wholeheartedly embrace our authentic selves, granting ourselves the freedom to thrive and the permission to be.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Senior Product Manager at Cinemo GmbH

    Jan Weber is the Senior Product Manager for Cinemo’s Cloud products that offer various services to create digital media experiences across different devices and industries.

    Jan Weber is a Pragmatic Marketing certified Product Manager and has a master’s degree in computer science. He joined Cinemo in 2022, after having worked for global organizations for the last 15 years. He is highly experienced in managing products and services in multiple markets and has spearheaded the launch of new solutions, helping customers meet and exceed their goals.

  • Senior Software Engineer and Product Owner at Cinemo GmbH

    I am a passionate software engineer and product owner with a keen eye on quality, reliability and a short time-to-market. To ensure this, I always try to find new ways, tools and technologies to automate processes and develop products. Be it new programming languages, software stacks in general or new development methodologies. Although our main focus is automotive and low-level components written in native languages, I don’t shy away from looking up and down the abstraction hierarchy.

    In a previously life, I was active in academic research crossing computer science, engineering and physics to make material and life science applications at electron beam accelerators faster and smarter. From that time I hold a PhD in computer science.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Effective training for Managers and C-level | Keynote Speaker | Author of the book "Emotional Intelligence for Leaders"

    Edoardo Binda Zane is a trainer and consultant managing training projects in various organizations between Berlin and Milan.

    The focus of his work is to provide teams and leaders with the skills they need to work in increasingly dynamic markets, to cope with ever more frequent changes, and to increase their ability to generate value – in essence, to better prepare them for the future of work.

    Throughout his career, Edoardo has directed high-level corporate and policy projects and now combines this experience with other areas of work to train organizations, teams, and people.

  • Multiple Award-Winning International Speaker, Author , Vision Expert

    Roland Ngole is a multiple award-winning international Speaker, Author, Part-time Lecturer, and the CO-founder of Achievethevision Academy. He has given speeches and conducted seminars at several universities, organizations, and conferences both in Germany and abroad. His work has been featured on several TV Stations and media platforms. He has mentored many students and young professionals for academic and career success in Germany.

    Roland is a holder of a bachelor´s degree in international business administration and a master’s degree in supply chain management. He has gained experience in 8 international companies across different industries. Roland Ngole won the international speaker slam Competition in July 2021 and April 2022 in Mastershausen Germany. As a result, he was awarded the winners award, the excellence, and the platin awards. Roland is on a mission to help individuals achieve their vision and aspirations so that they can attain the highest success in their field. His Life´s motto is ” Pursue your Vision….Live a Vision inspired Life”.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • International Speaker, Co-founder of Achievethevision Academy

    Polina Ngole is a passionate International Speaker and the Co-founder of Achievethevision Academy. Whose mission is to help individuals and companies become more vision-conscious so that they can unleash the potential of vision and attend the highest level of success in their field. She is a strategic mentor and has helped several people aspiring for success in Germany.

    Polina is a holder of a Masters’s degree in Business Administration and a Masters’s degree in Construction Engineering. She has gained 20 years of field experience in Building construction at a construction engineering company. Polina Ngole has led several construction projects for some companies in Germany such as the Deutsche Bahn, Mercedes, Volkswagen etc. One of her personal quotes is “Walk in honor, do all you can do, and be the best of version yourself”.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Personality Type Expert and Training Consultant

    Hiu Pun has been a global business trainer in Asia and Europe for more than 15 years. He is a certified MBTI® practitioner, FIRO-B® practitioner, Hogan Assessment® practitioner, DISC® practitioner, and TypeCoach® practitioner. He also works with TKI®, Belbin Team Role Inventory®, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Big 5 Personality, and has a very good knowledge of Jungian Psychology.

    Hiu Pun loves to facilitate talent development using various psychometric instruments. His workshops cover topics such as communication, conflict management, stress management, decision making, innovation, motivation, leadership style, work style, team style, personality compatibility, and type dynamics. All of his workshops are enthusiastically received by the participants. “After his workshop, I truly see people and the world differently and communicate better with my colleagues” – this is the most frequent comment he receives.

    He is also a public speaker and speaks at international conferences on organizational development, team development, career development and self-development. He gives lectures/workshops on organizational behavior and intercultural communication for universities in Germany and Poland. His motto is 3P: Purpose, Passion, Perseverance. His vision is that everyone can use psychometric instruments to realize their full potential and promote a positive mindset, growth, authenticity, and harmony in the workplace.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Educator, facilitator and professional presenter

    Imagine a world in which people are self-motivated to achieve what they are truly capable of; A world where people don’t hide behind masks but rather embrace authenticity; A world that is not only capable of change but grows from it.

    A world that can dance to its destiny.

    Our next speaker is definitely a rebel ninja with many titles – A teacher and mentor; A professional speaker and entrepreneur and even a dancer.

    He has presented a variety of workshops and alike, to an array of audiences, including universities and local and international companies. Most relate to disability advocacy, awareness and inclusion; the power of the mind, Growth Mindset, and overcoming challenges.

    Joining us today is an award-winning speaker who activates, impacts and moves people to make these imaginings a reality. I give you… Nick Smit, The Rebel Ninja

  • HR Business Partner at Fitness First

    I am an ambitious and passionate HR professional with over 8 years of experience in helping individuals land their dream jobs and contribute to their success stories. Have worked across Hospitality, Retail & Fitness industries with exposure of handling multicultural teams of 1400+ individuals. My skill set includes talent acquisition, onboarding planning, talent retention, business partnering, employee engagement, project management, performance management, effective communication, stakeholder management, and enhancing employee relations.

    I love to work in a dynamic & fast-paced environment which offers new learnings, autonomy, and growth. Some of my growing interests are psychology, well-being & Latte art.

    Loves to Travel II Food connoisseur II Sociable II Multi-tasker II Sports person II SGI Peace Promoter

    Stay tuned to know more 🙂

    Connect & stay tuned to know more 😊

  • Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Abbyy

    Senior Talent Acquisition Partner who specializes in hiring high-level professionals for our R&D team. With an unwavering passion for attracting top-notch talent Elizaveta plays a pivotal role in  ABBYY, which holds a prominent position in the AI market, particularly in document processing, OCR, and IDP.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • HR Talent Acquisition at Kapsch TrafficCom

    Leading the Talent Acquisition for Kapsch Partner Solutions, Kapsch TrafficCom and Kapsch Components in Austria. Joined the company in February 2023. Extensive experience in HR Consulting, Executive Search and IT Recruiting. Master of Science in HR Management.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Group Talent Acquisition and Retention Partner at Global Blue

    I’m an experienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in different business (sales, fashion & retail, luxury travel & tourism) in multinational companies and also in head hunting as a consultant for different industries.
    My profile is generalist, with a strong focus on talent acquisition, digital recruiting & employer branding strategies, PR&Communication, Performance Tuning, Training, Developing, HR Consulting and Coaching.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • IT Consultant (Recruiting)

    We stand for individual career opportunities and employee development. We offer optimal working conditions, according to the needs of our IT experts. Long term commitment and individual employee trainings are our top priority.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Female Leadership Sparring Partner & Mentor | Organizational Developer | WOMANinICT Botschafterin

    As a management consultant with more than 10 years of experience in leadership and organizational development in an IT organization, Yvonne empowers and supports women in their first leadership positions so that they are confident, perceived by their team as authentic leaders and their opinions and expertise are heard and valued. She also supports organizations in creating an environment in which their employees can flourish.

    She wants to see more brave, authentic, and passionate women in leadership who are standing strong in their center, actively creating and supporting each other. That’s why she organizes the “Circle of Joy – sisters for sisters” event twice a year with the association MADITA, where hundreds of women come together to raise their voices and celebrate the power of the female community.

    When her courage and energy leave her, this quote reminds her to keep going (at her own pace): “If not now, when? If not us, who?”

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Project Manager at IBM Client Innovation Centers

    Experienced Project Manager in international relationships, leadership and communication.

    Part of my project management job is also financial management such as controlling, budgeting and forecasting.

    Some of my professional career e.g.:

    REWE IT International AG

    IBM Services

    Interreg Central Europe Programme

    Hobbies: love to work with people 🙂

    Currently studying Psychology in Management.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of AI and Data Science at Viesure

    I have worked as a data scientist in the insurance and telco industries, and currently as head of AI and data science at viesure, an insurtech located in Vienna.

    I also have a background in academic research at University of Vienna and RWTH Aachen, holding a PhD in Management.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Co-Founder at Commonground

    Rebecca Wiederstein is co-founder of Commonground, a social-impact startup she founded in 2021 together with her friend Teresa Tramontana. Commonground aims to create equal opportunity in the work world and supports and guides organizations by implementing DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) through content, workshops and events.

    As strategist, she‘s an expert in marketing, content and digital communications. Her focus is always on emerging trends and society future scenarios. When it comes to DEI her focus is on organization structures and communication.

  • Mentoring Lead at the female factor

    Louise is originally from Melbourne, Australia and has lived in Vienna for about 5 years. Her background is in international relations and anti-corruption but she’s passionate about helping women succeed in their chosen fields, which is why she joined the female factor team. She is the mentoring fairy godmother in charge of designing & delivering a fantastic mentoring program experience for mentees at the female factor.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Talent Solutions Business Partner at the female factor

    Dorijan is an international professional with a background in business growth, strategy development, and management. With a perpetual need to get a firm grip on how businesses develop and function to reach targets and grow, he is a talent solutions business partner at the female factor.

    A positive attitude, solution-oriented mindset, and stubbornness to reach goals are deeply rooted in his core values, as he considers these factors crucial for a success.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Co-Founder & CEO at Commonground

    Teresa Tramontana is the CEO and co-founder of Commonground, a social-impact startup she founded in 2021 together with her friend Rebecca Wiederstein. Commonground aims to create equal opportunity in the work world and supports and guides organizations by implementing DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) through content, workshops and events.

    Teresa originally studied Interior Architecture and Architecture and was specialized in Office Design and New Work. Over the course of her work she got curious about the gender gap in Office Design and started to explore this field. Today she is an expert on DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) and gender mainstreaming and advocates for a diverse, equal and inclusive work world.

  • Founder and CTO at silana

    Anton is a dedicated entrepreneur focused on leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to promote ethical and sustainable practices in the fashion industry. His more than five years of experience as a Data Scientist and Software Engineer has equipped him with a deep understanding of data-driven decision-making and technological innovation.

    Recognized as a “TUW 30 Under 30” listmaker by TU Wien and the German edition of Forbes magazine, Anton’s efforts in advancing sustainability have not gone unnoticed.

    As the founder of silana, a deep tech robotics startup, Anton is working towards transforming the fashion industry. Silana’s novel approach involves an intelligent robot that automates the fashion production process, reducing CO2 emissions by an average of 85% and improving working conditions in the industry.

    Anton’s experiences range from creating a robot for automated clay cutting at 17 to roles at Siemens, TDK, Deutsche Bank, and UniCredit. His varied experiences in hardware, software, robotics, automation engineering, data science, data analytics, deep learning, early stage venture development, and leadership are now being applied at silana.

    Anton strongly believes in the potential of technology to foster sustainability and conscious consumption in the fashion industry. He sees technological innovation and education as key drivers for change.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Manager Systems Engineering at Fortinet
    Ronke Babajide has been a successful “Woman in Tech” for over 25 years.
    For the past 15 years, she’s held Technical Presales positions with well-known companies such as Riverbed, Radware and VMware and Fortinet.
    She currently manages a team of System Engineers at Fortinet Austria, one of the leading cybersecurity vendors in the world.
    Her history of often being the “Only One” (woman) in the room has led her to actively engage in the push to create more diversity in the field. She’s been a speaker at numerous events such as the WomenTech Network Global Conference, the “WT2 – Women Transforming Technology” conference, talent acquisition events and Women in Tech Meetups.
    In her “Women in Technology Spotlight” podcast, she talks to women in tech careers about their journey and struggles. She also facilitates panel discussions with experts to discuss potential solutions to the current gender gap. She’s a mentor for the WomenTech Network, TechUp Africa and WoMentor.
    She recently founded The Queen Bee Hive, a platform that helps women experts become more visible and collaborate more successfully.
    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Group Product Manager, Customs & Refund Point Products at Global Blue

    Product Management Lead with proven track record in financial and payment industry.

    I have held various technical and management positions which have given me a strong, credible base on which to offer my services.

    Core competencies:

    • Product Management
    • Leader and Manager of agile teams in international environments
    • Project management
    • Business Analysis
    Attended Job Fairs:
  • IT Infrastructure Architect at TODAY Experts

    Fascinated by computers from the early 80s onwards he evolved from it engineering to it project management implementing software integrations for large enterprise customers all over Europe. He fell in love with the topic virtualization 20 years ago and today plans environments around this topic with an consistently increasing view over his own backyard. Intensively is confronted with server technologies on premise versus cloud infrastructure

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Project Lead ViennaUP’23 at the Vienna Business Agency

    Jan is an expert for business formation at the Startup Services department of the Vienna Business Agency and since 2022, he acts as the Project Lead for Programming of the startup festival ViennaUP. In his previous positions, he was involved in several innovation projects at companies like Honda Motor Europe or Deutsche Telekom and acted as a consultant for companies expanding to German-speaking markets.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Talent and People at Quantum Motion

    Christine Ng is a seasoned professional in the world of talent acquisition, management, and employer branding. With over 10 years of experience in product and engineering talent functions at top companies like the Financial Times, The App Business (Kin+Carta), and Yieldify, she has gained deep insights into teams of varying structures. Currently, as Head of Talent and People at Quantum Motion, a quantum computing start-up, Christine is focused on sourcing talent, building and optimising hiring processes, and coaching high-performing teams whilst fostering a diverse and inclusive culture.

    Born and raised in Hong Kong, Christine spent most of her working life in London, where she obtained a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Organizational Psychology. Her research focuses on cross-cultural research and leadership behaviour reflecting her passion for understanding and navigating diverse working environments.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO at Satalia

    Daniel is a globally recognized AI expert with 20+ years academic and industrial experience in applied AI. He’s the Chief AI Officer @ WPP, CEO @ Satalia, faculty member @ SingularityU, and Entrepreneur-in-residence @ UCL. Daniel is a serial TEDx speaker and prolific keynote. He is a key contributor on the Future of Work and is passionate about how technology helps govern organisations and can bring positive social impact.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director at Leong Solutions Limited

    Chris provides Advisory and Delivery, Transformation and Change consulting services to organisations on Responsible Innovation, specifically in Socio-Technical Systems, where AI is deployed with automated decision-making and profiling capabilities that impact people and society directly and instantly.

    Regulators are introducing new regulations such as the EU AI Act and the EU Digital Services Act, as well as enforcing existing regulations such as GDPR to provide regulatory safeguards to civil society impacted by automated decision-making and profiling from Socio-Technical Systems. The consequences of all outcomes from these Socio-Technical Systems will matter.

    With over 3 decades of industry experience, 2 of which in Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC), Chris understands the intricacies and interconnectivity of business functions as well as the dynamics and cultures within global organisations that support or hinder performance, change, transformation, business results and ultimately the customers and consumers of digital services.

    Chris understands the criticality and importance of integrated risk management, compliance and ethics in the interconnected digital world; that the constituents of the value chain are interdependent; and where the consequences of adverse outcomes are instant.

    Responsible Innovation needs to be embedded into the DNA of, and demonstrated by, any organisation aspiring to grow in the digital age. Trust is the new currency for engagement. Chris can help you succeed in your digital business change and transformation through Responsible Innovation so that you can Differentiate Through Trustworthiness.

    Chris is also a ForHumanity Fellow, a member of their Ethics Committee and a Certified Auditor for GDPR.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head Of Portal Engineering at ADMIRAL Technologies

    I am a passionate Software Architect who is working as Head of for 12 scrum teams. As I experienced high responsibilities and possibilities since the very beginning of my carrier, I truly believe that agile is what fits best in our modern world and gives us good chances for success. Although I am a very technical guy, I figured out that culture and attitude need at least the same attention as technical excellence. For me, sharing knowledge is on of the key factors of progress. Looking forward meeting you at Tech Jobs Fair.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • IT Project Manager at TCS Hungary

    IT Infrastructure Services Transition, taking various parts in IT Infrastructure Services projects, including Service transition and consultancy at client sites in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Manage and improve relations with customers and other stakeholders.
    Demonstrated competencies across Service delivery especially in Service Transition activities outsourcing implementation according to ITIL.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Junior Assistant at Fusion Vital

    My name’s Márton Szuromi. I work as a junior consultant and laboratory assistant. Most of my time I deal with wearable high-tech devices and support body sensory measurements. I think that today’s modern technology helps us a lot to get to know ourselves better.

    Using wearable devices, millions of objective physiological data are generated in 1 day which can help us to be more aware of our lifestyle and focus on the factors that are essential for complex wellbeing. At Fusion Vital, we have put together a range of wearable devices that stands its ground in terms of both physical and mental well-being.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Operations at Tech In The City

    Balazs is the founder of Tech In The City, an initiative that helps and supports changemakers, innovators, digital experts, venture builders by connecting them to the right people, organizations, and giving them the knowledge and resources they need the most. We work together with the most connected global tech and startup networks where we join forces with successful founders, corporate partners, experienced mentors and advisors to change the way how we build, create and innovate together. We are creating the next generation of a collaborative and community-based digital-first hub. Together we grow.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director, Brand Marketing at MBH Bank

    Holding a solid history of marketing management, employer branding, communications’ concepts, executive speech, building storylines of innovations, promoting brands and strategies including market research, analysis, digital marketing, CRM. Customer focused mindset with established B2B relations. Implemented innovative payment solutions with marketing strategies from inception.

    Currently accountable as the director and lead of MBH Bank’s rebranding project, within the Transformation and Operations project of the banking group. After a merger of 2 established banks in Hungary, the new bank has launched its entity and brand as of May 1st, 2023.

    Having ranking #19 at the TOP 50 Marketing Professionals’ list of Hungary in 2021.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Group, Computer Vision Research at ABBYY

    Machine learning engineer specializing in computer vision. For the last 5 years, Evgenii has been working on applying deep learning for developing AI capabilities for document processing platforms. His team at ABBYY is focused on finding novel ways to improve the performance of neural networks powering Document AI.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director of Technology for Business Platform Flight at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

    I’m a very enthusiastic & pragmatic technical person who has specified myself on airline e-Commerce and operational systems with multiple touchpoints operating in large REST-/µ services landscapes running in Public Cloud environments. One of my key drivers is to enable organizations to achieve their “next level” in digitalization leveraging IT, using the available technologies that fit the enterprise best.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Consultant at MINDiet

    Magatartáskutató, diagnosztikai módszereket és terápiás beavatkozásokat fejleszt egyének és szervezetek számára, a hatékonyságot objektív/gyógyászati eredményekben mérve.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Consultant at MINDiet

    Behavioural scientist developing research based diagnostic methods and therapeutic interventions for individuals and organizations, effectiveness measured in objective/medical results.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Recruitment and Consultancy at S&T

    I have worked for multinational companies in the last 15 years (Unilever, Diageo, Miele).

    I was an expat in Zagreb, Croatian and gained some personal experience on working in a different country.

    Currently I am Head of Recruitment and Consultancy at SnT, where we focus on people-first cultures and hiring.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Project Assistant at Future Now

    My name is Kitti Dobos, I am a Project Assistant at Future-Now. As a fresh addition to the team, I am even more excited to be part of Tech Jobs Fair Budapest 2023!

    I have four years of experience in event planning and organising, in which I have worked both creative and operative jobs. Through these experiences, I found out how connecting people and connecting with people is essential to all of us.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head Of Department for Service Industries at HIPA

    Fadi Shadeh has been the Head of the Department for Service Industries of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) since August 2022. Priorly, he worked in the field of export development at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary.

    As head of the department, his main goals are the development of rural university towns, the support of attracting young Hungarians living and studying abroad, and the establishment of closer cooperation between HIPA and the actors of the business services sector.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Subproject Leader - Display Development

    Department profile: The business unit develops smart solutions for the integration of entertainment, navigation and driver assistance functions.
    Instrument clusters, display products, and interior monitoring systems are part of business unit’s portfolio.

    Main responsibilities:
    – Technical project management for LCD/OLED displays and coverglasses in instrument clusters and central display units such as coordination of development and support of series production for leading car manufacturers (e.g., Audi, BMW, Daimler, FCA, Volvo)
    – Requirement management in the respective technical field (Customer – Bosch – Supplier)
    – Technical lead in management of supplier development activities and engineering changes on displays and coverglasses
    – Support of sampling and qualification processes for product/component changes
    – Direct contact to customers and suppliers
    – Initiate, plan and evaluate optical measurements in laboratory
    – Support of production plants and processes from development perspective

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO at xLaboratories

    At present, I am concentrating on the future of education, the future of work, and talent acquisition by developing products that integrate with Generative AI technologies. I possess over a decade of experience in assembling tech teams for deep tech, AI, and SaaS platform companies worldwide. I manage human up-skilling programs that train UX designers, product designers, UI designers, UX researchers, and service designers. For seven years, I dedicated my efforts to organise Budapest Startup Safari, a series of events aimed at accelerating knowledge sharing within the tech industry.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Talent Manager at Enter.

    My name is Erica Schepers and I work as a Talent Manager at ENTER. ENTER is a consultancy company located in Eindhoven, the Brainport area of the Netherland. They call Eindhoven city the ‘home of Pioneers’. You can feel the passion of technology everywhere. All the thinkers and doers work passionately and intelligently together.

    As a Talent Manager I am focussed on our employees, who work full time at our clients office. I am lucky enough to visit our employees in this high tech environment. In that way I get to see their passion for (Software) Technology.

    Working in a High tech environment can feel like it’s a man’s world, which can be very challenging. But I see that woman are willing to take up that challenge! And to me, that is very inspiring. I can see the change daily now. You see more woman in our hight tech environment. The Netherlands focusses on more inclusivity and diversity, and you can see the change happening. We are not there yet, but the willingness is there!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Joyfulness Coach, Holistic Executive Coach

    I am an experienced executive and life coach with a demonstrated history of working with leaders and entrepreneurs. My passion is helping to find balance between professional and private life, between the body ad soul, between the present, future and the past. In the age of AI we are responsible for each other. My mission is to helping leaders, developers and users to understand and learn to express themselves for a better and more ethical user experiece and global moral.

    My own methods: Joyfulness Method* and Emotional Map*

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • General manager at Green Fox Academy

     I’m currently a general manager at Green Fox Academy, one of the leading bootcamps in Hungary. Green Fox is a university-size education centre  with three locations in Prague, Bratislava and Budapest and growing. At Green Fox Academy we teach the future proof skills for the tech-driven labor market. 

    I’m also a co-founder of ShareIT Lab, a community empowering women to change their career into IT.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • AI consultant, project manager at Kurt Akademia, Neuron Solutions

    Cognitive psychologist and data scientist. Andrei works as an AI consultant and project manager at Neuron Solutions Ltd., contributing to the different activities of the company, regarding training projects, consultancy and software development in AI/Data Science. Neuron Solutions helps enterprises understand, introduce and use AI in their day-to-day operations.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Account Supervisor - Relocation Team at Helpers

    I have been working with Helpers Hungary Kft. for over three years. During this time, I have gained valuable experience within the field of immigration to Hungary, being focused mainly on employment based immigration. My main objective is to make the process as smooth and as clear as possible by using modern technology and automated processes. In addition, as a team, we are working on breaking the stigma on the difficulty of hiring third country nationals in Hungary.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Sales Account Supervisor at Helpers

    I have been working with Helpers Hungary Kft. for two years as a member of the business immigration department. where I’ve learned how to find the appropriate balance between assisting clients launch their businesses and relocate to Hungary. This increased my responsibilities as I am keen to constantly provide accurate information on their different goals along with assistance with the immigration process. Considering the clients’ diverse cultural backgrounds, adjusting my communication method to match their understanding and using three different languages to make the process as smooth as possible. At Helpers we always prioritize our clients whether they are big corporates or young people with a start-up helping them reach their goals.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Product at HROS

    Meet Martin Frühwirt, Head of Product at HROS.io – a passionate product leader with a focus on innovation and technology. With a career that started in product development and game design, Martin’s focus eventually shifted to creating highly scalable customer onboarding solutions that combine workflow automation with human expertise.

    Now, at HROS.io, Martin’s single ambition is to revolutionize the HR industry with a game-changing digital solution for tech-enabled HR that matches top-quality talent with the best companies and job opportunities. Join Martin to learn how HROS.io is transforming the industry.

  • Director of R&D

    Roland Kasek CMC is a behavioural scientist with a management consulting background developing research based diagnostic methods and therapeutic interventions for individuals and organizations.

    At MINDiet, our state-of-the-art, award winning performance improvement and health development programs’/workshops’ effectiveness are always measured in the achievement of objective business goals and medical results (eg. bloodwork, blood pressure, metabolic age).

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • State Secretary for Industrial Policy and Technology

    2022 – Ministry of Economic Development, State Secretary for Industrial Policy and Technology
    2021 – 2022 MNB-EduLab Kft., Managing Director
    2017 – 2022 Bank of Hungary, Managing Director
    2017 – 2022 Budapest Institute of Banking Zrt., CEO
    2015 – 2017 Bank of Hungary, Director
    2013 – 2015 Bank of Hungary, Head of Department
    2009 – 2013 Bank of Hungary, Senior Analyst

    2009 Maastricht University, financial economist (MSc)

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO at Trunkrs

    CEO and co-founder │ On a mission to make eCommerce sustainable

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Customer Success Manager

    For me if things are easy they are not challenging, and without challenge there’s no satisfaction with the results so I’m always looking for challenges and eager to come up with some new way and innovative ideas to understand and overcome the hurdles with some hard work and smart ideas.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Venture Development Manager at Avantgarde

    Enthusiast about venture development as well as strategy & solutions consulting. Keen on building businesses with a change maker, innovative and sustainability driven mindset. Good at coming up with creative and unique concepts to drive business to be the pioneer. Also, passionate about computer vision and its capabilities to make our world better.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Content Creater at Bharti Ramchandani

    Hi, I am a travel enthusiast girl, I am travelling around Europe and India. I live in Porto, Portugal. Through my YouTube channel, I would like to be connecting bridge between Europe and India in order to make Indian travellers synchronized much more intimately and authentically with Europe and Europeans.

    In this channel, I would like to broaden the perspective of Indian travellers to have an affordable and memorable trip to Europe. I also try to make simpler the Visa and documentation process for whom are looking to settle in Europe. I also enjoy talking about the Portuguese language, culture and history which makes life more easy and more interesting.

    Don’t forget to subscribe!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder / CEO of Zarttech

    Nelson T. Ajulo is the CEO and founder of Zarttech, a tech talent startup redistributing global opportunities. He is a seasoned executive with over twelve years of experience in technology, extensive leadership, operations, and management. Having served as Chairman, CEO, and President of several significant multinationals, His expertise spans various aspects of leveraging technology to address social inequalities and business leadership sustainably. He has garnered diverse experience by working in continents worldwide, such as Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

    Nelson is currently participating in a CyberSecurity Program at Harvard University and graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA), focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship (Cambridge, United Kingdom), and PhD in International Economics with a strong focus on Human Capital Development. He has been exposed to world-class training programs with several certifications focused on entrepreneurship, market digitalisation and Innovations, and agile business growth. One of his specialities and strengths is in strategic rapid business scaling.

    He believes in people’s equal worth and has been a significant advocate through his businesses and participation in different organisations for a more inclusive world. So we can leverage everyone’s strength in building a better world for all. Nelson’s philosophy is to go beyond transforming disadvantaged communities in Africa to a more global transformation. He is a passionate advocate for empowering people and enabling them to make informed decisions and implement change in their own lives and other people’s lives. He believes that there is no weak mind.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Job Search &; Career Management Coach

    Catherine Leduc is a certified NLP & RSCI coach, speaker, and author of multiple online courses on Job Searching and Career Management and brings 17+ years of experience in senior consulting roles in strategic planning & marketing within the Lifescience Industry. She’s been the go-to person for job searching and career advice in her expat circles for over a decade before launching as a career coach.

    Her approach is focused on a strong strategic marketing and consulting background, extensive experience building and managing multi-disciplinary & multi-cultural teams across the world, and special attention to mindset issues that often stand in the way of reaching our goals.

    She’s a visionary, a connecting networker, and loves to empower people by getting them in the driver’s seat of their career. She loves adding a strategic spin to everything she does, breaking down complex career crossroads into practical and actionable steps to help you get clarity and take action.

    And most importantly – she is passionate about what she does!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Software Engineer at Github

    Hana is a Rubyist by heart and a software engineer at GitHub. After finishing her Ph.D. in judgement and decision-making psychology she got more and more interested in coding. From working in R and data analysis she shifted her professional orientation to web development and programming. She fell in love with Ruby and she shares her passion by teaching at Ruby Monstas Zürich and Rails Girls.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Moderator

    Paulina is a Program Manager at Kickstart Innovation, one of Europe’s largest zero equity, multi-corporate ecosystem innovation platforms that run a scale-up program for later-stage startups with a goal to accelerate deep tech innovation. She is involved in two particular verticals – smart cities, and finance & insurance. Previously, she was working in Vienna for almost 5 years as a Program Manager of Startup Live, leading this early-stage acceleration program, one of the biggest entrepreneurial communities worldwide. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs to succeed and build startup communities around the programs. Paulina is not only organizing events but also moderating startup competitions. She co-organized the first Tech Jobs Fair in Vienna in 2019. It is her pleasure to be back as the event’s moderator at TJF Zurich.

  • Cyber Security Incident Responder at Swisscom

    All chaotic things are interesting to me. That’s why I chose a career in the most chaotic field there is: Cyber Security Incident Response.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder & CEO of Silentus

    Founder of Silentus, an anti-procrastination app for workers and students, optimizing homeworking to help them regain 500hrs per year on average and set boundaries between work hours and personal time (maximize time and energy levels).

    Awarded Rotterdam School of Management’s “’I WILL’ Journey Award’ in April 2022 for a (volunteers) recycling initiative in Chiclayo, Peru. Currently 20+ households signed up to change their habits towards waste management.

    As entrepreneur demonstrated ability to develop and translate ideas into products that improves people’s lives, and build (remote) teams capable of executing clear roadmaps.

    Drive execution through finding resources (tech/people/financial) to deliver on-time, in-full, using network/learning/DIY. Able to create something big and tangible from limited resources by being creative and strict prioritization.

    Building on 15+ years of experience in Finance and Operations in Global Multinationals including KraftHeinz, TomTom, PwC, Vopak.

    Belief that education and technology are the main levers to close skills and inequalities in society. Avid reader (fiction and non-fiction).

    Graduate from INSEAD (Executive Master in Finance) and Rotterdam School of Management (MBA).

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder of Women in Blockchain & Web3 Thought Leader

    Lavinia Osbourne is an established agent for change in blockchain, and an entrepreneur at the vanguard of NFT development and futurist for the emergent metaverse. Through her work as Founder of WiBT she has won and been nominated for accolades such as the National Diversity Award for Community Organisation and Best Diversity Resource/Initiative Award; whilst as an individual she is one of Wirex’s Rising Women in Crypto 2021, a TechWomen100 winner 2020, a 2021 LinkedIn Top Voice in Tech & Innovation, and Cog X Gender Leadership Winner 2022.

    Combining her passionate belief in blockchain’s egalitarian ideals with a commitment to utilising her knowledge, connections and entrepreneurial spirit to bring opportunity for all, Lavinia works tirelessly to break down barriers by raising underrepresented voices.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Recruiter at Trunkrs

    Hi! I am Maria, recruiter at Trunkrs, where I recently started. I am a recruiter focused mostly on tech roles but I take care of the recruitment of many areas in the company together with my colleague Annalies, whom will also join me in this fair.

    We are looking forward to this day and hope to get the most of it!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Marketing at Money Masters

    Head of Marketing in a fast-growing and innovative ed-tech/fintech specializing in improving financial literacy, and also a co-founder at one exciting ed-tech project. I possess strong expertise in user acquisition in various channels, building up marketing strategies focusing on brand awareness, engaging with prospects, and creating strong relationships with users as well achieving the goals of stakeholders. Thanks to 5 years of being involved in startups and business marketing initiatives and a previous experience in business management, I am leading businesses to meet their needs and build up a strong brand presence that would distribute the values of the company and create loyalty to the brands and their products across different channels.

    Why Digital Marketing? I have been involved in creating and promoting the product from the first career step and marketing has a major role in the successful launch. Being data-driven with solid analytical skills and creativity made my shift to Digital Marketing extremely smooth. Simply speaking, I have always dreamt to make every enterprise financially successful with a myriad (army) of happy and loyal customers. And I have always been into technology and innovation.

    Being part of FONGIT program made the journey of Money Masters easy and opened a lot of doors. We have been assisted from day one with training our pitching skills and connecting with industry leaders, overall facilitating an already challenging startup life.


    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Engineering at Agrinorm

    I was born and raised in the US before moving to Switzerland and furthering my education at ETH.  I’ve worked for over 15 years in the tech industry in a variety of roles. Currently, I work as Head of Engineering for Agrinorm where we are working on a product that is revolutionizing the fresh food sector with modern technology and data-driven insights.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Project Manager at MDPI

    Dietrich is a senior IT and publishing professional with over 15 years of professional experience. He originally joined MDPI in 2005 and stayed until 2015, before coming back in 2020. He has served in various roles, including CEO and CTO, and is currently a Project Manager for MDPI AG. Before he served as the CEO of Ditoy, a boutique digital agency in Zurich, servicing clients in a variety of industries from 2018 to 2020, and in a contracting role as a software engineer for IWF AG in 2016-2017. He holds a Bachelor in Business & Economics from University of Basel and is currently enrolled in graduate studies in Business Information Systems at FHNW.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director, Talent at SGInnovate

    As Director, Talent with SGInnovate, Jae leads the organisation’s talent management efforts. She oversees both the running of SGInnovate’s flagship talent programmes as well as the business partnering function, which connects high-calibre talent to promising Deep Tech startups. Additionally, she also shapes the talent team’s global outreach strategy to develop SGInnovate’s global network of partners and position Singapore as a thriving hub of opportunities for Deep Tech talent.

    Prior to SGInnovate, Jae spent over two decades as an HROD leader in Singapore’s public service, most notably at the Energy Market Authority (EMA), where she led the statutory board’s human resources and organisational development function. There, she implemented notable policies from recruitment and employer branding to performance and talent management to transform the human resources practice into a strategic growth partner for the organisation. For her work at EMA, Jae was conferred the Leading HR Leader Award at the 2014 Singapore HR Awards.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Recruitment & Active Sourcing Expert at Kanbii

    Hi, my name is René and I love going to concerts and playing drums. Apart from that, I’m a passionate recruiter and a real sourcing activist. Let’s rock together 🤟🏼

    1️⃣ My first concert was on my 14th birthday and it was Pink Floyd live in Basel
    2️⃣ I have seen U2 live 11 times. Among others in London, Dublin, Berlin, Munich, Glasgow, and Zurich
    3️⃣ My best “live” music experience was in Glastonbury in 2017 with my sister
    4️⃣ I only bought my own drum kit at the age of 36
    5️⃣ My taste in music ranges from pop (e.g., Madonna or Pet Shop Boys) to rock and heavy metal (e.g., Iron Maiden or Metallica).
    6️⃣ It’s important to have a piano man in your circle of friends (also a lawyer)
    7️⃣ I have a playlist for every situation
    8️⃣ I was born in Caracas, Venezuela
    9️⃣ My daughter (4,5 y) is already a huge FC Barcelona supporter
    🔟 When I was 27 years old, I didn’t know what HR really does

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder of Summit Recruitment AG
    Director and Founder of Summit Recruitment AG. Originally from the UK, Tom has been in the Technology and Change Management recruitment sector since 2008 and in Switzerland since 2013. Since then he has been helping both clients and candidates in finding the right match for them across a range of different sectors.
    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Managing Director at EUCannaJobs

    Andy’s background as a physician brought him to the European cannabis industry where he quickly saw the need for an industry-specific solution for sourcing labor. Being in the industry also keeps him on top of the latest trends, news and needs of the industry.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Co-Founder of CFTE

    Tram Anh Nguyen is the co-founder of CFTE, based in the UK, setup in 2017, one of the fastest growing knowledge platforms in Fintech and Digital Finance. 

    She serves as a NED of Passerelles Numeriques, Advisory Board Member for the Business France Frenchtech UK, Advisory Board Member of the Association of the Corporates Treasurers, Advisor Board Member EDHEC, Board Member of Global Impact FinTech (GIFT) Forum

    Co-author of CFTE’s world’s largest Fintech Job Report Book and the Blockchain Job Report. Is the Entrepreneurship Expert Saïd Business School, Oxford, also is an Industry Fellow of Imperial College. Tram Anh is an advocate of lifelong learning and believes that continuous education is the best tool to help people adapt to a fast-changing world.

    Tram Anh strongly believes that in a world dominated by technology, people must remain at the centre of society and organisations, and that education and training are key to helping individuals adapt to a fast changing world. This was the motivation that drove her to launch CFTE to help finance professionals up-skill, find more opportunities and build better finance.

    She works tirelessly with governments, policymakers, industry experts, and academia to push initiatives in financial education for Finance 2.0. She followed her passion to bring about a skills revolution in finance to not only transform the industry but to help a multitude of stakeholders, like women and people from different backgrounds and walks of life, to enter the new world of finance.

    The platform includes hundreds of experts (from heads of innovation in banks to CEOs of challenger banks and CEOs of Fintech VCs), who have created a platform that helps the industry acquire this knowledge quickly, from Fintech to Artificial Intelligence to Open Banking to Extrapreneurship programmes, with an engaged community with 100,000+ alumni around the world. 

    CFTE is headquartered in the UK. In addition to London, CFTE is present in Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Luxembourg, and France and works with most Tier 1 financial institutions.

    Honoured to be an Ambassador for the Singapore Fintech Festival.

    From 2017 until today as Senior Leader Women in Fintech, International speaker at global events, mentor and judge for the industry.

    Of Vietnamese origin, Tram Anh was born in France and lived in Paris, New York, and now London. She provides a great understanding of both Asian and Western cultures and is always keen to bring the best of them together.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Native Instruments

    Consultant, Talent Sourcer and Networker with 10+ years professional experience in Recruitment and Talent Attraction, not only as part of a team but also as a Freelancer & One-Woman-Show as well as 3+ years professional experience in operational & strategic Sales.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Cyber security and Devops expert at Hospitality Digital

    Devops and Cybersecurity engineer

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • IT Recruiter / D&I Partner at Upday

    Stella is currently responsible of the talent acquisition strategy and D&I policy at upday. She has been working in HR for the past 5 years and is also an UX Designer.

    She is dedicated to improve the recruiting process to make it more inclusive and empower all talents to apply regardless of their gender identity, sexuality, race, religion, disability. The P&C works hard every day to offer a safer space to everyone.

    Her main focus is to increase the number of women (cis & trans) and non binary top-talents in the tech department in senior position as leadership roles. Offering them a clear career development plan created in partnership with the manager and P&C department.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Product Design at Hospitality Digital

    Digital Product designer | Product management & UX design | HCD, DT, JTBD follower.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Manager, Tech Talent Acquisition

    Call me a passionate people person, a Tech recruiter who is committed to helping companies hire the best talents and support job seekers to find their dream jobs.

    I started my career in Accounting, navigated to Sales and finally found a home in recruitment which I genuinely enjoy.

    I work for Delivery Hero SE, Berlin as Manager, of Tech Talent Acquisition and in my free time, I voluntarily support job seekers to find their dream jobs by providing them with free coaching support.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist at BlueRock TMS

    Hi, my name is Bang- a 22-year-old Vietnamese girl. I am known as Nancy- my lovely favorite nickname! People also usually think of me as FANCY NANCY-you guessed 🙂

    I take pride in my creativity and determination. I always work hard towards achieving my goals and constantly manage to step out of my comfort zone. My “morning wake-up spell” – Do something today that your future self will thank for.

    I believe that everyone has great potential and life is about finding what you master at. Each person will shine with their own lights!

    As a calm and positive human-being, I always see challenges as great opportunities for me to explore my hidden strengths, and also my limitations.

    My family & friends are my first priority in life. I love cooking and find joy in innovating any recipes. Besides, I like to travel to different places and take thousands of photos. Last but not least, I enjoy talking with different people as their unique perspectives make my viewpoint become more colorful!

    My WHY statement:
    “ To encourage people to believe in their inner strengths so that they can blossom with their potential and nourish the growth of others in the garden”.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director of Global Talent Acquisition

    Hi, I am Gurpreet Kaur Jaggi. I have 12+ years of experience in IT industry playing various roles such as Software Engineer, Scrum Master, Project Manager, and Head of Global Talent Acquisition. I help great talent meet amazing companies. 

    I am also a keynote speaker and a moderator.  Talking about hiring trends, the current market, and career path is my passion.



    Attended Job Fairs:
  • TA Partner at TikTok

    TA Partner for Trust and Safety Department.

    At TikTok, our people are humble, intelligent, compassionate and creative. We create to inspire – for you, for us, and for more than 1 billion users on our platform.

    TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy.

    We lead with curiosity and aim for the highest, never shying away from taking calculated risks and embracing ambiguity as it comes. Here, the opportunities are limitless for those who dare to pursue bold ideas that exist just beyond the boundary of possibility.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Artificial Intelligence Team

    Lotár Schin currently the head of OTP Banks’s AI expert team. He has 17 years of experience in data management. He has worked in the oil industry, telecommunications and financial institutions sectors both in Hungary and abroad.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Partner - Head of Sustainability, Future-Now

    I have now worked more than 15 years at the cross-section of public administration, research institutions, universities and industry on strategy, policy, funding, monitoring and operations of projects in life sciences, sustainability and technology innovation. Gained invaluable experience, insight and professional networks from exceptional international environments, top entrepreneurial and business hubs with a front-row seat to the latest trends in digital transformation and innovation.

    At present I am supporting several initiatives intended to generate opportunities for innovation stakeholders to create value in deep tech businesses, corporate digital transformation and contribute to the betterment of mankind through science, sustainability, technology and conservation efforts. Specifically intrigued by how we can make our smarter cities also more resilient, sustainable, biodiverse and clean, and how businesses can get involved when they really mean going green.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director for Investment Promotion Agency - HIPA
    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Talent Acquisition Coordinator / Junior Recruiter at Novanta

    I am Psychologist and during my certification process for being Psychotherapist. I work for Novanta as Talent Acquisition Coordinator and Junior Recruiter. Happy to speak to you about any of our open positions!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Talent Acquisition at Integrationworks

    I am the Head of Talent Acquisition at integrationworks Germany.

    I did the last 11 years Headhunting in Germany for small, midsize and Enterprise clients for their IT Sector.


    I am a German born but my roots are Indian. So I am basically best of both world.

    I combine diversity, sustainability and transparency in my working style.

    I love to work with people who are aspiring and inspire me to become a better person.

    My Slogan

    “It’s all about the People”

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Member of the ABSL board

    He’s the Head of the Citi Budapest Solution Center, the Global Engineering Lead within Citi for Peripheral / Perimeter Networks and a member of the ABSL board.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CTO & CPO at XPAI, a spin-off of Avantgarde

    Entrepreneurial leader with a proven track record in designing and building innovative and successful customer experiences across multiple industries.

  • Head of Marketing at Brighter AI

    Andreea Mandeal has a decade of experience in leading Marketing programs for B2B SaaS companies aiming for new market entry and core market profitability. She has always focused on start ups and scale ups and has worked for companies like: Aiven, Applause, Market Logic Software etc. Currently she’s the head of marketing at brighter AI, a Berlin start up that develops anonymization solutions for faces and license plates based on AI. Our vision is to protect every identity in public so that there is no trade-off between privacy and video analytics. Our portfolio includes Precision Blur, the most advanced video redaction for faces and license plates in images & videos, and Deep Natural Anonymization (DNAT), a generative artificial intelligence solution with the highest standards in terms of accuracy and data quality.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Sr Manager Recruiting and Employer Branding at SIGNA Sports United

    Hi, I am Nilima Gandhi. I have 12+ years of experience in Talent acquisition in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe markets. On my way to get the Doctoral degree in Leadership Management.

    I have been a speaker at various events including the most recent ones in Berlin Tech Rec 2021 (in person) and hired!bcn (online).

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Content Writer at WPEM

    A passionate and versatile content writer who is always ready to take up challenges and enthusiastic to learn new things in this field. With years of experience in content writing, she writes content that is impactful and based on in depth research.

    Besides writing, she has got excellent communication skills and the ability to interact with all ages.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Business Analysis & Product Ownership Germany at Epam Systems.

    Consultant & Servant Leader at EPAM Systems.

    Product Owner & Analyst with over 15 years of experience in the IT segment in various industries.
    Expert in supporting clients in product discovery, planning, and launching their innovations, especially in accelerating
    and streamlining their analysis process and project communication.

    Bsc Computer Science in Berlin

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Integration and IoT at Dekra

    Being the Head of Integration and IoT at DEKRA, Balázs Bartos is responsible for building and running the Azure cloud-based Integration HUB and Internet of Things Platform of the company, which both play key role in DEKRA’s digital transformation strategy. Having spent several years in various IT architectural and managerial roles in the telecommunications, finance and industrial sectors, his main purpose is to create well-designed and resilient IT solutions that provide real business value to the enterprises.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Talent and Careers Advice Consultant

    Marina Morrissey is a highly experienced Talent Acquisition professional whose career spans EMEA, ASPAC, AFRICA and the AMERICA´s. Her expertise is in the field of company growth, having helped over 100 companies during her career as a manager, scaling their businesses and helping achieve their plans for growth. Her experience has covered companies such as the classic IBM´s, Facebook and PayPals of this world, to Public and Semi state organizations as well as Hypergrowth start startups such as Glovo and TravelPerk, the world’s fastest growing SaaS company. Her core expertise lies in anticipating not only the hiring needs, peaks and troughs of the companies she works with but in addition understand how the candidate market evolves as a result of the numerous factors we see having an impact on the changing world of employment.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Business Advisor Global Talent at Work in Lithuania

    Connecting talent from around the world to exciting career opportunities at international companies and startups in Lithuania.

    10+ years working as a Talent Acquisition expert for fast-growing global Fintech and software development companies in Lithuania.
    6 years of finding and bringing IT talent to Lithuania.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Strategic Director at Blonde and Giant

    Shannon is an energetic and driven person, who has a deep passion for building successful strategies, brands and businesses from start-ups, to scale-ups, to large corporates. Most recently she has joined Blonde and Giant as their Strategic Director to drive brand development and strategic storytelling for Startups and VC funds.She enjoys challenging projects and is meticulous in her outcomes and results. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoys new business development and networking. She thrives on building strong relationships and believes in a work life balance. She is highly accomplished with over 25 years of experience working across Africa and Europe. Her expertise ranges across a diverse set of industry sectors such as Venture Capital, Retail, Fintech, Insurance, Telecomms, Retail, Financial Services, Information Technology, Luxury, Leisure, Education, FMCG, Medical and E-Commerce.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Digital Customer Interaction at Carl Zeiss Digital Innovation Hungary Kft.

    Having fun with computers for nearly 25 years. Worked on the topics of software development, primarily for Enterprise Applications. Designing, developing, scaling, and operating the customer-facing digital and data solutions of ZEISS as a Team Leader to provide seamless, personalized user journeys across all web applications and portals.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • General Director / Head of B2B

    16 years of proven experience in B2B client services and account mamagement, serving clients on Global and EMEA level. Proud team member of Green Fox Academy, a coding school in Budapest, Prague and Bratislava as General Director with focus on B2B products and clients.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Human Resources Director at Vector Software Ltd

    HR Director, coach and consultant with 12 years cross-functional, cross-industry (IT, Banking, FMCG) and international experience.
    In the last 5 years acting on HR Lead positions covering employer branding, recruitment, on-boarding, retention, employee engagement, performance management, learning & development, succession planning.
    Solid background in HR and business strategy development, implementing HR processes from scratch and change management.
    Proficient in brand & product management, consumer engagement with 6 years in FMCG Marketing and Sales on 5 markets (UA, GE, AR, MLD, CH) covering full marketing funnel: awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty and advocacy.

    Passionate about people talents as a core and strongly believe that people are the main asset of a company success.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Product Manager Frontend at Go-e GmbH

    As a product manager of the Experience team, Pavel is responsible for the strategy and development of software that helps private and business customers to manage chargers.

    As a fast-growing, successful company in e-mobility, go-e GmbH is transitioning from a start-up to an internationally recognized player. From the headquarters in Carinthia in Austria, the company has already expanded sales to around 20 countries in Europe. It is already establishing future technologies with bold ideas around its passion for innovative e-mobility solutions. As a green tech company, environmentally conscious processes are vital, which is why they place them at the heart of everything they do.
    go-e’s R&D department is located in Berlin, where Experience, Systems, and Hardware teams work together to bring the next generation of chargers to the market.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • PMO Consultant, Blokchain, Metaverse, Digital Transformation

    Experience of +25 in multiple sectors and industries, both public and private, mainly in the management and leadership of project and product management offices under traditional (predictive) and agile (adaptive) frameworks.

    Founder of the PMOfficers brand which includes:

    • PMOXperience: Consultancy specialized in Project and Product Management Offices
    • PMOAcademy: Specialized Training Academy to Lead Project & Product Offices
    • PMOXSuite Platform (Co-Founder)
    • Computer Science Degree, Master e-Business Management, Postgraduate in Management, Postgraduate: Quality Postgraduate
    • Certificate: PMO-CC, PMO-SR, PMO-DT, PMO-BR, PMP, PMO-CP, SM-I, Sig Sigma Yellow Belt.
    • PMO Global Awards Judge (Since 2018) Active Member: PMOGA and PMI BCN Chapter.
    • First Certificate in Spain PMO-CC of the PMOGA
    • Lecturer in Project Management Masters (PMO Certification):
    • PMO-CP certification at U. La Salle BCN
    • PMO-FO certification at the Barcelona Executive Business School (BEBS)
    • PMO Module at the European U. Campus Valencia
    • Speaker for PMI Chapters Spain and LATAM
    • Speaker at Universities, Organizations and Business Centers:
    • Peru (APROLOG), Colombia (U.Del Bosque) and Ecuador (ESPAE)
    • AACEE (Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International) among others.
    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Team lead at Spathios

    Despite my young age, I have already had the opportunity to work and study in four different countries. Besides boosting my love for international environments, this helped me to forge who I am right now, providing me with unique and invaluable skills and experiences, such as the need to constantly and quickly adapt, which is an essential ability in our digital world.
    A few years ago, I decided to take another step in my career, so I joint Spathios, a start-up founded in Barcelona. Regardless of my (mostly) experience in multinationals, I rapidly adapted and grew to became one of the main managers and leaders of the company, where I am still working as a Tech Team Lead.
    That has been quite a challenge so far, but pushing me to new challenges and new goals is something I truly enjoy.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Growth Marketing and Business Development Manager at Avomind

    Ella is the Growth Marketing and Business Development Manager at Avomind. Prior to joining the firm, Ella has been leading Business Development and growth within a global sustainable fashion platform. She has also been in charge of commercial growth within a leading media company in South Africa.

    Ella is focused on building strategic, long lasting partnerships with leading academia institutions, and commercial organisations. Ella drives Avomind’s growth and presence globally and is in charge of new market expansion.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Technical Recruiter -EMEA at Amazon

    Tosin Anifowose describes herself as a ‘candidate advocate’ because this caption perfectly encapsulates the passion she has for helping people find jobs where they would thrive in. Overall she has about 6+ years of experience comprising a mix of project/operations management, tech support, and talent acquisition.

    She is also a certified scrum master and her academic background in the sciences both at the bachelor’s and the master’s level has been a pivotal influence on her career. She works as a Tech-Recruiter at Amazon for the EMEA region and in her spare time, she provides free coaching support to candidates.

    The ‘Dear Candidate’ initiative; is her brainchild and it is a non-profit that aims to educate and demystify the job search journey for job seekers. She also hosts the Dear Candidate podcast and runs the Dear Candidate blog.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Business Development Manager / Innovation Strategist

    Business Administrator, with experience in the FMCG sector, in areas such as marketing and sales. During the last 6 years, I have held positions within the entrepreneurship area of ​​La Salle Technova, leading the incubation program for Startups, designing the Acceleration programs and teaching entrepreneurial sessions.

    I have given numerous sessions with the Lean Startup methodology, developing concepts such as Product Market Fit, Reaching Consumers and, in general, the application of the BMC.

    With expertise in technology-based companies, whether B2B, B2C or B2B2C, working with the team from the design of the strategy, implementation and execution of programs that allow them to achieve milestones in terms of validating the business model, conclusive metrics, achieving public grants and raising rounds of private financing.

    I have a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla – Colombia), a postgraduate degree in traditional Marketing from the same university, an Executive-MBA from La Salle Campus Barcelona- URL and a Master’s degree in E-commerce from La Salle Campus. Barcelona.


    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Technical Project Lead at 4ig

    Bence has 10 years of experience in different levels of software development. Started his carrier as a developer, became an architect and now leading software development projects from technical aspect. As work-life balance is a top priority for him, he is always on getting the most out of his time.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Quality Systems Support Supervisor, IT at Thermo Fisher Scientific

    When I had to make THE CHOICE in high school, what I want to be and work with for the rest of my life, it was a real challenge, because I was interested in everything (well, I mean not economics, but still). Focusing on core values and what is important to me as a person was, that I care about people, their health and what they put into their bodies.
    Another aspect was my love for organising systems out of chaos and that I need to know what makes things tick… Quality just called for me through bioengineering, food safety, pharmacovigilance, active ingredient and excipient regulations. I joined IT Quality due to Thermo Fisher’s commitment on all the things that are important to me as a person and as a professional. Being a nerd is also a huge advantage!

  • Director of Software Engineering at Driver Experience, Bosch Magyarország

    I am an automotive professional with 15+ years of work experience and 10+ years leadership experience. Most of this time spent in Hungary, a couple of years in the US, which has fundamentally formed my viewpoint regarding cultural openness and understanding each other.

    I like working with people, loving their jobs and doing real ENGINEERING work in the best sense of this word.

    In my current role, as director of software engineering at our Cross-computing division at Bosch I enjoy having a real, positive effect on automotive via leading a state of the art software-focused team, and representing our company’s motto: invented for life. This practically means the ownership of functions like automatic emergency braking in the car, which helps us to prevent accidents and save lives.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • HR Manager at Carl Zeiss Digital Innovation Hungary Kft.

    Collected experiences mainly in the last 10years in the IT sector, special focus on strategy recruitment and create a people,- and professional-oriented environment at the same time.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Business Development and Project Manager at Crowe FST

    Experienced finance and business development project manager (9+ years) with strong organizatory and stakeholder management skills, PM and Agile qualifications. Fluent in English and German.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Software Architect Lead at Derivco

    Niels is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and works as Software Architect Lead at Derivco in Durban, South Africa, where he leads a team of architects. He also develops software and “dreams” up new and innovative ways to use existing and new technologies.

    Before joining Derivco, Niels worked as a researcher/instructor at Developmentor, responsible for the database curriculum.

    Niels has been working with SQL Server since SQL Server 4.2, and co-authored the first SQL Server 2005 book for developers: “A First Look at SQL 2005 for Developers”. Apart from being a SQL Server “nerd”, he is now quite interested in real-time streaming data, stream-processing, and the Cloud and Big Data. He blogs regularly about these topics at https://nielsberglund.com.

    He is a sought after presenter at technology conferences and has presented at, amongst others: Tech-ED, SQL PASS, DevWeek, SQL Bits, SQL Saturday, etc.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CTO at NNG LLC

    Creating and managing cross-cultural teams located in Germany, US, East-Europe, India and China in the area of autonomous driving and navigation systems.

    Expert in the following domain areas

    • navigation databases/applications (especially based on NDS)
    • navigation guidance (AR) / AD decision making
    • ADAS databases/applications
    • processing sensor data for ADAS applications, e.g. camera, LiDAR, radar, 4D radar
    • sensor calibration
    • SLAM
    • navigation systems, i.e. routing, search, rendering, traffic
    • data mining (clustering & classification),
    • machine learning and deep learning (CNNs)
    • spatial-temporal-uncertain data structures
    • sensor fusion for moving objects, lanes, signs, etc. based on camera, LiDAR, radar, IMU, v2x and map data
    • localization (particle filter, GNSS, ego-motion, landmarks, SLAM)
    • environmental model
    • other aspects related to autonomous driving, e.g. planning, simulation, system and functional safety
    • experienced with standardization bodies and governmental organizations

    More than 50 patents and more than 50 research papers in the above-mentioned areas.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Deputy State Secretary at the Ministry of Technology and Industry

    Since 2013, Dr. Károly Balázs Solymár has been holding the position of Deputy State Secretary at the Ministry of Technology and Industry, at its legal predecessors.

    He studied at the ELTE Faculty of Law, as a member of the István Bibó College of Law, as a law student. He graduated in 2003 with a ‘summa cum laude’ law degree, and in 2010 took the bar exam.

    He has gained nearly two decades of experience in regulatory, economic and complex development tasks affecting the infocommunications sector. Under his professional guidance strategic documents such as the National Infocommunications Strategy 2014-2020 was developed. All these served as the basis for the development of Hungary’s digital economy, information society and digital infrastructuret. Under his supervision, the Hungarian Artificial Intelligence Coalition and the Hungarian Artificial Intelligence Strategy were established, which can be considered the milestones in the development of the Hungarian AI ecosystem.

    Since July 2022, Dr. Károly Balázs Solymár has been holding the position of Deputy State Secretary for Technology at the Ministry of Technology and Industry, he is responsible for the digitalization of industrial sectors and the supply of the industry with the most up-to-date technologies.

  • AI Architect at Bowman Architect
    • 20+ years experience in enterprise IT environment (consulting, solution architecture design, deployment, product development, tech leadership)
    • 5+ years experience with Cloud and AI technologies (applied AI in different industries, prototyping, proof of concept delivery, tech leadership)
    • anything else just happening like business-as-usual … learning by doing every single day in front of terminal, design tools, flipcharts, online and face-to-face discussions…
    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director of Business Development at Humanfield

    An economics graduate with more than 15 years of experience in business development. Prior to her career in HR, she gained experience in a governmental and then multinational environment, and later worked as an account manager in a national consultancy agency.
    She has direct contact with and advises numerous multinational and domestic companies in a number of areas.

  • Managing Director at Eisberg Hungary

    University of Agricultural Sciences in Gödöllő, graduated in 1989.

    1993-2005 I worked in a multinational environment (Sluis&Groot, Sandoz, Novartis, finally Syngenta-same company with 4 aquisitions)

    Since 2007 I have been Managing Director of Eisberg, which has been part of the Swiss Bell Food Group since 2016.

    Prizes, awards and assignments:

    • I have been a member of the Board of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SWISSCHAM) since 2014.
    • Since the beginning, 10 years board member of Business Council for Sustainable Development.
    • In 2016, I was awarded the “Male Manager of the Year” by the PWA (Professional Women’s Association).
    • Corvinus University awarded me the Pro Facultate award for my efforts in the field of university education.
    • I serve as a board member of the Presidential Advisory Board of ISOFORUM 9000, the largest national quality organisation.
    • In 2021, the Hospital School Foundation and Budapest Festival Orchestra have invited me to support their work as an ambassador.
    • In 2021 “Manager for the society “prize by Shell & Hungarian Association of executives.
    • In 2022 “Better managers, better world” prize by Business Coach organisation.
    • Eisberg is  ten times “Superbrands”, four times “Business Superbrands” award winners.
    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Engagement Manager at EFS Consulting

    Pedro Dias, Engagement Manager at EFS Consulting, is working for more than 10 years on consulting projects in the automotive industry. He serviced numerous departments from development to marketing&sales and IT to name a few. In recent years he shifted his focus to international cooperation projects. Within EFS Pedro engages in recruiting and developing colleagues to facilitate the growth of young professionals and of EFS Consulting simultaneously.

    EFS Consulting has its roots in Vienna, Austria, but has been working globally for automotive companies for more than 30 years. With more than 300 employees, EFS Consulting is the largest independent management consultancy in Austria. The time has come to open a new office and EFS wants to bring automotive consulting to Portugal. If you are interested and want to join, let’s get in touch!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director of Upgrades at PureFacts

    I am a family man with three grown up children, originally from Luanda, Angola but living most of my life in the UK. I am a keen photographer and enjoy watching films and watching sports (mainly rugby).
    I arrived in Portugal just over 1 year ago with my wife and youngest child and continued to work for the same employer that I had in London, but now in Lisbon.
    I have worked in IT for over 30 years, starting as a trainee programmer and then through all the variety of IT job titles and various technology stacks and I joined PureFacts approximately 4 years ago. Since then I have worked in a technical role and then as a consultant.

    My role is now as Director of Upgrades, leading a team of consultants based in Lisbon, but also involving colleagues in other countries, focusing on implementing upgrades for clients who have installations of our products.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • HR Business Partner Europe

    MBA, HR Business Partner Europe

    Multilingual, experienced partner across business, financial and tech disciplines. Adapting HR strategy and operations to the demands of the future workplace while optimizing employee experience

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Digital Vehicle Services at MAN Truck & Bus SE

    I am the head of digital vehicle services (senior manager) in the research and development area.
    In the last years I have made a lot of experience in Innovation with emerging technologies, design thinking, agile, digital transformation and development of digital products in combination with company/legacy IT (where I was responsible for appllication managed systems for years).
    I lead teams in onshore and nearshore including disciplinary and budget responsibility.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Data Engineering & Engineering at Volkswagen Group Services

    My name is Leyre Moreno and I am from Navarra, Spain. I have been working within the Volkswagen group for 13 years, and a year ago, I came to Portugal to implement the Innovation & Engineering HUB project.

    I have a degree in economics and engineering. Most of my professional experience was in the Engineering area, taking a substantial leap in recent times to data engineering.

    I faithfully believe in the team, and in the people that make it up.


    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Communication Advisor at Specsavers Northern Europe

    I’ve worked with communication at Specsavers for four years and loved every second! From once being a student doing internal blog entries and business updates to now guiding the business on how to attract new talent through compelling content.

    Luckily, it’s an easy job to do when Specsavers is both certified and listed as one of the Best Workplaces in all of Europe. I’ll give away our secret if you stop by our fair.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Partner at EFS Consulting

    Jochen Schreiber, Partner at EFS Consulting, is working for nearly 20 years on consulting projects in the automotive industry. He serviced numerous departments from development to marketing&sales and IT to name a few. In recent years he shifted his focus to international cooperation projects. Within EFS Jochen engages in recruiting and developing colleagues to facilitate the growth of young professionals and of EFS Consulting simultaneously.

    EFS Consulting has its roots in Vienna, Austria, but has been working globally for automotive companies for more than 30 years. With more than 300 employees, EFS Consulting is the largest independent management consultancy in Austria. The time has come to open a new office and EFS wants to bring automotive consulting to Portugal. If you are interested and want to join, let’s get in touch!

  • Head of Workplace and Business Flow at Axians

    Responsável de employer Branding na Axians, uma apaixonada por pessoas e pela sua felicidade

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Software Engineer, Entrepreneur

    André has been working as a software engineer, for more than 15 years, with companies like Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, American TV network NBC, and energy drink Monster Energy. He has provided technical direction to countless startups and managed teams of over 20 people. Currently, he helps other software engineers improve their careers through mentoring and online courses, which have been featured by Microsoft. Teaching has always been one of his passions and that is why throughout his career he consulted, mentored, and tutored with remarkable reviews.

    André is launching a Software Engineering University soon, funded by Noumena, and he’s part of Noumena’s Advisory Council.

    Besides tech, entrepreneurship, and business, André is also very interested in teaching practical introspection and (nonviolent) communication skills, because to a large degree, the quality of your mind determines the quality of your life, and he’s passionate about transformation.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO at Asbjornspeaks

    I really hated elementary school.

    I was deeply and utterly bullied. At my first school I got bullied and beaten so much that I got hospitalized for 4 days. So when I was 17 years old I almost got thrown out of high school because of absence, but luckily I got the last chance and ended up taking a year as a foreign exchange student in California at Nevada Union High School.

    One of the first days at school we were given a ballot with over a hundred classes.

    Everything from horse riding to psychology, and I came across a class i didn’t understand. It was called “Speech”. I asked: “What is Speech?“. The lady at the desk answered: “You learn how to talk”. Confused, I replied, “I know how to talk”. And she said firmly: “No, you learn how to talk from a stage.”.

    This captivated me, and I immediately signed up.

    Educator and expert in public speaking and storytelling with over 25 years of experience. Currently helping professionals, politicians (MPs), scientists, and tech people improve their public speaking and get their message across from the stage in an engaging and effective way.

    During my second semester at medical school, I experienced a different kind of professor.
    This professor changed the way I looked at scientific presentations.
    For the first time, I saw a person in academia that mastered their communication. A person in academia that mastered their rhetoric. A person that could tell a story. A person that could speak about the most difficult of topics within pathology, whilst keeping hundreds of students engaged, only because of his ability to tell stories.
    One of the biggest problems I have encountered amongst scientists, academics, and people from tech, is the problem of presenting and pitching their projects. They know that their research/product can make a difference. They know they have something to offer. But how do you present it, so people will listen?

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Technology Strategy & Security, Northern Europe at Specsavers

    In my role, I support an ambitious, agile and fast-paced product-based delivery organization through iterative design with strategic fit in a secure and standardized manner. We balance a legacy enterprise with cutting edge technology across multiple countries with various cultures and legal requirements to add to our complexity of new and old estate.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Software Architect at Kaizen Gaming

    Theodore Zographos is a highly skilled software engineer and systems analyst with substantial experience in LOB software applications development, systems integration, and hardware programming driven by his love for technical challenges and data-driven decisions.

    In the past, he has worked for companies where he developed Telecommunications and GIS software applications for major Greek telecom providers. Currently, he is working as a Software Architect in Kaizen Gaming and is the founder of Z-Logic, a software development enterprise, which creates telemetry and telematic applications for major private highways in Greece as well as for major companies in Greece and Cyprus.

    He received a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the National University of Athens, and he is in the process of receiving his Ph.D. in Computer Science in Autonomous Vehicle Systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems from the Harokopion University of Athens.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • VP, Human Resource

    My undergraduate degree is from Luther College in Iowa and my master’s is in human resources/Industrial Relations from Loyola University in Chicago.    I began my work life as an auditor with an accounting firm.  I was asked to assist them in their recruiting efforts and after one recruiting season, they felt I had the skills they were looking for and asked if I would stay in HR and build my career there, first in recruiting, then training, then in the scheduling function.  I left public accounting and joined a national real estate development/management firm, with properties located in over 15 cities in US and Canada.   I was their first professional HR executive, and I had the opportunity to create and mature a sophisticated HR service delivery model with them.  I then joined a global financial services and real estate firm.  I oversaw the daily HR issues in the Americas and helped develop several key programs in the talent management, HRIS, employee relations and staffing areas.  In addition, I was a part of several mergers they completed, from the due diligence phase to the cultural integration stages.   Next, I became the Vice President of Human Resources for a major casino/hospitality company in Las Vegas.   Most recently, I joined a family-owned agricultural company in the NW.  I also have taught at several graduate level programs, including courses at Benedictine University and Keller Graduate School of Business.   All these experiences have helped shape me as a professional and provided the skills needed to be an effective career coach and podcaster.


    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder and CTO at Bloq.it

    Ricardo Carvalho is a Portuguese entrepreneur and programmer. An IT graduate from the University of Lisboa, with a Masters in Computer Science.

    He is known for being one of the founders of Bloq.it, a Portuguese based startup that is providing the worlds leading smart locker solution. One of their main goals is solving last-mile and enabling everyone to participate in e-commerce, across the EU, MENA, LatAm, and the US regions.

    Bloq.it has been on the top 10 list for startups to watch coming out of Portugal for the past 3 years by EU-Startups, the former recipients of the Most Innovative award by Web Summit in 2019, and has recently won Scaleup of the Year at this years edition of Global Conference, by Startup Grind, in San Francisco.

    Join Ricardo at Tech Jobs fair to hear more about being a young entrepreneur in Lisbon, the challenges of being a CTO and what the future holds for Bloq.it

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Startups & Accelerators GURU

    Tal is a prominent figure in the global innovation ecosystem. Founded 19 startup accelerators worldwide since 2012, has rendered him a Guru on building accelerators, hubs and startup ecosystems. Over the years Tal conducted 70 cohorts, graduating over 1,000 startups in his accelerators.

    Tal is also a busy Keynote Speaker in major international conferences as well as a TEDx, on tech startups, innovation, and entrepreneurship, sharing his professional toolbox to mentor, motivate and inspire entrepreneurs around the globe.

    these day Tal is preparing to launch a 2nd cohort in CanAx Accelerator under his management, offering professional mentoring, international network and funding of up to $1M.

    Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Senior Backend Engineer at Monta

    Gabrielle is a Brazilian Developer with a Bachelor in Computer Science. She has 8+ years experience in software development and has companies like ThoughtWorks and Soundcloud in her resumé. Before finding her passion in the backend development, she endeavored as a QA Engineer and Full-stack Developer.

    Currently she is working as a Senior Backend Developer at Monta, where she is helping build the future of EV charging!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO at SG Communications

    A Professional with 25 years of Experience with Product/Service Innovation Companies. from High-Tech organizations, Aerospace,  cyber, Defense, HLS & security companies. Successfully Support Companies Growth, Opening new Markets around the World and Differentiate their Added Value. Including Business Development, Sales, Marketing & International PR Specialist, Global Marketing & Advertising, Social Media & Marketing communication, B2B2G Marketing, Exhibitions, Public Relations, and Digital PR Solutions.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • UX Designer and Lecturer

    Entrepreneur, studio owner and a UX teacher.

    I’ve started working in the UX field after working as an art director in an advertising agency. The reason I was attracted to this field is because it helped me to make a difference and influence the experience virtually for millions of users, through one product, and one influence.

    I’ve started working in the field in small UX characterization and design projects, and I quickly started working with international companies like avg and strakey. Afterwards, I’ve founded an augmented reality app, opened a UX studio and become a UX teacher.

    As time went by, I’ve recognized the need and difficulties of many entrepreneurs with a vision who are interested in the UX characterization field to transform their ideas to a characterization work plan, and the need to know more about the UX field. That’s why I started teaching this shortened course for UX characterization. This course is meant for anyone who needs to know the basics to start working on a project, and doesn’t have the time study for months.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Cyber Security Specialist at Vestas

    I’m Luís Teixeira, Electronics and Computer Engineer, I have been working for 12 years in the areas of Information Technologies, I’ve been in the automotive industry where acted as IT System Administrator/Cybersecurity Engineer, during that time I had the opportunity to design and develop some tools to help Production and Engineering departments on the extreme demand challenges that automotive industry usually has.

    I’ve joined Vestas 4 years ago as a Cybersecurity Engineer, and it was for me a huge step in my career, I’ve always wanted to work on in a huge company that could create a positive environmental impact which could be visible in the entire world.
    I’m on a Research and Development Department surrounded by extremely talented people that constantly promotes exchange of new ideas and potential solutions to solve business needs.

    It is really fascinating being able to work with Industrial control systems, Operational technology (including IT) and introduce Security on top of it. I’ve been involved in several projects, and it’s really great to have new challenges like this. It is quite rewarding being aware that we are developing a piece of component that will be part of a big product that ultimately will make our world more sustainable.

    As personal hobbies, I really like photography, practicing CrossFit and spending time with my family.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Public Speaking & Career mentor

    My mission in life is helping people become what they dream to be. I believe that excellent communication is the foundation for getting there.
    I leverage my 25 years’ experience in sales and effective presentation, together with NLP (Neuronal Linguistic Programming), positive psychology, Body language, empathy, and a smile to help others.

    WHAT I DO?
    I train & coach people to become better speakers, storytellers, and ambassadors of themselves, and their goals.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of International Business Development & Innovation

    KEY Strengths: Business development, sales, marketing, digital transformation, Fintech, AI, professional education programs. Building relationship with industry partners, relevant national and international network with key stakeholders! My main task @BIB next to business development is to enhance new innovative business sectors such as AI in Finance, FinTech, Open Banking, E-learning implementations. SME’s digital transformation, Women in business and international relations are also on my plate to build new business partner cooperation’s in financial education. Previously I strengthened my network in the V4 region mainly focusing on technology transfer, know-how and innovation.
    As the Director for Business Sectors, Technology & Knowledge Transfer of the Hungarian National Trading House I was able to motivate a team of 40 employees to peak performance in order to facilitate export activities and business development of Hungarian SME’s.
    To utilize my skills in the private sector, I took responsibility of driving organisational improvements at INFOTÉR (IT Pro Society Association Hungary) as marketing and sponsorship manager between 2014/2015. My deep professional commitment and experience in resolving complex issues has resulted in significant achievements in ICT and business development so far.

    My Bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Budapest Business School for Foreign Trade and my MSc degree in Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs at Budapest Corvinus University gave me comprehensive knowledge of economic diplomacy, management and regulatory issues which has since been successfully applied in dynamic and demanding business environments. I finished my Excecutive MBA in July 2017.

    Beside my professional career, I like being engaged with organizing charity events for more than 13 years. As the President of the year 2019/2020 & founding member of the Rotary Club Budapest Center I have proven some experience in managing the operations of a community-based organisation as well.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO at Ejendom

    Tomas is an experienced founder and ecosystem leader within the Danish entrepreneurial scene. He is an engineer from the Technical University of Denmark, and began his corporate career in PwC after his graduation in 2017. Among his achievements, Tomas was selected as one of the top 100 talents in Denmark, DTU honorary alumni student of the year and the IT project manager of the year. Today, Tomas is the CEO of a Danish PropTech company called ejendom.com.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Manager at BI4ALL

    I am with BI4ALL since 2015, where I have focused mostly on the Life Sciences industry – while contributing to advance our Knowledge processes and the way we deliver value to our Customers.

    Throughout this time, I have led large teams and mentored multiple people.

    I have a Data & Analytics education, specializing in Information Management Systems, paired with formal Business Analysis training and certification.

    My work experience has led me to experience new geographies and different cultures across three continents.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of DevOps at Valispace

    João is the Head of DevOps team, overseeing the entire CI/CD pipeline. He has over 12 years of experience working in Software Development, covering multiple areas from small mobile apps to enterprise level ERP and HR systems, and across a wide range of technologies and languages, but always with a particular affinity for automation of processes. Since he joined Valispace the needs of the team lead to the natural progression into taking charge first of the development processes to eventually managing the full lifecycle from development to deployment.
    His encompassing experience allied with a never ending search for perfection make him the right person to handle the responsibility of keeping Valispace working and up to date.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Frontend Engineer at HelloFresh
    I’m a software developer, passionate for data science. I strongly believe that data and philosophy are related in some ways and I hope to change the view of the industry one day at a time. I’m currently learning more about Functional Programming and trying to apply it to my daily job. I love to work with people, grow and learn together.
    I’m a passionate teacher, I’d love to share everything I can with the world.
    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Team Lead - Talent Acquisition- Engineering at HelloFresh

    A Senior Talent Acquisition professional with more than 13 years of experience in Talent Acquisition. I can apply my expertise in people management, talent acquisition, and Stakeholder management to help organisations in achieving their Recruitment and DE&I OKRs. Tertiary qualified with a wide variety of local and international experience.

    Capable and confident communicator with a very strong personal presence and ability to cultivate strong relationships with the stakeholders.

    Have taken crucial roles in designing, and implementing efficient end-to-end recruitment plans, strategies, and processes to help to develop and to enhance the recruitment function at my assigned roles throughout my experience.

    Areas of expertise:
    – Diversity Recruiting;
    – Talent Acquisition Planning;
    – Technology Recruitment;
    – Organisational Development;
    – Talent Management;
    – Employer branding.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder & CEO Transformation-The strategy HUB

    MSME Transformation Specialist and Digital Transformation Expert.

    Darshana Thakkar is an expert in Transformation, Cost reduction, & Utilization of resources. An Electrical Engineer followed by MBA-Operations with hardcore industry experience in managing business operations. She has invested 25 years in Transforming Micro and Small Enterprises. Her rich experience in resolving pain areas and the real-life problem of the SME industry are helping the organization for quick results. Her expertise in managing business operations with limited resources helps client organizations to transform their business practices from person-driven to system-driven with existing resources. She is an expert in driving the Digital Transformation of the organization and managing changes. She has helped many organizations to increase profitability and achieve sustainable growth.

    She is passionate to support the start-up ecosystem of our country. She is empowering and providing strong handholding support to start-up organizations.

    She conducting various training and coaching session on Entrepreneurship development, Business operational excellence, and Digital Transformation of MSME in association with various government and Non-government organizations as well as on her own.

    She is associated with CED, Government of Gujarat as a Business function expert in the Entrepreneurship development program, As faculty for industrial subjects in the Second Generation program(SGP), and as a start-up mentor and member of the start-up selection committee in the CED incubation center.

    She is a certified corporate director registered with IICA and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

    Apart from this, she is an author and publishing her blog, article, and case study related to the industry. She is an empanel author for Technology in MSME and Starts up business in India’s No 1 Automation magazine “Industrial Automation”

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Staff Engineer Data

    I am a data-driven person with keen eye to analyse, innovate and build the solutions using Analytic Tools. I am currently working as Staff Engineer for Big Data Analytics Platform in Health Domain, responsible for deriving usage and customer insights using advanced analytics and big-data tools.

    I am passionate about Data Engineering Problems – be it understanding the business needs, forming the problem statement, deciding data collection strategy, data wrangling to delivering solutions ensuring customer satisfaction.

    I enjoy mentoring and building amazing teams and motivating them to cope with deadline-oriented environments ensuring timely and quality solutions. I engage in technical councils with peers and teams working across domains. I like to understand different people and their ways of understanding customer’s business needs, deriving data insights and the methodologies used. I take a positive approach to life and like to see the best in others.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Product Manager at Orane Consulting

    I am the Product and Solutions Manager at Orane Consulting with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry in various roles.

    My responsibility is to develop and enhance our products in a way that enables them to carve a niche for themselves in today’s competitive market with USPs as simple, effective, high-performance, and efficient solutions.

    My interests include learning about  Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, and other Ancient alternative medicines like Siddha, Farming, and Music.

    I take delight in directing and co-helping small events which are for children and by children.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CTO and Co Founder at Reverie Language Technologies

    Vivek is the Co-Founder and CTO of Reverie Language Technologies, a company specializing in text and speech technologies for Indian languages.

    With more than 20 years of experience in Indian Language Computing, Vivek is one of the very few subject matter experts who are passionate and dedicated to making usage of Indian languages easy on digital platforms. Vivek began his Indian language journey at the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Pune, in the year 1997. His journey spans across developing advanced multilingual tools for early computing devices and word processing software for computers to leading today’s state of the art AI-driven Indian language technologies like Automated Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, Text-to-Speech, Natural language understanding and Multilingual Search.

    He has represented Reverie in contributing to the standards for Indian languages released by SIG for Indian languages at CeWIT in IIT Madras.

    He has also represented the industry in LITD 20 to define Indian languages encoding standards for mobile phones.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Engineering at Reverieinc

    In his role as Head Engineering, Pranjal Nayak is responsible for leading the research & product development in Reverie. Pranjal has been associated with Reverie for over 12 years. Pranjal has a decade long experience in Indic language computing. At Reverie, Pranjal has led the creation of various tools and technologies for Indian languages starting from display & Input technologies to NLP. He expertises in creation of display solutions for Indian languages and has led the development of display technologies for various devices ranging from smartphones, Feature Phones, STB, LED display boards etc. Pranjal created the display solution that powered the first ever Android device with OS-level Hindi language support in India.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Program Head – FutureSkills at NASSCOM

    Jyotsna leads the Blended Learning Program for NASSCOM FutureSkills. Prior to joining NASSCOM, Jyotsna was with General Electric and GENPACT with over 20 years of experience in the US and India. She has held several leadership roles and senior management positions during her career at GE and GENPACT. Her roles involved managing a half a billion dollars Purchased Service operations for GE, creating first women only BPO centre of 3000 employees in Saudi Arabia, heading Global Supply Chain Operations & Partnerships, F&A Solutions, P & L Management.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Vice President at ICT Academy

    Business Strategist and Consultant with over 25 years of experience in leading and managing multiple business verticals specializing largely in the Technology enabled Education. He is also a visiting guest lecturer to several universities and institutes across India.

    Industry Experience :

    Worked in multiple verticals of the Education & Training Industry and have held various positions and performed strategic roles in organizations like First Computers, Pentasoft Technologies, Everonn Education, QAI Global, Aris Global, and McGraw-Hill Education, and have consulted and mentored several EdTech startups. Currently holds the following positions;

    1. Vice President- ICT Academy
    2. Member – Industry Advisory Board – Saveetha Engineering College
    3. Member – BoS- DoMS, Sri Ramkrishna Engineering College
    4. Member – BoS- DoMS, Saveetha Engineering College
    5. Member Skill Development Council – FICCI

    Training/ Teaching Experience

    • Having started his career as a trainer, he is more passionate about training and renders seminars and guest lectures at various Forums and Academic Institutions.
    • He is a specialist in facilitating Business Education by integrating Simulations, in the areas of Economics, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Change & Crisis Management, Conflict Resolutions & Leadership, Business & Boardroom Strategy, etc.
    • Has rendered Business Simulation Sessions at institutes including IIMs, IITs, GLIM, VITs, etc. apart from other Tier 2 & 3 category institutes and corporates like Steria, TVS Tyres, FSS Tech, etc.
    • Has conducted various Faculty Development Programs (FDP) and trained over 10000+ Faculties from several institutes across India impacting more than 20 million learners.
    • His favorite areas include Outbound Training in Leadership, Team Building, Problem Solving Skills, and Inbound Training in Marketing, Business Strategy, Business Modeling, Global Economics, Goal Setting, MBO, and Motivation Practice.
    Attended Job Fairs:
  • EY GDS Strategy and Transactions, Data and Analytics Leader

    Amit Kirti leads the Data and Analytics (DnA) team at EY GDS Strategy and Transactions (SaT). In this role, he is responsible for building Analytics and AI capabilities for EY GDS Strategy and Transactions. Amit works closely with clients across sectors helping them solve complex business problems, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Generation, Cloud, and other new and emerging technologies.
    He combines his years of strong business consulting experience in problem-solving for clients across sectors such as consumer, industrial, and healthcare amongst others with emerging technologies to build innovative solutions. He has been instrumental in developing multiple strategic solutions for key accounts delivering tangible P&L impacts.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Client Partner - Strategic Accounts

    Pranav is a Client partner for Mphasis strategic accounts in Canada geography, responsible for client relationships with 2 of the top 50 Canadian firms. Pranav moved to Canada in 2018 and was responsible for setting up Mphasis Ontario presence from scratch, for a leading life insurer, where we scaled the engagement to over 100 FTEs in 3 months’ time.

    He possesses 20 years’ Information Technology experience, having successfully delivered over 10 programs in financial services industry, including 3 large scale multi-system modernization initiatives. In his prior roles, he has led design thinking workshops, business consulting, prototyping for creating new business solutions in capital markets and insurance space.

    Pranav lives in London (Ontario). He is an avid cyclist and loves to read about advancements in medical sciences.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder/Director of Strategy + Creative

    Philip is a creative problem-solver, plain and simple. In 2018, he founded Philip Agnello Creative Consulting, the Toronto-based, global boutique brand and creative consultancy helping SaaS start-ups reach their goals through business-centric branding.
    Philip is the author behind the pioneering 4 Areas of Understanding philosophy, a model for uncovering the knowledge and understanding that is necessary to craft effective strategies for brand and creative initiatives.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • EY GDS Global Strategy And Transactions Leader

    Kshama Dhir is the global lead for EY GDS Strategy and Transactions (SaT) service line that comprises over 2800+ professionals in India, Poland, China, Hungary, and Spain.

    She has a rich experience in business transformation, global operations, and the development of new and customer-centric solutions. Her keen interest is to build new markets and develop next-generation leadership. Kshama is a Chartered Accountant and has a master’s degree in Finance. She joined EY GDS in 2007. She has about 25 years of experience with a host of Global organizations.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Local Talent Lead at techNL

    Liam Flanagan began his career in the technology start-up world fostering the earliest of business ideas as the facilitator of Genesis’ Evolution Program. After growing this program to support 60 new NL tech companies per year, Liam moved to Ottawa to pursue a Masters of Entrepreneurship, Technology Innovation Management, and work full-time for Invest Ottawa’s ScaleUp Program.
    Supporting Ottawa’s top scale-up technology firms between $1M and $50M in annual revenue gain access to funding, resources, and mentoring eventually led Liam back to NL, where he joins techNL as Local Talent Lead. Currently, Liam supports NL tech jobseekers find their ideal career by connecting them with employers, educators, and resources.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director & CTO at Hotfoot Technology Solutions

    Rajesh has over 20 years of experience and is passionate about technology and its applications. Starting his technology journey in building products and platforms, he was instrumental in institutionalizing technology adoption across teams, sold, priced, and built Intellectual Properties that can generate nonlinear revenue in the IT services industry. He has been the key architect in building platforms that brings different pieces together including the flexibility of the cloud, the restrictions of global compliance like PCI, HIPAA, and DPA, the low cost of open source technologies, the existing investments of enterprises in technology to transform and pivot business units of multiple Fortune 500 customers in different domains.

    Rajesh has not only led several programs around technology transformations but participates in everyday design and coding, building products that make a difference in people’s lives. Rajesh is a first-generation entrepreneur with four patents in the product, platforms, and cloud under his belt. Rajesh is TOGAF Certified and is keenly interested in transformational programs of enterprises where multiple parts of the organization change and the enterprise architecture around transformations. He is also a certified AWS Architect and has spent nearly a decade understanding and architecting for the cloud and has spoken in public forums on the architecture of the cloud. He truly believes that the best of digital and analytics is yet to come in financial services.

    The lending industry is still largely paper-based and most of the current systems are inward-focused rather than customer-focused. He is on a journey to be able to build the organization with these nuggets of wisdom, as one of the most customer-focused companies that make a difference to people. Rajesh loves to spend time with his daughter and is an avid traveler to embraces new cultures and living.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder at Hotfoot Technology Solutions

    Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the Banking & Financial Services, Business Process Design & Consulting, and Financial Technology. Passionate about lending, with more than one and half decades of experience in Banking Sales, Credit Evaluation, Score Based Decisioning, and Digitisation. Have built a platform that will enhance the lending and borrowing experience.

    Also addresses Financial Inclusion, New to Credit, Lending based on surrogates, and additional data Assisting Financial institutions with Direct Origination using our unique tech platform – where they can deploy capital by leveraging distribution and collection reach of smaller NBFC’s while having real-time access to lending decisions.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director of Talent Growth and Development at Arcurve

    Joel Pollard has been a leader in the Calgary tech industry for 20 years, having worked in start-ups and enterprise organizations alike. Joel has built and led teams in the custom software and product development spaces, focusing on team dynamics, and reliable software processes. A firm believer that building the best environment and practices will attract the best people and result in the best outcomes, Joel has a proven track record of high performing teams delivering high quality software systems.

    Joel is the Director of Talent Growth and Development at Arcurve, Inc., responsible for the strategy and systems behind building Arcurve’s team of technology professionals in Calgary and our technology hubs in Vancouver, Halifax, and Houston. Arcurve has delivered more than 800 projects for clients in a variety of industries and technology stacks.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Talent Coordinator at Calgary Economic Development

    Nimrit Anand is the Talent Coordinator with Calgary Economic Development, he is part of the Client Excellence team which is focused towards talent attraction and retention. Nimrit is originally from Delhi, India and holds a Bachelors degree in Hospitality as well as a Masters in Business Administration from University of Technology Sydney.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Talent Acquisition Lead - Technology at Harvest Builder

    As a born and raised Albertan, diversifying the economy and creating a tech ecosystem here in the prairies is something that Katie is passionate about. As a Talent Acquisition Lead, she aims to bring top talent to technology-focused organizations. Katie leverages her background in executive search and currently specializes in engineering and technology roles. Katie’s mission is to create a long-lasting partnership between candidates and organizations based on values and skills.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Operations at Morpher

    Ivan Struk, head of operations at Morpher, is a venture architect, emerging markets investor, and alternative investments guru. Having spent the last 8 years working in the alternative investments space in roles in both institutional and retail finance, Ivan joined Morpher to help realize the company’s vision of enabling global access to investable markets.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Managing Director George Labs, George Product Officer I Erste Digital

    Isabella had been with George before the first line of code was written. Since then, ten years have passed, and she witnessed the challenges and possibilities of the digitalization of the banking industry. Combining her passion and expertise, she played an essential role in the shaping of the company. Now, as a freshly appointed Managing Director, she is ready to lead George Labs in this new era.

    Join the Erste Digital team and make a difference to the financial life of millions of people in Europe. #believeinyourself

  • Head of People & Culture UniCredit Services GmbH and Strategic People Partner in UniCredit Bank Austria

    People development enthusiast

    Driving for things to happen

    Broad HR experience, working more than 20 years in a pan-european commercial bank with a special focus on Austria and Central and Eastern Europe

    Nurture and develop talents and leaders across different european countries

    In my career, I have lived cultural diversity. For me it meant being able to learn from people from all different walks of life – different ethnicities, religion, education or background. I think we connect as people not despite our differences, but what unites us are exactly our diverse personal traits.


    Attended Job Fairs:
  • People & Culture Partner at Helcim

    I’ve worked with Helcim for just about 5 1/2 yrs. I started as a Merchant Experience Specialist,  to Merchant Experience Lead, and now as the People & Culture Partner.

    Even After 5 1/2 yrs it still feels fresh, exciting, challenging, and very rewarding.

    It’s amazing to be a part of a company who celebrates your individuality, cares about what you have to say, recognizes your contribution, and inspires you to bring out the best in you.

    5 1/2 yrs later, and  I’m still happy to come to work everyday.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Senior Manager Technology Consulting Data Analytics at EY

    Ani is a Senior Manager in the Technology Consulting Practice at EY specialized in Data Analytics. She has extensive experience in managing complex business and IT transformation projects and programs. She holds a MSc and executive MBA degree and has certificates for project management, data science and process mining. She is consulting corporate clients from different industries with main focus on banking and capital markets.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Lead R&D Learning and Development

    Helene Richter is R&D Lead for Learning and Development at Dynatrace and a passionate live long learner herself. With 20 years in in IT she is a techie at heart with a strong affinity to structure and numbers.
    She is a firm believer that personal growth starts with an open mindset, which is strongly supported by a diverse company culture.
    Helene has broad experience in leading global IT programs, lived and worked in many countries from US to China, and therefore had the chance to explore cultures and business environments. Always curious when new opportunities arise, she took the leap into the corporate Learning & Development department of a major telecoms provider and found her calling in inspiring others to learn and grow.
    Her mission is clear: Let’s be brave. Exit our daily hamster wheel. And get inspired to learn something new every day.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Qualcomm XR Labs Europe

    Eduardo Esteves is VP of Engineering, leading a world-class R&D organization in Europe that delivers state-of-the-art Extended Reality (XR) technology and platform at the intersection of computer vision, AI, graphics, 5G-optimized, and cloud-enabled solutions to create the intelligent perception of the world around us. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Intercultural Keynote Speaker, Founder & CEO of Raw Culture

    Weirong Li is an Intercultural Keynote Speaker, Trainer, and Facilitator, who has a special focus on intercultural communication and diversity and inclusion within teams. She has worked with universities, corporates, NGOs, NPOs, startups, and think tanks. She is also the founder and CEO of Raw Culture, which connects multicultural talents to International recruiters looking to diversify their talent pool and their global market knowledge. She has a working knowledge of English, Chinese, and German.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Senior People Development Manager at Refurbed

    Alessandro Wärzner works as Senior People Development Manager at refurbed. Alessandro studied psychology at the University of Vienna and did research in the area of flexible working at the TU Wien (Vienna, Austria). He worked for over 10 years in the field of personal assistance for people with disabilities in Hamburg (Germany). Before joining refurbed in September 2021, he worked as a psychologist, trainer and coach at the Jewish Vocational Training Center in Vienna.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of IT-Applications at Austrian Power Grid AG

    Dr. Felix Schernhammer is Head of IT Applications at Austrian Power Grid AG. He strives to provide innovative and robust IT solutions that will play a key role in enabling Austria’s transition to sustainable energy sources.


    Power generation is based on an essential principle: in every second, exactly the same amount of electricity must be generated as is being consumed. Unless the balance between electricity supply and demand is kept within precise parameters, the system will fail and no power can be supplied.

    As Austria’s independent transmission system operator (TSO), APG’s primary responsibility is to maintain the supply-demand balance at all times.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO at Morpher Labs

    Martin Froehler, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Morpher, is a mathematician, veteran quant, and former hedge fund manager. Having spent over a decade in quantitative finance, Froehler experienced the numerous inefficiencies of the financial industry first-hand. Realising the industry consists almost entirely of middlemen who charge obscene fees for bad service, Martin embarked on a mission to fix finance.

  • Software Engineer & Chapter Lead at NETCONOMY

    Markus Nistelberger is an experienced Software Engineer and team lead, who has been working with NETCONOMY for more than 8 years! In his presentation he wants to highlight how NETCONOMY is approaching remote and distributed work nowadays. With locations all over Europe (Graz, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Zurich, Berlin, Dortmund, Belgrade, Novi Sad) home office and distributed work had little impact on the daily business because NETCONOMY was already equipped with a strong tool set to manage such challenges. Today Markus will present NETCONOMY’s tool set and highlight the ups and downs that come with it.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Chief Culture & Financial Officer at enspired

    Cornelia Habetler joined the startup enspired from the very first day of existence when the path ahead was still unclear. Two years later, enspired counts 43 employees with plans to grow, reaching the 100-employee mark in 2023.

    Cornelia significantly contributed to building a work environment from scratch and setting up the finance department on the side.

    Starting as a Linux and network administrator created the base for her career in tech. After switching to an IT outsourcing provider, Cornelia quickly became a team leader and was able to combine technical expertise with management skills. She found herself in versatile positions like Service Delivery Manager, Service Architect and People Manager in local and international departments. In 2015, Cornelia started as Head of Operations in VisoTech, until destiny and her love for numbers and people intervened. Acting as a stand-in for the role of Head of Finance, HR & Business Administration, she decided it was time for a career change. And here we are: introducing her as the CCFO of enspired, a fully digital power trading-as-a-service company.

    Currently, Cornelia puts her experience and passion into building the foundation of the enspired culture and community. Creating a work environment everyone enjoys, sticking to the vision of the company and getting all employees involved in the process are major key points for a startup to grow – the right way. Putting it in Cornelia’s words: “We want to empower our community to leverage their joy of development and to make our innovation journey a shared success.”

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Managing Principal Consultant at Sourced Group

    Andrew is a Managing Principal Consultant with Sourced Group, a rapidly-growing global cloud consultancy. Founded in 2010, Sourced provides technology consulting services to help large, security-conscious organizations in financial services, healthcare, aviation, media, and telecommunications adopt public cloud at scale.
    With nearly 25 years of technology experience and 10 years helping large organizations to accelerate cloud adoption, Andrew has led Sourced’s customers to their goals through cloud technology analysis, strategy, implementation, and organizational change management initiatives.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Engineering Lead at 𝗡𝗼𝗿𝗱𝗰𝗹𝗼𝘂𝗱, 𝗮𝗻 𝗜𝗕𝗠 𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗽𝗮𝗻𝘆

    Mario Kleinsasser is the engineering lead of the Cloud Architect teams in Nordcloud Austria. For more than 15 years he’s been surfing the wave of change with passion.

    Mario was a speaker at the DevOps Gathering 2018 and 2019 in Bochum Germany, he is the organizer of the Docker South Austria Meetup and he also contributes code for various Open Source projects, like CoreDNS and others.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Automation engineer - Python developer - Data Science PhD Student

    My role at Amaris in Valencia, Spain is automation engineer and python developer for R&D projects. I started at Amaris as an automotive engineer in 2016, designing and developing automtive interior plastic parts, but 2 years ago I had the amazing opportunity to change my career towards software developement and automation inside the QA department. Currently I am a PhD student for Data Science applied to time series in fintech at Universitat Jaume I, in castellón.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Manager IBERIA at Mantu

    I am Recruitment Partner Iberia (Spain & Portugal) for Amaris Consulting, main brand of Mantu Group.

    I am Italian, working in Spain since 2017 for the Recruitment Department of Amaris Consulting based in Barcelona. I started my professional experience in Amaris as an intern for the spanish market, and over the years I had the chance to get experience over further areas, such as Netherlands, Italy and UK.

    Currently managing a team of 10 talent acquisition experts of different seniorities, we focus our activity on looking for the best potential and current talents in the IT market.

    My core mission? Help to translate business performance ambitions into talent strategies, executed through recruitment processes, innovation, culture and people.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Talent Acquisition Partner, Future Zalent

    I started my career in early talent recruitment at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in the U.K. I started as a graduate and worked there for 10 years (6 of which as a TA). After Enterprise I moved on to the ISE (Institute of Student Employers) where I worked closely with global graduate employers and Universities.
    I was then part of a team that started a brand new company called Gradfuel. My role was helping employer partners hire the very best and diverse talent through an A. I platform. I actually moved to Berlin around 6 weeks ago.
    I am now a Talent Acquisition Partner at Zalando hiring the very best early talent for our tech roles!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • HR Specialist at SICPA

    Faïz Darib is HR professionals working in the Talent Management team at SICPA. He joined SICPA almost 3 years ago, and he is in charge of the end-to-end recruitment process globally.

    If you want to chat about our opportunities at SICPA or HR, or need any advice in your professional career, do not hesitate to reach out to me!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • HR Specialist at SICPA

    First and foremost, I love working with people and enjoy uncovering their values, personal aspirations and competencies.

    I’ve spend the last several years utilizing my diverse background to meet the needs of international employees of Fortune 500 companies. I’ve grow my skills in full-cycle recruiting, strategic sourcing, learning, data analytics and project management. My joy in recruiting, so far, has been matching high level professionals with the right career move in Software engineering, UX, management, finance, and more.

    I speak Spanish, French and English fluently.

    If you want to chat about our opportunities at SICPA or HR, or need any advice in your professional career, do not hesitate to reach out to me !

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Social Media Manager & Blogger at Lovefoodish

    Marina Cantafio is a Social Media Manager, Freelancer & Founder of the Blog www.lovefoodish.com.
    Her passion for food, storytelling, and networking is her personal superpower.  Marina creates content for several food brands, restaurants & hotels in Switzerland and the world. Her blog has up to 2200 visitors a month and features food & travel stories she experiences while traveling the world. Besides her own blog, she supports various customers in the areas of finances, lifestyle, and healthcare with social media strategy and content creation.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director of People and Communication at EDP’s Digital Global Unit (DGU)

    Previously in EDP, he was the Head of Marketing Projects in EDP’s Customer Relations and Marketing, the Director of Smarthome Marketing and Sales, the Director of Energy Services Marketing and the Director of Distributed Generation, all of these in EDP Comercial, EDP’s retail company in Portugal.

    Before that Jose Lobato Duarte worked 13 years in management consultancy companies, developing projects in areas such as new business development, market entry strategy, global and commercial strategy, new product and distribution network development and deployment and organizational design, in countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Nigeria and Angola.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Technical Coach at Quentic

    Working for Quentic as Technical Coach with the goal to support the code quality.

    Preparing and running trainings for our developers with the focus on software-design.

    Supporting and coaching our dev-teams, encouraging them to write tests, doing TDD and work in pair- or mob-programing.

    Searching for blockers regarding the code quality and trying to solve them or initiate solutions.

    Initiating changes on the system level, if processes has to be adapted.


    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Startup & Business Coach for Strategy, Growth and Fundraising | Serial Entrepreneur

    Matt Ward is a serial entrepreneur, Venturelab startup advisor & business consultant for strategy & growth and an ex-angel investor and VC/tech podcaster.

    He helps founders and businesses change the world for the better with experienced growth, strategy, marketing, and fundraising tactics to reach larger audiences, increase revenues, improve business models & processes, and make a bigger impact with their efforts.

    By bringing years of experience (and painful lessons learned) building & exiting companies, helping others do the same and working in and around the startup/venture ecosystem, Matt helps companies (from scrappy upstarts to the Fortune 500) take their business to the next level.

    If you’re building something meaningful in the world and your business needs a proven combination of multi-industry experience, futurist perspective and outside-the-box thinking to help strategically scaling your company, consider working with Matt.

    To learn more about what past clients have to say about working with Matt, visit mattward.io/testimonials

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder at KAPSLY

    Founder of KAPSLY, the first service investment marketplace with the mission to help founders to build their startups with hands-on support from professional service agencies.

    Organiser of the Swiss Startups Club, one of the biggest event and networking platforms for startups in Switzerland.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Coworking Evangelist and Startup Coach

    Claudius holds a degree in Law from the University of St.Gallen (HSG) and has been active in the Swiss coworking and startup scenes since 2012. His passion is the combination of entrepreneurship and creativity, be it with creative industry startups, or his own art platform artagenda.com. He founded the CreativeSpace coworking spaces in 2014, which are now present in Zurich and St.Gallen. Claudius has also been co-founder of Coworking Switzerland, the Swiss coworking federation, of which he is acting as Co-President since 2020. He develops and moderates events and support services for startups and freelancers.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Lead Software Architect at Quentic

    Certified Symfony developer with project experience since version 2.0. Trained teams as Symfony Coach for several years and relaunched Berlin’s Symfony User Group. Working as a Software Architect with focus on modern, clean and simple software.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Senior Financial Consultant & Adviser

    My name is Kerstin Brunner, I am a financial coach and adviser at MLP and my passion is to pick up people wherever they are in life and to accompany them on their path through life. It is important to me to consider all aspects of the individual life situation and to create a financial map with the necessary information. Based on the map, my customers can then independently make financial decisions to their own comfortable feeling.

    For me, the most important part of my work is to build up long-term relationships with my personal values: Empathy, authenticity, and expertise. My English-speaking customers have entrusted me with the fact, that English-speaking financial coaching is hard to find in Germany. I am able to prove that it is possible to successfully advise the needs of Inputs in Germany.

    What are the benefits of holistic financial advice?

    Coming from abroad it could be difficult to clarify all your questions regarding insurances, finance, and other topics which are automatically connected with your start in Germany. Comprehensive financial advice helps you to shape your future independently with an expert at your side. The holistic approach covers knowledge in areas such as banking, insurances, investments, retirement planning, employer benefits and puts all areas in context. Working hand in hand with a financial expert gives you more confidence to make financial decisions on your own and more time for things you really like.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Manager, Solutions Consulting at Xandr

    Fons Schuurmans holds a Master degree in Business Information Management from the Rotterdam School of Management and works as a solutions consultant at Xandr in Berlin. As an Ad-Tech solutions consultant he has experience working both with large agencies and publishers in the DACH region.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Talent Acquisition Manager at Personio

    Nelli works with Personio since April 2020. She studied European Studies at the University of Passau but got into the HR field afterwards because she thinks that people make a company what it is in the first place by developing, engaging and carrying culture.
    After being part of Personio’s Sales department for a year, she now is one of our business recruiters and contributed to double Personio’s team in size this year.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Technical Manager at Neotalent

    My formal education is a Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering, but I have always been a Computer Scientist at heart.
    I joined Neotalent Spain in 2007, willing to grow professionally in a company with a great projection but small and young enough to allow me to make an impact. The consulting sector is motivational for me – it allows me to learn different technologies and work cultures, enabling me to offer solutions best adapted to my customers and peers.
    My career of more than 13 years at Neotalent has known different stages, on to my current position as Technical Manager – technological and methodological advisor, head of development, presales, solutions architect, technical director, mentor. I also lead the software factory of Neotalent Spain, within a team of a ten of skilled technicians who work together to offer our customers the services they need.
    Committed to training, I teach technical and methodological courses through the year at the headquarters in Spain, as well as work part time as an adjunct professor at the Carlos III University in the areas of cybersecurity, software engineering and networks.
    I envision a Neotalent that knows the needs of its customers, designing the appropriate solution for each of them.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of HR at Storemaven

    As Head of HR, Keren serves as a partner in achieving Storemaven’s business strategy, supporting the team’s growth, engagement, high performance and retention. She uses her creative energy to create a fulfilling and memorable employee experience.
    Prior to joining Storemaven Keren served as HRBP and Internal Communications expert at Payoneer R&D and NICE, Ltd., working with global teams to support growth, scalability and smooth business activity and creating communications to enhance collaboration and advance each organizations’ strategic goals.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Senior Software Engineering Manager at Webfleet Solutions

    Living close to a RandomForrest near Berlin, Tom was able to: hire, onboard, and work with passionate Engineers in Leipzig, Amsterdam, and Berlin. He has more than 12 years of experience in software development. Leading various new product developments and teams around the context of Mobility and Fleets.

    Reach out to him using one of the following languages: Java, C++, Python, English, German.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Project Director at NUI You

    Susana Metzger has an eye for the story and for what makes the viewer tick. She is an experienced media producer and has established herself as an accomplished film festivals director for the past decade. She is the founder of the Portuguese Surf Film Festival, at Ericeira – Europe´s only world surfing reserve – and a co-founder of What If? Women in Film Festival, in Zürich. With NUI You, the aim is to bring the most innovative and immersive technology tools to the realm of corporate storytelling.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO of English Speaking Networking

    I moved to Israel I run a networking group for English speaking business owners looking to gain more clients. We have 80 members and four groups – Tel Aviv, Hertzliya, Jerusalem and International. Our International group is a space for business owners right around the world to network and grow their business.  Alongside that I also offer LinkedIn outsourced support for companies looking to leverage that social media channel for lead generation. I work with a small number of companies to offer a bespoke and personal service.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Job Search Expert, Pro Blogger, Creative Thinker

    Jacob Share is the job search expert who created the award-winning JobMob blog, one of the most popular job search blogs on Earth, with over 20 million visitors since 2007. JobMob is filled with straight-talking advice and humor based on Jacob’s real-world experiences of finding jobs in the US, Canada, France and Israel.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Mental Strategist and Clinical Hypnotherapist

    Jacob Shekrel is a Mental Strategist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.
    Using a method he developed, Jacob helps business people, entrepreneurs, and senior executives overcome the inner factors responsible for stress, anxiety, and depression.
    It is an effective and quick method that not only helps to resolve the roots of stress once and for all, but also rebuilds confidence and self-esteem and even overcomes the ‘impostor syndrome’.

    By education, Jacob is a Sociologist and Anthropologist.
    He is also a Life-Success Consultant student and the representative of Bob Proctor in Spain
    And with 40 years of experience in the business world as the owner and partner in several business.
    He has moved from Israel to Spain 21 years ago.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Facilitator of change with ease, Invitation to prosperity

    What if all of the stories that we use to defend our past choices, stop us from receiving possibilities from the future?

    My name is Sharona Hadar Houri, and I’m the founder of “hopeful life and living”

    That allows people to choose change, with ease, in empowering and innovative workshops.

    I facilitated the hundredth of unique classes in Israel and all over the world.

    I’m also the owner of an architect office that based on Feng Shui design for 23 years, And the mother of 5 princesses.

    I live in Israel, in a house that I designed and built on Feng Shui principles.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Marketing & Sales at Werkules

    My passion for technology and especially startups was ignited when I worked in different startups abroad and could see how they improved the everyday life of people. After starting my studies at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, I soon started the first entrepreneurial student initiative at my university. Our goal was to bring many like minded people together to discuss and learn about all relevant aspects that one has to take into consideration when starting their own venture. And we have been quite successful in doing that. During the first two years of our existence many companies were founded and supported by us during the process. 

    Especially interesting for me was any topic around Marketing & Sales and building teams from scratch for real impact. I got the opportunity to learn a lot about that in different companies and startups and put my knowledge to work.

    The most recent venture we have started is Werkules. One night, a few people from completely different backgrounds came together and talked about an industry that was neglected by many startups so far: the German construction industry. 

    That night, the foundation for Werkules was built. 

    We are very happy and proud of the things we have already accomplished as a team but our goal is to revolutionize the entire German construction industry. In order to do that, we look for like minded people to join our mission.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • A Personal Career Coach

    My name is Orna Shkalim, A Personal Career Coach, Lecturer, guide people on how to find a job. guide people how to use LinkedIn platform.

    Helping companies to find the best candidates for them and helping candidates find their correct job.

    Founder Of CCC Level Club – The Place To Collaborate & Connect with our Community.

    The CCC Level Club is a prestigious community that aims to provide a variety of comprehensive solutions , collaborations and networking for C-level

    Over 20 years of experience in business development and sales management.

    Connecting people to success

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Financial Coach For Remote Workers

    Shlomo Freund is a location-independent entrepreneur and has been for the past 16+ years. His lifelong passions for finance, investing and travel lead to the creation of his current business, Free Financial Self, which helps people organize their finances to reach financial independence faster.

    This allows him and his family to live, work and enjoy life with friends and family both wherever and whenever they like.

    The end result? Armed with a strong, customized roadmap built around financial and personal lifestyle goals, an increase in individual happiness.

    Shlomo appeared as a guest on 40 podcasts and gave talks in online and offline events to more than 10000 people.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Chairman, Diplomatic Institute

    Leading Global Tech Entities. International Sales Guru, Business Facilitator, International Speaker, M.C.

    • President The Diplomatic Institute
    • Senator World Business Angel Investment Forum, Israel
    • Partner Gold Ventures Investment, Austria
    • Author Customer Oriented Entrepreneur, #DreamPloyment
    • Trusted Advisor to C-Level Executives and Top National Leaders
    • Headhunter specialized in C-Level, Relocation, International Sales

    25 years’ experience in international sales and business development in variety of industries, territories and business models. Spanish, English, Hebrew, Portuguese.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • LinkedIn Specialist, Author, Speaker

    Daniel Alfon is the author of Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success.

    Daniel joined LinkedIn in early 2004 and publishes Articles, interviews, and exclusive content about advanced LinkedIn strategies to clients and subscribers to his website.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Job coach | Advisor for education and training in Germany | Foreign skilled workers and trainees for Germany

    As a job coach and consultant for education and training, I help people to discover their personal and professional potential, find strengths, and realize their vocation.

    Through my personal consultation and coaching tailored to your individual needs, you will learn how to write a convincing application, how to convince in a job interview with your professional and social skills, how to deliver real added value to the future company, how to achieve the market value you deserve and how to draw attention to yourself with a serious digital public image.

    As a long-time executive, company owner, and service provider of the Agentur für Arbeit, it is my job to sift through applications, conduct interviews and make decisions for hiring or rejection. Over the last 16 years, I have seen good applications and have conducted over 1500 interviews in which the applicants were able to convince. However, many of the candidates simply showed poor preparation.

    If the candidates do not know the HR people’s expectations? What then? So I have made it my professional life’s task as a job coach and career advisor to help people find out what the HR people want and how to get into the job. More than 3500 satisfied customers have already used our service of www.CvXperts.com is taken up. In addition, more than 1500 application coaching sessions were successfully conducted.

    My personal goal and promise to you are: “Your coaching ends with me when you have found your calling! Beyond that, I will gladly accompany you and stay in contact with you. Not only to support you in your professional success but also to help you reach further goals and master further challenges.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Creative and enthusiast Marketing Manager at Freshworks

    Hugo heads up Marketing for France and Southern Europe at Freshworks. Hugo will be presenting the company culture at Freshworks, available positions, and what you can do to get a sit in this rocketship. Brace yourself for a hell of a ride !

    Freshworks is a customer and employee experience SaaS provider, that helps companies around the world to delight their customers and employees. Originally created in 2010 from Chennai, India, we are now servicing 50,000+ paying customers across the world from 13 offices. Previously one of the first Indian unicorns, Freshworks has gone public this month on NASDAQ under the sign FRSH and is expanding massively in Europe.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of recruitment at Sipios
    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Data engineer at REDlab

    Issu de l’univers du logiciel, je mets en avant mes compétences techniques et ma vision projet pour participer à la transformation numérique des entreprises. Agile, motivé et curieux, je suis toujours en recherche de challenges dans les nouvelles technologies.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Senior Talent Acquisition Lead - Future Zalent

    Jeff Lovejoy, Senior Talent Acquisition lead for Future Zalent at Zalando will be giving a deep dive into Zalando.  Who we are, what we do and how to get your foot in the door to one of Berlins most successful unicorns.  Come help us be the starting point for fashion and be a disrupter in the industry. With over 10 years experience in the early career opportunities launching 1000’s of graduates, students, returners, and career changers careers, you definitely don’t want to miss his key advice on how to knock the door down in a competitive job market post corona. Jeff brings experience from Enterprise Rent A Car, FDM group, N26, SumUp and now Zalando.



    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO & Founder at Ingnite Placements

    During a very successful ‘out-of-work’ acting career, Geoff discovered an unerring ability to convince people to buy Encyclopedia Britannicas, Ticketmaster entertainment guides, home mortgages and door-to-door products really not worth buying!

    So kissing bye bye to the most outlandish dreams of fame, Hollywood and mixing with the Bob De Niros, Michael Caines and Marlon Brandos of this world, Geoff nurtured his more realistic talent, beginning his first full-time ‘proper’ job in January 2002 with 7city Learning, a start-up financial training company with technology as its genuinely unique selling point. 5 years later with Geoff playing the leading sales role, 7city was acquired by a private equity firm for £30m.

    Staying with the same company, he moved on to the challenge of selling an unsuccessful 6-month program – the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) – during the most globally challenging period/crash post 2008, converting the program into a global phenomenon which became the primary focus for the 2nd sale of 7city Learning for £90m to the Fitch Group. Whilst Geoff had global responsibility for developing business and managing client relationships, it was the CQF where Geoff’s passion for recruitment took a hold, helping those who graduated (from students to full-time working professionals and senior directors) to secure IT, technology, quant and engineering roles primarily in the financial services, technology, and professional services sectors across EMEA, North America and APAC.

    Whilst maintaining regular contact with CQF Alumni during this 9-year period, many of whom were making waves and now occupying divisional head positions at tier 1 banks and technology firms, Geoff left the Fitch Group in April 2017 to pursue a solo career in recruitment using a significant network of contacts to help him on his way.

    As we speak/write, Geoff is in his 13th year in recruitment, continually endeavouring to understand every aspect of a client’s requirements, helping candidates to secure precious roles, and using all his people skills to marry client and candidate with a keen eye on long-term prosperity for both parties.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO at EXELERYS Start-Up

    CEO of EXELERYS, an emerging start-up fighting cybersecurity threats through multiple consolidated services and solutions portfolio across EMEA. He has intervened in multiple events including SecParis, Cloud Native Foundation, Cloud Expo Europe, ISACA, InfoSec, CNCF Paris, CNCF London, UbuCon Europe, UbuCon France, SWWARP, to provide a holistic view on the actual and future view on threat intelligence, where problems and solutions for known and unknown issues were addressed and discussed.

    He’s also an official speaker of the Speakers Bureau from the Cloud Native Foundation.

    Prior to founding EXELERYS, Jesus was working actively with security vendors worldwide providing enablement and education across the different security issues the corporations faced, working closely with different cross-department teams for years building active solutions for their enterprise customers.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Career Coach | Personal Branding Consultant

    I am Annie – your Online Career Coach & Career Branding Consultant. My motto is People First and I tend to apply it in all aspects of  life.

    Over 8+ years in HR & Recruitment, in France and in Europe I discovered my passion for coaching individuals and helping them to develop their careers in various industries by unleashing the power of their personal brands. During my experience in HR, I coached and consulted more than hundreds of professionals seeking new or different career opportunities.

    I have a Master degree in Business Management with a specialisation in Human Resources. I have been working remotely for the past 4 years , as a Career Coach helping professionals land job with the power of personal branding.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Co-Founder and CEO at Neo Financial

    Co-founder of SkipTheDishes, the largest food delivery network in Canada. Expanded Skip to over 110 markets and millions of customers, with over 2,500 employees. Acquired by Just-Eat in 2016 for $200M, merged with Takeaway (2019) and Grubhub (2020), creating one of the largest food delivery companies in the world.

    Now building Neo Financial from the ground up to give Canadians the most rewarding spending and saving experience – the way it should be.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Conseillère, Direction des services d'immigration, Délégation générale du Québec à Paris

    Tihana Majcen est conseillère à la Direction des services d’immigration, de la Délégation générale du Québec à Paris. Cette direction relève du ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration du Québec.

    Dans le cadre du webinaire, elle aura l’occasion de vous présenter les opportunités d’emploi au Québec dans le secteur des technologies de l’information, de même que les démarches d’immigration à prévoir.

    Le Québec connaît une forte croissance de l’emploi dans ce secteur et a d’importants besoins de main d’oeuvre.  Venez en apprendre plus à notre stand et lors du webinaire!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Chief Visionary Officer and Founder

    When Chris started True Digital Communications in 2011, digital agencies weren’t around. But Chris felt that digital belonged in the bullseye, so when he saw an opportunity to do better, he jumped on it. He is imaginative, observant, enthusiastic, and personable. Chris is a Kent State alumnus and has been in the industry for 25+ years. He is a strategist, teacher and networker who takes pride in seeing people work together to do great things.

    As the Chief Visionary Officer of True, Chris focuses on making sure our team is successfully collaborating on solutions for our clients’ challenges. His goal is to make digital marketing simple and create lasting partnerships along the way. Chris is a proud partner of Worldcom Public Relations Group, an international network of PR agencies. This partnership has allowed Chris and True Digital Communications to gain new insights that enhance our services and help us work smarter.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Managing Director at Flag

    With a degree in both Communication Design and Marketing Management, I am currently the Managing Director at FLAG, the leading Portuguese training center in Design, Creativity and Communication, with an extensive portfolio of programs in fields such as Digital Marketing, E-commerce, UX, UI, Graphic and Motion Design, Web Development, Project Management, Design Thinking and Business Design. Simultaneously, I am the Marketing Director at Grupo Rumos, supervising the strategy and marketing activities of three major players of the Portuguese training industry: Rumos (IT Training), GALILEU (Productivity & Soft Skills) and FLAG.

    With over 20 years of experience at the education management industry, my passion lies on advising professionals and corporations on how to achieve their Learning and Development goals by identifying their needs and designing the most efficient and effective skilling solutions.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Manager, Vice-President Digital Marketers

    International speaker, trainer and consultant with extensive experience in the business and academic world that enables him to create a unique and fun learning experience.

    His main topics are: Networking, Digital Marketing , Social Learning, Communication, Collaborative Work and Leadership in the 21st Century.

    Professor in several Universities in Portugal, Spain, Romania and Ecuador.

    Trainer and speaker in more than 50 countries in 4 continents.

    Author of several books about the digital world available in 7 languages in more than 80 countries.


    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Ureeka Coach and Mentor Success Director

    Over the past 12 years, I have worked with start-ups with a focus primarily on development, building teams, supporting employee career development, and implementing all employment process through the full employment cycle. At start-ups, you get a fast introduction to all facets of the company and I like to wear many “hats”. As a team developer, it is critical to have a deep understanding of the organizational components of the building, managing, and motivating a team while keenly aligning with company business development goals.

    Currently, with Ureeka I am the Coach and Mentor Success Director which marries my process and team-building talents with my deep commitment to do good!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Technical Lead at N26

    Hi there, Gav here!

    I’m one of the technical lead’s at N26 Inc.

    My role is a mix of hands-on development, leading a team of engineers, as well as doing interacting with product to ensure that our banking products are running smoothly.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of Community at Ureeka

    Marcela is a builder of products, people, and companies. She has more than twenty-five years of experience in helping companies optimize operations, transform marketing processes, and improve company culture. Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies to innovative startups.

    She has held CEO and COO positions in martech, venture-backed SaaS startups. Marcela started her career in fintech at Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters), where she ran global product teams that provided data and technology solutions to financial institutions around the globe.

    Marcela supports cancer patients through her work at The Tutu Project. The 501(c)3 provides grants for the financial needs of breast cancer patients. Marcela secured six-figure corporate partnerships for the foundation and has driven millions of “fans” for the now famous “man in the pink tutu”. Seriously, you should Google him!

    The Colombian-born entrepreneur continues to have deep ties with her culture and people. She consults with private-equity companies interested in making investments in Colombia, leading due diligence and research initiatives. Marcela has been a tech-advisor to the Colombian Film Festival; launching their digital properties for the New York (2014) and Bogota (2016) “IndieBo” film festival premieres. Marcela has also served as an advisor to Colombian non-profits that focus on early childhood education.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Technical Director, Mindera US

    As Technical Director, Mindera US, Susan is privileged to work with some of the smartest developers, coding professionals, engineers, and tech facilitators on the planet. Susan has more than 21 years’ experience in the design and implementation of software solutions for government and enterprise applications, is an award winning software engineer, and a published technical author. She is also a passionate musician and an award winning composer.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO/Managing Director/Board Member

    ‘I believe in the superpower of humans to improve. I drive purposeful- sustainable growth for the better of companies, people and the larger communities. A unique combination of energy, curiosity and a track record of outstanding result.’

    Kinga is an international senior executive, with an IT and business background. She has managed companies anywhere between 0 to 1.5 billion USD, or 0 to 2500 people. Key achievements include transformational M&A integration, digital transformations, company growth of several 100 million USDs or growing people form fresh graduates to managerial level or to growing several CEOs. Her industry expertise includes payments, insurance, energy or retail.

    Kinga was/ is active in supporting communities. Among others, she has been active board member in business organisations, like Foreign Investors Council or board member at the Sapientia University. She is advisory member in an NGO organising camps for chronically ill children.

    Her leadership was recognised with several awards including Forbes Youngest Most influential CEO (Romania), Most Admired CEO Top 100 (Romania) or Rising Talent 2014 by the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society (worldwide).

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder & CEO at House of SweetWaters

    Mara is the creator of House of SweetWaters an entrepreneurial development agency that focuses on empowerment, kindness and planet healing practices to enable people to do the work they love. House of SweetWaters works with individuals and organisations looking to create or become GameChanging entrepreneurs who want to scale the solutions they’ve created to help more people.

    Mara’s background spans over a decade in operational roles and five + years working in startups in London’s vibrant Shoreditch seen. She brings the best of what she has learnt supporting some of the most excellent SME’s in the UK, US and abroad to help anyone with the right passion and drive to make it to success, however they choose to define it.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Improver & Software Craftsman

    Pedro Vicente is an improver. “What kind of bs title is that?” – you probably were asking yourself. Well, he thrives by (trying – sometimes a lot – until he successfully) improves the processes around him, either it being human or software-related.
    He has been developing mobile apps since 2008ish. In the last 6 years, he has been a Tech Lead and Delivery Lead for several different projects as a Software Craftsman at Mindera.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Executive Director at Startup Lisboa

    Miguel Fontes is the Executive Director of Startup Lisboa. He was the Secretary of State for Youth, in the governments led by António Guterres, between November 1997 and April 2002. He has held executive management roles, both in the private and public sectors. He has a degree in Sociology and a postgraduate degree in Business Management from INDEG/ISCTE.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Copywriter & Digital Strategist - Owner of Caixa de Gis

    I’m a copywriter, I’m a teacher. I’m creative, I’m strategic. I’m offline, I’m digital. I’m Brazilian and also Portuguese. I’m old school, I’m a trendspotter. I’m Gis, a professional with almost 30 years of experience. And I’d love to talk with you about Content Marketing.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Head of People Product & Technology at Travix

    Joyce Testanier is a passionate Human Resources Business Partner with over 10 years of experience in the human resource field, from recruitment to coaching and career development. She has been working at Travix in Amsterdam for more than 5 years where she is working with Product & Tech leaders to align the people culture and organizational strategy with Travix’s overall business strategy. She is helping leaders and employees to build engaged teams in a multi-cultural and fast-paced environment.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • VP of Growth Strategy at FutureThink

    Marie Burrell is a passionate Growth Strategist & Digital Marketer with proven success in driving value through innovative digital experiences and dynamic partnerships. She is a true multi-hyphenate and combines analytical thinking with creative approaches to deliver lasting results in business development. She’s heavily focused on understanding customers & client needs to uncover strategic growth opportunities and drive value.

    In her current role as VP of Growth Strategy at FutureThink, she works with leading companies such as Google, Pfizer, and P&G, transforming how their teams think and work. Live or on-demand, FutureThink quickly builds power skills that drive growth and innovation, boost productivity and create a culture of collaboration. FutureThink has become the largest source of simplification and innovation tools and training in the world and with Marie’s help, the company’s revenue is expected to double next year. 

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Entrepreneur, Speaker & Business Coach

    ​Alix is an entrepreneur, speaker and business coach. She has started 7 business ventures this far and built teams around each of them. She’s worked for a start-up accelerator and various companies and universities around Europe; and has developed a training to economically empower women through entrepreneurship for the United Nations.

    She’s lived in various countries, and has built her current coaching business as a digital nomad for its first 2 years, travelling the world.

    She’s led 10 exclusive leadership retreats around Europe for some of her clients. She’s given over 50 talks around the globe and has delivered multiple transformative online programs for her 400+ client community wanting to build their dream business lives.

    In the past 3.5 years, she’s been exclusively focused on growing her coaching business globally and building a team around it while running her programs and events.

    She’s incredibly passionate about and committed to empowering leaders around the world to thrive on their full business potential and leverage it to create their most fulfilling lives.​​​

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Executive Coach for Women in Tech Leadership

    Hi, I am Limor. I have worked in the tech industry for over 20 years as a software engineer, engineering manager, and Director of engineering. I know firsthand what being a woman in a male-dominated field is like.

    After spending nine years living in the US, I returned to my home country and decided to focus on my passion for supporting women’s career growth in tech leadership. I have coached women (and men) for over five years and created a mentorship program for women with PowerToFly.

    My main focus is women in tech leadership roles, and I help them with topics such as:

    • Career Progression
    • Imposter Syndrom
    • Boundary Setting and Saying No
    • Speaking up and Asserting Oneself in meetings
    • Managing upward and stakeholder management
    • Negotiation, Persuasion, and communication in the workplace

    Women I work with tell me that working with me enabled them to continuously tear down “ceilings” by challenging them to think bigger. They also say I opened their eyes to a new way of contributing to their careers.

    I also consult and run workshops with companies on various topics, such as:

    • Internal mentorship program training (I can also build a complete program based on the company’s needs).
    • Presentation Skills – How do you build an engaging presentation utilizing Storytelling? (I also coach one on one and give feedback to presenters)
    • Leadership workshops
    • Effective communication – Listening & Presence, Asking great questions, Communicating effectively in meetings, Improving written and verbal communication
    • Building relationships in the workplace – Working effectively with members of your team and peers. Exploring and embracing similarities & differences, Understanding biases, Effective upward and cross-team communications
    • Exercise your influence – Learning to say no, Clarity and Assertiveness in communication, Managing conflicts, Mechanisms to overcome your emotions
    • Developing your leadership style: Leadership/ communication style archetypes, Understanding your individual leadership/communication style, and Adapting your style to your environment.
    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Co-CEO at Tangível Group

    Engineering, digital and business: this is probably the best combo to introduce André Carvalho. He’s an entrepreneur at heart, interested in building a better world for future generations.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • President of Chamber of Commerce Netherlands-Portugal, Porthollandia

    Multifaceted entrepreneur, study law, and became a lawyer in 2004. Since then built a prolific carrier,  that expanded much further than the law domain.
    In 2019 founded the Chamber of Commerce Netherlands-Portugal, presiding this organisation till the present.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Executive Partner at Future-Now

    Realize your potential by adopting productive tech.

    Are you mad at digitalisation? Do you want to feel ok about it? We help organizations find the best solutions to grow with. We don’t sell our own SW so we can be on your side, and don’t leave you until you say you are OK on your own! We work with people to transform organizations towards a more adaptive and innovative culture.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Cofounder and CEO

    Danish is co-founder of Orai, a public speaking app that has helped over 300,000 people speak more clearly and confidently with AI feedback. He is also a TEDx speaker with over 2.5M views, and has been featured in Forbes 30 under 30. Outside of work, he travels the world, cycles in amazing places, and tries hard to meditate without losing focus. Danish’s three superpowers are – Strategy, Storytelling and Sleep!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Managing Partner at Tecie

    Timothy is the Managing Partner at Tecie. He comes with rich experience in the Recruitment fraternity, and has been with the company for over 3 years. He has been responsible for hiring solutions for a profusion of organizations across industries and has successfully placed candidates by helping them land their dream job. Today, he shall succinctly introduce to you Tecie.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director, People and Culture at Kidoodle.TV®

    Alex is a senior profession in human resources with over a decade of leading and managing high-performing teams. As an experienced leadership coach and trainer, and organizational development expert, who specializes in developing high-performing leaders and workplace cultures.

    As a Chartered Professional in Human Resources and a Senior Certified Professional, Alex has been both recognized and sought after for his knowledge on leadership, human resources and market trends. He is a regular contributor to human resource industry publications and a presenter at various events.

    Alex is an experienced speaker, trainer, and facilitator who has worked with hundreds of individuals, from front-line staff to senior executives. He has facilitated sessions of up to 300 individuals from across North America in a variety of industries, including agriculture, oil and gas, technology, healthcare and financial services.

    He has led organizations through the discovery, development and implementation of leadership and change management programs, which have yielded a more productive and engaged leadership team and workforce. These programs include leadership and talent development, performance management, communication, influence and change management, leadership coaching, succession planning, and more.

    Alex is currently the Director of People and Culture for one of the fastest growing kids only streaming services. Alex began his career in the energy sector working as a Financial Analyst. He then moved into Human Resources, working as an Analyst and Advisor, before leading a not-for-profit as the Executive Director. He then found his way into the agricultural industry as a Human Resources Business Partner, where he found a love for coaching and training individuals and building resilient organizations. This led him to learning and development, where he worked as the Manager of Organizational Development before turning to consulting as a leadership coach.

    Alex is a native Calgarian, now living in Airdrie with his wife and five children.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO and Founder at FUTURE FORWARD HUB

    My name is Sashka Regina, Forbes-featured founder of BRANDSASHKA and FUTURE FORWARD HUB Podcast, author and Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein and Salzburg, Columnist for the magazine Tirolerin-Illustrierte and mentor at the female factor.

    Sashka Regina is the leading International Brand and Business Strategist for Creative Visionaries. She’s an edutainer, author, and speaker, serving creative visionaries in the lifestyle market, who want to go from no-name to brand leadership without selling their soul but leading with it. Her signature approach is to Brand Your Soul® using Soul Brand Marketing®. Her methods are creative, wise, humorous and imaginative, to help creative visionary entrepreneurs create and market their unforgettable brand that is tailored to the entrepreneur rather than the profession. And to be understood in a crowded market.

    Sashka is the author of Soul’d Out: Your Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose, which also includes a 50-page workbook, written for creative visionaries who want to find their life purpose and apply it to their vocation. Trained as an actress, dancer, singer, consumer behaviourist, marketer and advertiser, she’s empowered hundreds of clients, students, children and event attendees, to see that their life purpose is what steers their brand and gives it soul and the brand leadership entrepreneurs desire.

    She’s been featured on Forbes, Yahoo Finance!, Buzzfeed, Natural Born Coaches, Trafeze, Steven Aitchison, various virtual on-and offline summits and more. Born and raised in South Africa, residing in London (UK), she now lives in the Tyrolean Alps with her three children.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Managing Director | CSO/CMO VIMATO I Mentor and Coach

    During my journey so far I have been lucky to grow into becoming an experienced owner with a demonstrated history of leadership, marketing and sales in the tech industry.

    I am skilled in people management, coaching, cross-country and multilingual leadership and account management. My multicultural background allows me not only to speak German, Spanisch, Catalan and Dutch on a native level, but to appreciate and cherish diversity. During my Master of Business Administration (MBA) I focussed on the importance of diversity and cultural values in the success of any organization and process.

    After several years building and leading teams at big tech companies I decided to do a drastic change and quit my quite secure job and entering the startup world. After some months of Covid 19, without knowing what the next months would bring I was offered to become co-owner and CSO/CMO of an influencer search-plattform. The startup needed funding and so the risk was very high. Still I decided to go for it and I don’t regret it one bit.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Partnership Manager TJF Portugal

    Professional experience in online sales, and communication PR. Currently working in event planning, organization, and execution. Previous experience in eCommerce (fashion) with a focus on the Portuguese market.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Motivational Speaker

    Fed up with living a mediocre life, Jody decided she wanted a memorable one instead. Her unyielding ambition fuelled her into the world of stand-up comedy, a place where she learned to roll with the punch lines and turn life’s lemons into delicious lemonade.

    Jody’s skills are not only limited to being super funny; she is also a motivational speaker and participates in over 100 events per year.

    Her mission is simple, to eagerly empower worn-out professionals with humor, hindsight, and hallelujahs. She firmly believes it’s not what you do that matters- it’s how you feel about what you do. With more than twenty-three years of experience inspiring and entertaining audiences across the globe, Jody Urquhart delivers uplifting, engaging motivational speeches that help professionals cultivate a much-needed blissful can-do attitude towards fun and meaningful work.

    Every keynote is a stepping stone towards building the work-life you have always wanted.

    She is the author of All Work & No Say’s best-selling book, a tongue-in-cheek insight into the rat race and how to reveal joy.

    In her spare time, Jody loves to meditate and still performs stand-up comedy, but not at the same time.

    Jody does not use PowerPoint- just pure engagement, inspiration, and clean, catered comedy.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director of Strategy at Havas Canada

    Lara is a seasoned strategist with 12+ years of experience in digital retail and marketing consulting practice, having worked with various clients to establish their digital footprint through strategy, brand, product design and business analysis. She’s uniquely positioned to share digital strategy from a broader lens through years of technology and delivery experience.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Virtual Event Specialist at Airmeet

    My entrepreneurial experience has afforded me with sales skills that allow me to deliver exceptional customer experiences, go above and beyond to meet client’s needs and expectations, and perform all necessary tasks to maintain a successful business. I believe my empathetic approach to interacting with clients allows them to trust me and believe in the solutions I provide. My attention to detail, a knack for problem-solving, and ability to adapt to any situation creates value in whatever I set my mind to and were essential to my own entrepreneurial successes of building a client base of 200 people.

    During my years in customer service, I have found that it is an area that I am very passionate about. I love connecting with new people and fostering those relationships built on trust, effective communication, and making sure I provide the most positive experience possible. Whether it be one on one with a client or in front of an entire room, I will lead with the utmost sincere and professional attitude.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder of FormulaEQ.com

    Preston is a professional business builder, strategist, closer, and coach for impactful high-net-worth individuals. Preston’s mission is to make the world work for 100% of humanity.

    Preston’s primary love is to work with people to create lasting permanent change and empower others to create more in the world. His newest project is FormulaEQ.com where he has partnered with London’s top performance coach to bring the most powerful mindset training ever created. We are teaching people how to gain 100% of their personal power back in their lives and create a space to build anything they want in their future.

    As a major car enthusiast, Preston began his career in the automotive sector turning one $1600 car into a $50M/yr automotive empire owning or co-owning 15 car dealerships and creating vertical businesses to support them including paint shops, mechanic shops, and a finance company.

    Watching the trend of electrification in the automotive sector, he took an offer to leave cars when he was recruited by a previous high-end car client, Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Preston was brought into a renewable energy company startup as the Chief Operating Officer for Metamorphosis Energy. In his time at Metamorphosis Energy, he helped commercial and industrial companies, as well as government entities to navigate the adoption of renewable energy into their plans and business profile.

    Preston had a successful exit from the energy company in 2019 and became involved in many startups helping companies progress to commercialization negotiating partnerships with many businesses including Fortune 100 companies. He served for 2 years as a Board Member of the humanitarian water company, Aqua Research.

    Preston founded Operations X in 2015 offering useful solutions to business owners to provide actionable solutions to help the success rate of the Private Business. With Operations X, they consult and train organizations and leadership in sales, messaging, branding, marketing, and operational cost reduction.

    Preston’s mission has always been to help the success of the people and uplift the lives of everyone he interacts with. With every person or company he helps to grow, he is empowering people’s dreams to come true. This has become his motivating force. It is his goal to provide growth in our world and create prosperity.

    His personal goal is to leave the people he interacts with happy, fulfilled, and complete as we continue to make massive positive changes across the world. He asks you to join his journey in building humanity by starting at the foundation of YOU!

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO / Founder of Safi Media

    Eleanor Beaton is an internationally-recognized authority in women’s leadership and the CEO of SafiMedia, a coaching and training company for female founders.

    Through her courses and content, Eleanor helps thousands of women entrepreneurs nail their niche, clarify their brand message and grow their companies.

    She and her team are on a mission to advance gender equity by doubling the number of women-owned companies who generate over 7-figures in annual revenues. 

    Eleanor has been recognized a Canada’s Leadership Coach of the Year by the Corporate Excellent Awards. She has served as the Chair of the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program at the Yale School of Management.

    A former journalist and senior communications advisor, Eleanor has advised globally recognized women leaders and entrepreneurs on messaging, brand position and growth strategy. She has won numerous awards for her writing, and has been a finalist for a National Business Book Award, Canada’s top honour for business books.

    Eleanor is the host of Power + Presence + Position, a top-ranked podcast for women entrepreneurs. She lives in Eastern Canada with her husband and two sons.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Business intelligence consultante

    Bouaouina Soukaina is Consultante an business intelligence.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO & Founder of Lisa Janz Coaching

    My name is Lisa Janz and I’m also known as Job Coach Germany. My mission is to offer national and international professionals support along the application process in Germany. The belief that drives me forward every day is that all candidates should have equal opportunities to be invited to job interviews, conduct them confidently and thus win their dream job through strategy and extraordinary preparation. I do this with my most important values: Authenticity, Fairness, and Empathy.

    For a long time now, I have dreamed of a world in which people follow their hearts, especially when it comes to their careers. Whenever I can help an applicant define their dream career and actually win a job accordingly, I get one step closer to my vision.

    Since starting my own coaching business in 2017, I was lucky and have accompanied 400+ clients from around the globe to help them understand the German labour market, the application process, what an employer is looking for in a future employee, how to improve their resume and give them a strategic plan to set their personal job goals and land the most incredible jobs in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

    Especially the job seekers can benefit from my experience. Your aim, that you would like job seeker being able to make the right decisions at the right time for their career is also a big part of my everyday work. I would love to be a speaker at your virtual tech jobs fair – in Germany especially, but I would also love to participate in the tech jobs fairs for the other countries as well as there might be participants who are interested in working in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder & Managing Director brandPreneurs & brandFluencers, Initiator & Organisational Lead JOINT GENERATIONS

    Dr. Irene Kilubi holds a doctorate in industrial engineering and is a management consultant with powerful companies such as BMW, Deloitte, Siemens, and others on her CV.

    After many previous occupations, she is now following a very personal passion and is pursuing work through community building, corporate influencer strategy, and JOINT GENERATIONS. She is also an Expert Advisor for the European Innovation Council Accelerator of the European Commission.

    Dr. Irène Kilubi is a university lecturer in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship and is a sought-after speaker at conferences and events.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Change Catalyst & Strategic Advisor

    Garry is a Change Catalyst & Strategic Advisor who works at the intersection of design, disruption, education and innovation. Leveraging over 20 years of international commercial experience combined with over 5 years building human-centred approaches across people, culture and systems, Garry supports senior leaders as a 1-1 Thinking Partner, Interpersonal Guide and Confidential Aide, supports teams as a human-centred workshop facilitator, is a keynote speaker and podcast host and has acted as an advisor to two tech startups.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO / Founder of Jennifer Tardy Consulting, LLC

    Jenn Tardy has vast industry experience as a Recruiting Thought Leader, Diversity Recruitment Practitioner, and Career Success Coach with over 15 years of multi-industry experience in the field of human resources and recruiting.

    She has been helping employers and job seekers reach their goals since 2004 and is on a mission to make it easy for recruiters to find, attract, engage, and hire job seekers from historically underrepresented backgrounds, ultimately helping employers to increase diversity.
    She owns and operates Jennifer Tardy Consulting (aka Team JTC) which is an internationally known, award-winning diversity recruitment consulting firm based out of Maryland, USA.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Program Manager Interface Unit - Technological Infrastructures

    Americo Bento has a degree in Sociology and Public Policy, a Master’s in Public Policy from ISCTE-IUL and is currently studying at NOVA’s Science and Technology Management postgraduate course. He is a Program Manager for the Valorization of Technological Infrastructures at the National Innovation Agency (ANI).
    Among others, he was previously a Science and Technology Manager at Universidade Lusófona, an Erasmus + Program Quality Assessment Expert and a CCDRC Consultant.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate

    As an inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate, Vivian Acquah advises managers on how to keep their team members engaged, energized, and safe in a sustainable manner.

    Vivian Acquah is making topics related to workplace wellness & DEI accessible to everyone. She provides people with the right tools, at the right time, to embrace inclusive changes. Vivian motivates people to think consciously and inspires them to take action.

    As a multicultural and multi-passionate human being, Vivian inspires and empowers people to be their best selves. Becoming a mother inspired her to shift from being a Finance/ IT consultant to becoming a workplace wellness & Amplify DEI advocate.

    Vivian made a promise to her son Orlando (2013) to help make the world a better place by creating thriving workplaces for EVERYONE. This is a promise not only to him and his generation but also for future generations



    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Leadership Coach - Co-Founder of The Mind Takeaway and Co-Host of The Mind Takeaway and Unlearning Labels Podcasts

    Although I never planned it this way, I had two parallel careers before co-founding my own company. I performed as an electronic musician at numerous international festivals and clubs, including Glastonbury and Creamfields festivals. At the same time, I served as a people manager for large-scale organisations in Europe and the Middle East. Balancing such diverse careers helped bring the benefits of creativity into the workplace and gave me valuable problem-solving and leadership experience.

    My travels through business, music performances and personal adventures have taken me to 50 countries and five continents. Those experiences allowed me to cultivate meaningful relationships with people from many different cultures and backgrounds.

    Throughout my career, I learned how to maximise individuals potential and create the right conditions for creativity and innovation to flourish. By fostering diverse thinking and developing a psychologically safe environment, I am skilled in bringing out the best in people and showing others how to build high-performing teams from their own experience.

    My leadership approach has always been to trust first, nurture growth through opportunities that arise from failure and uncertainty. Knowing first-hand the value of communication and self-reflection, I seek to guide people to reconnect with their wisdom, creativity, and passion for life. Over the last two decades, I developed hundreds of individuals and high performing teams for Orange Telecom in the United Kingdom, Zurich International Life in the United Arab Emirates and Booking.com in Germany. Currently, I work as a creativity consultant, certified executive coach and mentor.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder The Essential Experts

    My name is Bogdan Manta. I am a Neuroscience for Business expert. By understanding how our brain works, I combine practical insights with strategic thinking in a business context.

    In my quest to decipher the human brain, I gathered a Masters’s Degree in Persuasive Neuro Communication, a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and a Bachelor’s in Behavioral Economics.

    I provide made-to-measure solutions to organizations and professionals, focused on Effective neuroscientific communication, Enhancing employee engagement, Neuromarketing, negotiations & neuroscientific pitching, Impactful, memorable training or workshops, Company-wide content & video strategy

    I’m known to be highly effective, to the point, and ”quite the opposite of boring”.

    What it all comes down to – after 20 years of unleashing neuroscience in business – is just like Maya Angelou once said – ‘’people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’’.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • UX/UI Designers Recruitment Specialists

    20-year experienced Designer and Entrepreneur. As CoFounder and CCO, I lead teams from Brazil and Portugal towards the brand’s culture and product goals through Strategic Design and Content. Backed by a highly qualified team, I also select, curate and evaluate UX/UI Designers towards enhancing their professional approach for companies’ eyes.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Chief Executive Officer at Clairvoyant

    Chandra co-founded Clairvoyant in 2012 and has driven the company to become a leading data science and engineering company with multiple Fortune 500 customers today. He is a highly motivated senior leader in software engineering with a proven track record of delivery. He also co-founded BlueCanary Data, a predictive analytics product company focused on higher education and led it through a successful acquisition in 2015.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author & Nominee, 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada

    Narges Nirumvala, Founder and CEO of ExecutiveSpeak.com. Called “the secret weapon” by one journalist, Narges Nirumvala is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, world-renowned leadership communication expert, official TEDx speaker coach, corporate trainer and international keynote speaker.

    A trailblazer in her field, Narges is the author of the Amazon bestselling book “Capture the Spotlight”. Her writing on the subject has been published and circulated to 106 countries worldwide and she is ranked by KLEAR in the top 3% of social media users in the world.

    She is passionate about the economic empowerment of women and seeing more women and girls in STEM. Narges was most recently nominated for RBC Women of Influence 2020 Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for the fourth year in a row, was a nominee for the 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada and won the Shakti Award for Entrepreneurship. 

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Chief Revenue Officer at Wagepoint

    Anastasia Valentine is the Chief Revenue Officer at Wagepoint. With over 25 years of experience building and scaling companies globally, Anastasia has held executive leadership roles with startups to billion-dollar companies in the areas of innovation, commercialization, marketing and sales. She is passionate about scaling companies from idea through to launch and building high performing teams who make a positive impact.

    In addition, Anastasia is an accomplished community leader and a passionate advocate of women in STEM, education and entrepreneurship. She is a Trustee of the Awesome Foundation, member of the Forbes Business Development Council, Canadian Chamber of Commerce SME and Economic and Taxation Committees and a regular keynote speaker at conferences on leveraging technology to scale, business growth and inspiration.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Founder at Lit Scents

    Andrea is a wearer of several hats who believes in the power of upskilling in different subjects. As such, she is an Organizational Psychologist (M.A) by training, an entrepreneur/side hustler by heart, and a community builder by nature.

    She has a wealth of experience in different areas of HR as well as in community building within the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Her community-building experience started in Chile by building a community of +250 global startups/year and continued in Canada by leading +50 startup communities from coast to coast to coast.

    Nowadays, she coaches immigrant entrepreneurs on starting up in Ottawa while managing her side business – Lit Scents – a small candle business that elevates the gifting experience by bringing a custom message/photo in a hand-poured soy candle.

    Andrea was born and raised in Santiago, Chile; who happens to also have an itch for immersing in new cultures, having lived in Los Angeles, Austin and Beijing prior to permanently moving to Canada in 2018.


    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Manager, Talent Strategy

    Brianna is the Manager, Talent Strategy leading Invest Ottawa’s inaugural Talent Program. She manages the program’s knowledge-based industry Talent strategy with a focus on engineering. With a background in Human Resources and private recruiting, she has over 5 years of professional experience. She graduated from the University of Ottawa in the French Immersion Commerce program with a specialization in Human Resources Management. While at University she was a part of Enactus which ran social enterprises and was her first introduction to the world of start-ups. 

  • VP for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    I am a proactive, curious, dynamic, and energizing professional with the mission of bridging people and business together through an effective HR strategy by helping nurture and retain talent while making a daily positive impact in people’s lives. My current focus is on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, leveraging on my experience in topics such as Wellbeing, People Experience, and Internal Communications.

    I am currently the VP for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Teleperformance Portugal where my mission will be to provide strategic leadership and oversight for researching, developing, implementing, and maintaining a range of successful practices for supporting a climate at Teleperformance Portugal that values and prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.

    At Teleperformance Portugal we know that a fulfilling and happy work environment is only possible when we respect and celebrate our differences, raising awareness of the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Life, Career and Transition Coach

    Eva is a life and career coach who helps her international clients with personal and professional transitions. Passionate about people development and human interactions Eva started her coaching business Multipaths in 2016.

    Whether the challenge entails the transition to a more meaningful job, the exploration of a career after parenthood, or adapting to a new country or culture, Eva helps her clients connect to their talents and values, helping them to own their direction.

    Being a (international) working mother herself, Eva easily connects to her clients. Her learning path ranges from studies in psychology, human resources management, project management, neurolinguistic programming, person-centered counseling and coaching.

    Her +10 year international career in recruitment and talent development coupled with her studies allow her to use diverse approaches and techniques with her clients.

    Today Eva offers coaching programs and services – from individual coaching, to training and facilitation. To contact Eva, please visit her coaching website at www.multipathscoaching.com

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Partner, Business Consulting
    Sunil Venkatesh is a partner in our Business Consulting team. Over the past 17 years at EY, he has lead a number of Transformative Projects for our clients. He has built solutions to solve complex problems and has served a diverse set of clients across the world.
    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Associate Director Talent Acquisition

    A Talent Acquisition evangelist with 21 years of experience in managing a lean, agile data centric hiring practice. Worked extensively in IT, ITES and Infra hiring across industry verticals of Finance, Communication, Media, Digital, Health, Public Services and Utilities, Learning and Development, Pharma and Voice. Driven transformation projects that aided in better candidate and hiring manager experience higher conversion rates and tool intervention. Was instrumental in driving higher diversity hiring.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

    Ankit Tomar, a Computer Science graduate from IIT-Delhi, is the co-founder & Chief Technology Officer at Bizongo. The urge to create something with far-reaching impact drives him personally and professionally.

    He heads the technology vertical at Bizongo focusing on product innovation and engineering to transform the way B2B enterprises approach procurement and supply chain challenges. His passion for Bizongo reflects in bringing in game-changing products like Procure Live, Partner Hub, and Artwork Flow to offer a seamless experience for customers. He is methodical and a votary of automation to drive efficiency in the business process at Bizongo.

    Ankit is from Dehradun and loves sweating it out on the pitch playing cricket or football, but nothing excites him more than ideas. He also likes reading non-fiction in his spare time.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • CEO at 'The BIM Engineers'

    Parveen Sharma is an International Speaker about the latest technologies and current trends in the Design and Construction Industry. He has a stronghold over BIM, Digital Twin & Virtual Construction Technologies. His carries 20+ years’ experience of implementing BIM on 600+ complex projects in 75+ countries across the globe.

    Parveen is CEO of ‘The BIM Engineers’ which has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, UAE, UK, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, South America, and the USA.  ‘The BIM Engineers’ is bringing cutting-edge technologies to the AEC industry.

    Parveen’s contribution to the construction industry has been recognized by various international organizations, Parveen has written various Books, Research Papers, Articles and has spoken at various international events across the globe. He is an active member of national and international BIM forums and a regular speaker at Conferences and Seminars.

  • Associate Director, Talent

    Khalid Raza is an accomplished HR professional with 17 years of extensive experience in identifying organizational needs and providing innovative, strategic business solutions. He is working as Talent Acquisition Lead for north & east India and Bangladesh, at EY.

    Under IBM’s Corporate Service Corps program, he worked closely with Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), and the National Liberation Army (ELN)’s ex-fighters to support them in getting assimilated in the society.

    In 2016, he was named in Top 25 HR Executive under 40 by Workforce Magazine. In his free time, he enjoys playing cricket, writing blogs, traveling, and mentoring young professionals.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Graduate Engineer Trainee

    I am a passionate aerospace engineer serving as graduate engineer trainee in Ziegler Aerospace Hyderabad. I can never put an end to my thirst for aviation and I am so delighted to share my knowledge with all the aviation aspirants.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Chief Technology Officer

    I’ve been a startup founder as well as CTO at established companies and have built and managed teams and systems across the stack and at a wide variety of scales. My biggest professional achievement was founding and building a smart bus network.

    Today I’m what one would call ‘technical leadership’ or ‘engineering management’ – you get the idea.

    I speak six languages (3 Indian languages, English, Spanish and German), am a conference speaker, have been a musician and writer and have worked across the globe.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Entertainer & Dj of Germany and Europe

    I am Derrick Linco From Germany, Specialised in Indian & International Bollywood Remixes , Punjabi Bhangra, Hiphop, Latin and Oriental. Since 2010, I have been performing in all the major cities of Europe.

    My biggest Achievement is a winner of Carnival of Cultures 2019 in Berlin.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Director of HR

    Meena heads HR at Airmeet and is responsible for steering the global people and culture agenda here. She comes with a decade of experience in helping startups scale from growth to expansion stage. Previously she leads the people to function at Circles. Life & also was the head HRBP at Capillary Technologies managing their global HR portfolio. She recently won the Top 100 HR under 40 by Jombay.

    Attended Job Fairs:
    India, Uk.
  • Inspirational keynote speaker

    Nick Santonastasso is a medical miracle. Not only is he one of four people alive with the rare genetic condition, Hanhart Syndrome, the inspirational keynote speaker is also an internationally known bodybuilder and fitness model – despite missing both his legs and one arm since birth. The high-energy youth shares his amazing story, showing people that anyone can thrive if they have the determination and willpower to go after what they want. When Nick was born, the doctors handed his parents a long list of things that he would never be able to do.” Nick’s parents politely thanked them and threw the list out. They raised Nick the same way they had raised his three able-bodied older siblings and instilled in him never to let the world tell him what he could or couldn’t do.
    Give Me 67 Minutes… And I’ll Show You A Simple 3-Step System That Thousands Of Entrepreneurs Are Using To Dissolve Self-Doubt And Develop Unstoppable Self Confidence…Learn More

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • HR Business Partner

    I have almost 10 years of HR experience in different areas such as banking, telecommunication and building. Additionally I have worked in IT Sales.

    I have one daughter and am currently working part time as HR Business Partner while simultaneously establishing my own women’s network called PowerWomen. PowerWomen means to support Women from all ages and areas and provide them with necessary information to empower their careers and personal lives. I am currently hostin clubhouse sessions and our own podcast, soon to be released.

    Attended Job Fairs:
  • Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, TEDx Speaker, Global VC, Government Advisor

    An entrepreneur since 1998, Arijit Bhattacharyya is the founder of Virtualinfocom India’s one of the first game development company. Founder of India’s first B2B portal on game development, India’s first Portal on cosplay. He is an active advisor and speaker in cyber security & financial management forum for cyber crime and security. He is creator of India’s one of the first Virtual Reality training institute and maker of Virtual Reality lab in Middle East. He is the creator of one of the first Virtual Reality lab in India. Contributor & Structure creator of Smart City Projects in few parts of the globe. Creator of media portal with over 275 + celebrities & models, actors from India, UK & Japan. World’s one of the first company to make real celebrities into 3D simulation. Kolkata’s first movie based game Boss2, Bangladesh’s first superhero movie based game Bizli, Nepal’s first 3D racing game, Bhutan’s first 3D game maker. Helped to raise funds for several companies around the world.

    Attended Job Fairs: