Kerstin Brunner

Senior Financial Consultant & Adviser

My name is Kerstin Brunner, I am a financial coach and adviser at MLP and my passion is to pick up people wherever they are in life and to accompany them on their path through life. It is important to me to consider all aspects of the individual life situation and to create a financial map with the necessary information. Based on the map, my customers can then independently make financial decisions to their own comfortable feeling.

For me, the most important part of my work is to build up long-term relationships with my personal values: Empathy, authenticity, and expertise. My English-speaking customers have entrusted me with the fact, that English-speaking financial coaching is hard to find in Germany. I am able to prove that it is possible to successfully advise the needs of Inputs in Germany.

What are the benefits of holistic financial advice?

Coming from abroad it could be difficult to clarify all your questions regarding insurances, finance, and other topics which are automatically connected with your start in Germany. Comprehensive financial advice helps you to shape your future independently with an expert at your side. The holistic approach covers knowledge in areas such as banking, insurances, investments, retirement planning, employer benefits and puts all areas in context. Working hand in hand with a financial expert gives you more confidence to make financial decisions on your own and more time for things you really like.

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