Tech Jobs Fair - Berlin 2024

20th June 2024, 11:00 to 19:00 (CEST)
Loewe Saal GmbH in Ludwig-Loewe-Höfe, Wiebestraße 42-45, 10553 Berlin

TJF Berlin 2024 is a great opportunity to look for a new job while growing your network and meeting other like-minded people. Bis bald!

42nd Edition - #TJF24

Be Part of a Growing Recruiting and Branding Event.



    Looking for a job/internship?

    • Meet and interact with recruiters face to face.
    • Unique opportunity to make personal and impactful connections.
    • Participate in motivating lectures and get industry insights from top speakers.

    You will have the opportunity to meet top employers and to speed interview for open positions during the event, meeting the people who actually make the hiring decisions.



    Looking for recruiting, branding and exposure?

    • Access to a large number of candidates in a one-stop environment.
    • Get more attention and awareness about your company.
    • It is more than a job fair, where you and your brand will be highlighted.

    Book early to grab the place where you can highlight your brand in a better way. Book your Exhibitor Package now so as to secure your Exhibitor stand.

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Our Agenda

Tech Jobs Fair Overview

    • 11:00
      Doors Open
    • 12:4512:50
      Moderator Introduction & Welcoming Session
    • 13:0013:10
      What HR Leaders Look for in Candidates: Secrets to Landing Your Dream Tech Job
    • 13:1513:25
      Master your CV
    • 13:3013:45
      The Future of Interaction: Voice AI, Multimodal LLMs, and Their Impact on Device Usage
    • 13:5014:00
      The Future of IT Services: Leading Through Change
    • 14:0514:15
      Authentizität trifft Professionalität: Dein Erfolgsrezept für überzeugende Vorstellungsgespräche
    • 14:2014:35
      Introduction of New Yorker
    • 14:4014:50
      Navigating your next job search: 3 Do's and 3 Don'ts
    • 14:5515:05
      Beyond Giving Up: Effective Strategies for Learning German and Advancing Your Career
    • 15:1015:20
      The Secret to Standing out: Job Interview Techniques
    • 15:2515:35
      Navigating Your Career With Confidence
    • 15:4015:50
      AsiaBerlin Startup Initiative
    • 15:5516:05
      Demystifying Career Change: How Curiosity, Intuition and Values can Shape Your Decision Making
    • 16:1016:20
      Dealing with Toxic Co-workers
    • 16:2516:35
      Berlin: As City of Startups and City of Talents
    • 16:4016:50
      Neuro coaching - Career management
    • 16:5517:05
      To Be Announced
    • 17:1017:20
      To Be Announced
    • 17:2517:35
      Powerful Salary Negotiation Insights
    • 17:4017:50
      The War for Talents- Insights for Successful Candidates

Meet Our Awesome Partners

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  • New Yorker Group-Services International GMbH & Co. KG
  • WP Event Manager
  • Hire Tech Talent
  • Customlytics
  • Marwa Elmeligy
  • Treysta Ingenieure Holding
  • AILovesHR
  • SmartGeeks
  • IIoT-Projects GmbH / iMouse
  • Jina AI GmbH
  • React Architect AI
  • Merantix Momentum
  • MR Recruitment
  • Talents2Germany
  • Circunomics GmbH
  • Lightspeed POS GmbH
  • aescolab
  • WP Food Manager
  • Tape Art by Atau

Our Partners

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  • The Recursive
  • AllConfsBot Media
  • Startup Insider
  • Founderland
  • NGP Capital
  • FEM Coaching
  • GermanTechJobs
  • AsiaBerlin
  • The Berlin Life
  • Founder Institute Germany
  • Berlin Innovation Agency
  • SPICED Academy
  • DataScientest
  • IT Career Hub
  • BIT – Beam Institute of Technology

Former Exhibitors

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  • Deloitte
  • HiveMQ
  • Cinemo GmbH
  • Zalando SE
  • HELLA Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH
  • IT4IPM GmbH
  • Train the Future
  • Algorithmics Berlin
  • Glocomms
  • Linguidoor Translation Services
  • RemoteClip
  • Berlin Bytes GmbH
  • FEM Coaching UG
  • Impats
  • TechBiz Global
  • GATE by Moyyn
  • Le Wagon
  • StartSteps

Our Speakers

Meet some of our great HR Innovation & Keynote Speakers.

Sustainable Development Goals

Moving Forward with Purpose and Vision.

Tech Jobs Fair has grown beyond a traditional career event, focusing on promoting sustainable and equitable growth within the community.

As part of the tech industry, Tech Jobs Fair contributes to initiatives that encourage economic growth, foster industry innovation, and aim to reduce inequalities.

With a deep awareness of global challenges, Tech Jobs Fair is dedicated to expanding its efforts. It aims further to support the creation of inclusive communities and resilient infrastructures, thus contributing to a broader movement toward a sustainable and equitable future.

Event Location

Looking forward to seeing you!


Loewe Saal GmbH in Ludwig-Loewe-Höfe, Wiebestraße 42-45, 10553 Berlin

Date & Time:

20th June 2024, 11:00 to 19:00 (CEST)

Tech Jobs Fair Berlin - 2024

20th June 2024, 11:00 to 19:00 (CEST)

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Get your Free TJF Ticket &
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