Terms of Services

§1 : Subject of the Agreement

  • Subject of the agreement is presented at the fair and/or rental of presentation zones at the exhibition.
  • Company details submission is the confirmation of the participation, which can be canceled within 48 hours of the submission of the details.
  • The staging areas, exhibition schedules, and webinar slot are assigned by TJF. The exhibitor has no right to a particular presentation area or an explicit seminar time without prior information.
  • The performances of TJF and services are drawn from the package and services opted by the client during the email confirmation with the Business team.

§2 : Terms of Payment

  • Prices are without VAT/GST.
  • The disbursement of the charges owed shall be made by one of the payment systems like PayPal, or bank transfer at the choice of the exhibitor. For Stripe payment, the exhibitor is liable to pay extra charges.
  • The full amount of the invoice is due from the date of invoice being raised, Invoice will be sent by TJF after receiving your company details.
  • TJF has indemnity rights, e.g. rising from chargebacks, as a share of the payment process, these shall be repaid to TJF through the exhibitor. This shall apply only if the exhibitor is responsible for the origination.

§3 : Performances of The Exhibitor

  • The exhibitor agrees to use the information collected in association with the exhibition about attendees only for their own intents and, in particular, not to the vendor in any other way to allocate these to third parties.
  • The presentations given by the exhibitor may not violate any applicable law. The exhibitor shall also safeguard that the subjects of the data put out on his part do not break patent, copyright, trademark, brand name or other rational property & constitutional rights, contest rights or general dignitary rights of third parties.
  • The exhibitor shall underwrite TJF from all reimbursements and entitlements of third parties ascending due to a break of the Obligations of the Exhibitor. This shall not smear if the mentor is not liable for the beginning of such costs and/or assertions.
  • At the Physical Fair, carrying foodstuffs or beverages for supply to attendees is forbidden. Exemptions may be approved, however, in separate cases.
  • At the Physical Fair, When the exhibitor surpasses the reserved area with his stand, the organizer is permitted to either bill an extra charge of min. 1,000 EUR per sqft or claim the deconstruction of the stall’s sections beyond the retained area.
  • The exhibitor is required to provide their firm logo in a printable trajectory layout (EPS or alike). This may be utilized by the coordinator exclusively for marketing objectives.

§4 : Warranty

  • TJF shall provide the exhibitor information on the participants or attendees to the exhibitor based on the package.
  • Except as decided in writing, TJF accepts no obligation for the symmetry of the information compilation (agreement of the apprentice guest to the gathering of his statistics) or for the existence of a subsistence opt-in (permission of the participants to obtain promotional communications).
  • Additionally, TJF undertakes no legal responsibility for the accuracy and inclusiveness of reference specifics or information details. This will not smear in instances of directed or overall carelessness.

§5 : Limitation of Liability/Indemnification

  • Further than recompenses due to damage to life, limb and wellbeing, TJF shall just shoulder dependability for compensations insofar as such damages have been initiated by wilful or overall neglect or in a situation of violating of an important contractual responsibility by TJF, its workers or its indirect managers. To some extent accountability for damages beyond this is excluded.
  • TJF, its staff, or its immediate representatives, responsibility shall not be liable for the compensations that are normally predictable at the time of finishing the agreement, and in scope to the usual average worth of impairment. This shall correspondingly be put on for unintended harms, particularly loss of profit.

§6 : Data Protection

  • TJF takes advantage of the data supplied by the exhibitor (e.g. designation, forename, e-mail address) in agreement with pre-arrangements of the German Data Protection Act.
  • The Exhibitor’s private information is used absolutely for managing indentures settled between the Parties of this agreement.
  • None of the exhibitor’s own data communicated to TJF will be made available to third parties without the written approval of the exhibitor, except this is demanded by the licit or social verdict.
  • With the conclusion of this agreement, containing detailed reimbursement of the contracted charge, the records of the exhibitor, which must be kept for lawful explanations, shall be unnavigable, making the data inaccessible for any further use. Besides, these individual figures shall be removed provided that the exhibitor has not clearly complied with the further processing and use of his records.
  • If additional material or the erasure of the statistics of the exhibitor is needed, then please contact us.
  • TJF reserves the right of showing exhibitior’s details such as name, url, logo, description about exhibitor, social links, jobs etc. (submitted through details submission link) on TJF and it’s websites (TechJobsFair, Hire Tech Talent, Tech Job Wall, Germany Startup Jobs,)
  • TJF reserves the right to use any photos/videos taken during the event on their official social media accounts, including but not limited to platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for promotional activities for an indefinite period, However, they will not sell or distribute the content to third parties without explicit consent.
  • TJF shall own the copyright to the photos/videos taken during the event. Whenever possible, appropriate credit will be given to the individual(s) or organization(s) responsible for capturing the content.
  • If you no longer wish for your photos/videos to be used for promotional purposes, you may request before the event. Any content already shared or published may continue to be used as per the terms and conditions.

§7 : Duration of the Contract

  • The agreement shall be concluded for the duration of the exhibition & its services.
  • In the event of a cancellation by the organizer, the exhibitor shall be compensated 100% of the fee offered.
  • In case of cancellation within 48 Hours of the ‘confirmation date’ by the exhibitor, the exhibitor shall receive 100% of the fee, thereafter 0%. Cancellation after 48 hours will be treated as a subject of brand reputation.
  • The privilege of unexpected closure for good reason shall stay impervious. Such termination will rise, in specific, if the exhibitor breaks one of his responsibilities as per this agreement.

§8 : Final Provisions

  • German law shall apply to preclude the UN Convention on Contracts.
  • Should separate provisions of this contract be unacceptable or oppose authorized provisions, the remaining convention shall continue unaffected. In this case, the void provision shall be swapped with another, applicable one with the same or similar economic and legal influence as the null and void provision. The same shall pertain to ending a breach in the agreement.

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