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Let us look at the incredible growth of Tech Jobs Fair, a dynamic platform transforming the landscape of tech employment. Discover how this pioneering effort, launched in 2017, is shaping the future of IT and digital domains.

  • 2014

    Ashok Dudhat founded Germany Startups Jobs in response to Germany’s lack of job opportunities. Recognising this employment void, Ashok decided to make job seeking easier by developing a user-friendly platform that connects job seekers with growing startup companies. His mission was to empower individuals and strengthen the startup ecosystem, allowing a smooth transition for job searchers into potential professions within Germany’s dynamic startup location.

  • 2017

    In 2017, he was inspired by the idea of Germany Startup Jobs, which led to the founding of the renowned Startup Job Fair in Berlin with an aim to build the startup and tech ecosystem globally. The event has evolved as an essential platform for ambitious professionals to interact with dynamic entrepreneurs, enabling partnership and progress within Berlin’s flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • 2018

    The Startup Job Fair underwent a strategic transformation in 2018, adopting its current name Tech Jobs Fair (TJF), and has its headquarters in the exciting city of Berlin. TJF began in Berlin in 2018 and has since grown to become a top event, representing Ashok’s aim of uniting tech talent and innovative companies in a collaborative environment.

  • 2019

    Tech Jobs Fair expanded to three key European business hubs: Vienna, Zurich, and Lisbon. Our core team is based in Berlin, organizing events that connect with local professionals in different cities for job fairs.

    In addition to our outstanding hiring and branding services, we’ve introduced “Tech Job Wall,” our online job platform launched in 2019. With the motto “One Search, Thousands of Jobs,” this platform searches numerous websites to consolidate thousands of job openings into a user-friendly search.

    Tech Job Wall bridges employers and employees, leveraging precise targeting to match hiring companies with the right talent. We go beyond a traditional job portal, reaching talent across various websites and media to facilitate the perfect match between employers and prospective employees.

  • 2020

    A year marked by unprecedented global challenges due to a devastating viral outbreak of COVID-19, the determination of the Tech Jobs Fair (TJF) stood as a monument to strength. Despite the current circumstances, TJF carried on, undeterred by the crisis and successfully coordinated a virtual job fair at the European level, displaying its unshakable dedication to connecting people and opportunities.

    During this pivotal year, an idea was born – the creation of Hire Tech Talent (HTT). Recognizing the need for a centralized tech talent pool to optimize the recruitment process, the concept of Hire Tech Talent emerged as a solution. Envisioned as a platform to compile all registrant details from the Tech Jobs Fair, Hire Tech Talent aimed to provide exhibitors with easy access to a structured pool of interested talents, promising to enhance the recruitment experience in future endeavors.

  • 2021

    Despite the ongoing issues of COVID-19 in 2021, our unshakable commitment to helping job searchers in finding their ideal job remained constant. We faced the obstacles head-on and adapted, focusing on our main goal of connecting job seekers with the right opportunities. Adapting to the situation, we used innovation to hold virtual job fairs across the globe. We’re proud to have organized successful events in 12 countries, all online. This experience solidified our belief that determination and creativity can overcome any obstacle.

    In this year of resilience, the idea of Hire Tech Talent turned into reality. Development was initiated, and the talent version of Hire Tech Talent was launched. It became a dedicated section where talents could provide all necessary details, facilitating a smooth and efficient recruitment process for the exhibitors during the Tech Jobs Fair, marking a significant milestone in the journey of redefining tech recruitment.

  • 2022

    In 2022, when the COVID-19 pandemic’s situation began to improve, we were able to plan and execute 10 significant events—6 hosted online and 4 in person—in various parts of the world. These occasions overcame the pandemic’s difficulties and irreparably impacted the IT industry. By facilitating these events, we played a significant role in supporting individuals to secure jobs during a period marked by layoffs, effectively contributing to the betterment of the industry and empowering countless professionals on their career journeys.

  • 2023

    Honored with the Global Tech Event of the Year award at the World MSME Business Summit 2023, Tech Jobs Fair exemplifies excellence in tech recruitment. Our structured services include comprehensive planning before the event, facilitating effective interactions during, and providing continuous support and follow-ups after, ensuring a seamless and enriched recruitment journey for talents and companies alike. This approach has solidified TJF’s position as a transformative leader in the tech recruitment industry.

    Tech Jobs Fair Awards & Recognition

    Tech Jobs Fair (TJF) has been a recipient of numerous prestigious awards over the years, showcasing its commitment to excellence and innovation in the tech recruitment industry. Here are some of the key accolades:


    • German Business Award 2020


    • German Business Award 2021


    • World’s Best Emerging Brand 2022
    • Best Tech Event of the Year – Germany by Corporate LiveWire Awards
    • Great Companies Global Business Award
    • Best Tech Event of the Year Germany – 2022 by Lawyer International
    • Startup City Spotlight 2022 by Silicon India
    • 50 Best Companies to Work 2022 by CIO Bulletin


    • Global Tech Event of the Year at the World MSME Business Summit

Our Team

Meet our awesome team

  • Ashok Dudhat

    Founder & CEO
  • Bindu Kalwadia

    Head of Growth & Business
  • Sargam Tiwari

    Head of Marketing
  • Krinay Dhanani

    Product Manager
  • Rita Guerreiro

    Business Manager & Strategic Partner
  • Laszlo Szemelyi

    Business Manager & Strategic Partner
  • Marcell Toth

    Business Manager & Strategic Partner
  • Prerika Jain

    Business Development Manager
  • Priya Debbarma

    Customer Success Manager
  • Sahil Gupta

    Business Development Executive
  • Vishal Banakar

    Business Development Intern
  • Pavel Maskaljun

    Strategic Partner
  • Leonel Meneses

    Business Manager & Strategic Partner
  • Tripti Sinha

    Community & Partnership Manager
  • Swapnil Bandele

    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Aman Afsar Khan

    Talent Advocate
  • Ravi Kumar

    Talent Advocate
  • Unnati Umare

    Sr. Content Writer
  • Jonsi Kakadiya

    Social Media Executive
  • Harsh Dhanani

    Graphic & Web Designer
  • Devendra Shiyal

    Graphic & Web Designer
  • Vrunda Savaliya

    Graphic Designer
  • Rita Sangani

    Wordpress Developer

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