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Just wanted to say that the Tech Job Fair organised in Berlin occurred to me as a win win situation for both job seekers and employers. It’s a great concept and my experience there was also good. The informational sessions were quite knowledgeable and there was a lot to gain.

Thank you for having me!

Upasna Gambhir
Vlogger, Content creator, Influencer
Thomas Van Caelenberg
Project Manager Nearshoring at KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines
Nikoletta Baka
Organizational Psychologist, Trainer, Coach at Reed Magyarország Kft.
Viktorija Ambrožič Smole
HR Expert at Bragg Gaming
Laszlo Adam
MBA I Procurement digitization l SAP Ariba Consultancy l Procurement AI l CEO at K2 Procurement Kft.
Companies shared their experience about Tech Jobs Fair – Budapest 2023
Exibitors of Tech Jobs Fair - Budapest 2023
Great opportunity for English speaking professionals to look for Tech jobs in a German speaking country!
Jing Jin
Attendee of Tech Jobs Fair - Vienna 2023
Very professional and good organization. Good international background.
Heinrich Elsigan
Attendee of Tech Jobs Fair - Vienna 2023
Great opportunity to meet and speak with HR directly to get more insights abut the company and open positions.
Julia Pimenova
Attendee of Tech Jobs Fair - Vienna 2023
Most sponsors and exhibitors were nice, but it's a tiresome job, talking to so many people, so some of the exhibitors were a bit grumpy, but thats expected. Other than that it was nice to get to know so many different people!
Szilárd Tar
Attendee of Tech Jobs Fair - Vienna 2023
I liked the job wall because it was easy to take a look at the different job offerts instead of waiting in a line of others to get to a desk of a company. I missed the talks because I came later on that day to the event location. Maybe a better time schedule for the whole event time in the plan of talks and Q&A for the future will be nice to get more people to the stage program.
Dieter Payr
Attendee of Tech Jobs Fair - Vienna 2023
I found a lot more for myself than I hoped for. As a junior, I wasn't expecting so many opportunities and I was pleasantly surprised. Also, the venue was really close to my apartment.
Vladimir M
Attendee of Tech Jobs Fair - Vienna 2023
This was an interesting Event, the best platform for job seekers. Am impressed.
Dorothy Okello
Attendee of Tech Jobs Fair - Vienna 2023
The fair's attention to ethical considerations and responsible tech practices was inspiring. It reinforced the importance of integrating ethical frameworks into the development and deployment of technology, ensuring a positive impact on society. Overall, the Tech Jobs Fair was an enriching experience that enabled me to explore new opportunities, gain valuable knowledge, and connect with like-minded professionals. I would highly recommend this event to anyone seeking to grow their career in the ever-evolving tech industry.the fair's attention to ethical considerations and responsible tech practices was inspiring. It reinforced the importance of integrating ethical frameworks into the development and deployment of technology, ensuring a positive impact on society. Overall, the Tech Jobs Fair was an enriching experience that enabled me to explore new opportunities, gain valuable knowledge, and connect with like-minded professionals. I would highly recommend this event to anyone seeking to grow their career in the ever-evolving tech industry.
Hadi Sarkhosh
Attendee of Tech Jobs Fair - Vienna 2023
It was my first jobs fair and I really enjoyed it, a big thank you to the TJF team.
Arzu Nejat
Junior People Experience Manager Viewpointsystem
It was a fantastic possibility for us to promote inclusion and our services. I haven´t expected to talk to that many people and the interest in our industry although it is completely different to the industries which were represented at the fair, was amazing.
Markus Krupitza
Business Consulting Manager, Inclusion Lobbyist at WIN WIENER INTEGRATIONS NETZWERK
The job fair was a great way to meet potential candidates and also network with other companies. I liked that we were asked about our company and experience over an interview.
Nikoletta Baka
IT Team Manager at Reed Magyarország Kft
Márton Radnai, PhD.
CEO at Ramasoft Zrt.
Hajnalka Varga
HR Dual Intern at Emerson Process Management Magyarország Kft.
Klara Marteniv
Recruiter at Nix Tech
Nóra Végh
IT Supervisor at Thermo Fisher Scientific
Karina Obring
Senior Recruiter at DEKRA Akademie Kft.
Jared Niederhauser
Head of Engineering at Agrinorm
Elmira Gazizova
Digital Marketing Manager at Money Masters
Alicia Ng
Assistant Director, Talent at SGinnovate
Francesco Laci
Head of Talent Acquisition at Exclusive Networks
Julia Hölzl
HR Specialist at NETCONOMY
Michaela Sweeney
Talent Acquisition Specialist at MDPI
Tom O’Loughlin
Director at Summit Recruitment AG
Marie Schneider
People and Culture Manager at Waterdrop Microdrink GmbH
Bernhard Nussbaumer
Chief Business Development Officer at ACMIT Gmbh
Eduardo Esteves
VP, Engineering, Head of XR Labs Europe at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Cornelia Habetler
Chief Culture & Financial Officer at enspired
Christina Freund
HR Manager at Dotbite
Rishi Anand
Founder & CEO Linguidoor - Translation and Localization Services I Ambassador at GINSEP
Kristina Toender
Digital Marketing Manager at WeCanBeHeroes.io
Robert Förster
CEO at SUPPLiot GmbH
Emilia Stöckler
Marketing Assistant at NETCONOMY GmbH
Natalia Dorozala
Recruitment Lead at 𝗡𝗼𝗿𝗱𝗰𝗹𝗼𝘂𝗱, 𝗮𝗻 𝗜𝗕𝗠 𝗖𝗼𝗺𝗽𝗮𝗻𝘆
Ivan Struk
Head of Operations at Morpher
Lukas Seper
Co-Founder & Head of Growth at XUND
Irina Kormiletskaya
HR & Culture Intelligence Architect at SanusX
Christoph Himsl
Recruiting Partner at epunkt GmbH
Rosula Reboly
HR Manager at Nuki Home Solutions GmbH
Fedir Schurkhal
Projekt Manager at Dayholi
Sarah Selim
Recruitment & Marketing at Teach For Austria
Weirong Li
Intercultural Keynote Speaker, Founder & CEO of Raw Culture
Krisztina Orosz
Chief Experience Officer at Anyline GmbH
TJF is a very diversified event for hiring, having people reaching out to us for Supply Chain roles, software development, marketing, and so on, participating as an exhibitor enabled us to be spotted by professionals in the sector and the conference slot worked as a window to expose our company to all fair visitors.
Exhibitor: Lisbon's Tech Jobs Fair 2022
I had never participated or heard of TJF before, and was very surprised with the huge turnout. I would definitely recommend this fair
Exhibitor: Lisbon's Tech Jobs Fair 2022
It was our second time at a TJF event. After last year's virtual experience, this time we had the chance to do it Live and in person, and in a great location in "our neighborhood" ;-) We made many contacts, it was a great chance to pitch our project to many different candidates, from different countries and cultures.
Rui Aires
Co-founder and CEO at homeostase
Participating in this Job fair was without a doubt a positive experience, which we would like to repeat. A motivated target audience and a dynamic environment characterize what the Tech Job Fair Lisbon was.
Inês Xavier
HR Director at BI4ALL
Neotalent attended 2022's Tech Jobs Fair in Lisbon as a tech talent recruiting company. We had the chance to meet and interact face-to-face with dozens of professionals from multiple tech backgrounds and people of different nationalities. We’ve made the most of this in-person experience by reaching new candidates and sharing information on our 250+ job opportunities.
Exhibitor: Lisbon's Tech Jobs Fair 2022
Participating in the Lisbon Tech Jobs Fair was an interesting experience. It was a good opportunity for our company to soft-launch our platform, interact and get valuable feedback from job seekers with different backgrounds, and, business wise, to discover other companies hiring talents in Portugal.
Exhibitor: Lisbon's Tech Jobs Fair 2022
It was an absolute pleasure to take part and present our startup, Raw Culture, at the Tech Jobs Fair in Vienna! The attendees were diverse and actively engaged in finding new opportunities! At the end of the day, I made many new connections, from candidates, future clients, and partnerships!
Weirong Li
Founder and CEO at Raw Culture
It was great being one of the speakers at Vienna Tech Jobs Fair‘22 helping people earn their worth and get the salary and career they deserve.
Martina Ernst
CEO and Founder at SalaryNegotiations.
Very well organized event, Kudos to the entire team that worked in the execution!
Ganesh S
Vice President at ICT Academy
Our experience was positive. And our overall opinion is that the Job Fair was useful in terms of a talent branding perspective, especially due to the multicultural environment - we’ve noticed that there was a lot of curiosity from the participants about INSCALE and what we do. We’ve talked with around 70 participants, 10 of them potential candidates (senior/mid-level).
Ana Villar
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Inscale
It is an important initiative to know better potential candidates to work with us. The organization of the event was very well coordinated and they created a very pleasant environment, which helped a lot to make the experience very positive.
Ana Barbosa
Software Engineer at Vestas
I really like all the follow up of the support team before and during the career fair. I loved this fair. Thank you!
Elsa Ferraz
Talent Coordinator at Equus Software
I had never participated or heard of TJF before, and was very surprised with the huge turnout. I would definitely recommend this fair.
Fabrícia Ribeiro
Recruiter at Vestas
Great event! Well organized. The platform used is user-friendly and offers the opportunity to chat one on one with candidates.
Melisande Alric
Special Projects Lead at techNL
This was a very engaging audience and had a lot of promise for potential candidates. That, on top of the option to be a speaker for Helcim, really allowed us to standout and gain a bit of a buzz around our booth. We would be happy to be a part of the Tech Jobs Fair again.
AJ Robles
People & Culture Partner at Helcim
Tech Jobs Fair was a well-organized virtual event with an incredible turnout of both experienced tech professionals and those just starting their tech careers. The organizers were truly collaborative and did a great job promoting the event on social media. We look forward to attending future Tech Jobs Fair events in Canada and highly recommend participation for other companies looking to expand their network of tech talent.
Anthea Maxwell
Talent Acquisition Manager at Arcurve
It was a wonderful and well-organized event.
Hemant Kumar
HR Manager at Mphasis
It was a pleasure to be part of TJF Canada, great support from the team at TJF and an opportunity to meet with such engaged talent!
Nimrit Anand
Talent Coordinator at Calgary Economic Development
We can say Tech Job Fair has been very successful for us. We had the opportunity to talk to many job seekers in the tech field and to promote our business and open positions. We also received many applications for open positions after the Tech Job Fair.
Tolga Ermis
Co-Founder & CEO at promiseQ
I attended the EU Tech Virtual Job fair and it was a great experience. Being a virtual platform it allowed people to connect from all over the world, which was the best thing for me. It was a well organized and best effective example of our current "new normal" life. Interaction with direct recruiters was much easier and effective as compared to one on one discussion in person. It helped to create good impressions as well. I hope to attend such Job fairs in future as well. I take this opportunity to thank all the members of the organizing team and the participating people whom I enjoyed connecting with.
Abhijeet Keer
Attendee of EU Tech Virtual Job Fair
It was a pleasure to participate. The interface was very straightforward and easy to use. We also enjoyed the many ways to interact with the participants and the easy way to log in and out of the sessions.
Vesna Harbig
Talent Attraction Specialist at MSX International
We found the event very interesting. We made many contacts and are now talking to some of them. It was all very valuable to us.
Miguel Russo and Laudicir Zamai
We had a great time sponsoring the 2021's virtual edition of the Tech Jobs Fair in Portugal. Neotalent had the opportunity to attend as a tech talent recruiting company. We had the chance to interact with multinational professionals in many ways, mainly focusing on the interaction inside our booth. No doubt… an intuitive, relevant, and conversational experience! We can't wait for the next event to start!”
Susana Correia
Head of Talent Acquisition at Neotalent

I've attended a couple of fairs as a speaker and I was impressed by the number of people and companies attending the fairs. The ease with which you navigate the platform makes the experience very smooth and I enjoyed the possibility of interacting with other participants in different booths. This provided a feeling close to being physically present while connecting with others.

Another positive point was the interesting panel of speakers who talked about diverse and current topics, conducted by professional and friendly TJF hosts.

TJF is definitely the right place to expand your network and to look for candidates and collaborations if you're a company, and to explore new career opportunities if you're a job seeker.

All in all, a great event. An experience to repeat.

Eva Amaral
Transition Coach, Career Coach, Job Search Strategist
As a mental Strategist and clinical hypnotherapist who helps people to improve their inner abilities and combines them with their skills, I found that TJF is the best existing global platform that not only helps job seekers to connect with the leading innovative companies but also to create awareness of technological opportunities in different fields.
Jacob Shekrel
Clinical Hypnotherapist (Dip.Hyp. I.S.C.H GQHP)
TJF does an incredible job of bringing innovative companies and talent together on a global scale. They are collaborative and supportive of their partners, exhibitors, and attendees. We are proud to support their events and mission.
Philip Agnello
Founder/Director of Strategy + Creative at Philip Agnello Creative Consulting
Speaking at TJF was a wonderful experience. The organizing was superb, and the hosts were very professional. I had an engaging audience which is hard to get at a virtual conference.
Shlomo Freund
Financial Coach For Remote Workers
Young techies from all around the world are asking me about tech jobs and I am so happy to invite them to the Tech Jobs Fair to connect with interesting tech companies and other techies to build their network.
Sina Landorff
Communication Expert in Tech
Tech Jobs Fair will get you from idea to action in no time!
Sashka Regina
Forbes-featured founder of BRANDSASHKA and FUTURE FORWARD HUB Podcast
Tech Jobs Fair is a refreshing new concept of engaging candidates on a more personal level. Looking forward to our continued relationship with Tech Jobs Fair and love working with Ashok and his team.
Dietmar Dahmen
Transformation Guru | Marketing Expert | Business Rock Star | Motivator
TJF was a great opportunity for us to get a feel of the recruitment landscape in a very innovative virtual environment and we hope to come back, in person, next year.
Rui Miguel Aires
Co-founder and CEO at homeostase
The participation in the TJF Portugal allowed direct contact with candidates and also potential clients of various nationalities and different realities. It was a great occasion to expand our network of contacts and explore new market opportunities.
Ângela Mucha
Team Leader, Talent Management & IT Recruitment at Adentis Portugal
Tech Jobs Fair is a dynamic and versatile fair where I created exciting connections to like-minded professionals and curious people.
Marina Cantafio
Social Media Manager & Blogger at Lovefoodish
Exhibitors say about TJF-Berlin 2019
TJF-Berlin 2019 Exhibitors
Companies shared their experience about TJF Vienna 2019
Exibitors of TJF - Vienna 2019
Exhibitors sharing their experience about TJF Lisbon 2019
TJF - Lisbon's Exhibitors
Daniel Wunsch
CEO at fruit@work
Jimmy Schlemmer
Project Staff at Start Up Your Future
Angira Ghosh
Marketing Officer at 24 Geeks
Henning Lux
CEO at Clincase
Axel Römer
Developer at Glück Games
Julia Matsai
Global Technical Recruiter at SumUp
Lukas Van Lengerich
HR Manager at FRI:DAY
Agathe Badia
Talent Representative at Honeypot io
Paul Hofmann
Director of Engineering at Auto1 GmbH
Lilith Al Jadiri
Vice President & Media Technology at Gfk
Suyogi Gessner
Founder at be&behappy & Speaker
Burkhard Volbracht
Head of Unit Talent Services bei Berlin Partner GmbH
“Dronesperhour participated at the Tech Jobs Fair and we will 100% be back next year. Very good organized and great way to meet very interesting talent..”
Jasper Heyden
Founder at Dronesperhour
“As a candidate, you can gain direct access to hiring managers from some of the hottest most innovative companies in Berlin. The mix of large corporates looking to innovate by collaborating with companies as well as the quality of candidates really set it apart from the usual events centered on around just applying. I have never attended such a diverse and bustling ecosystem. The speakers, the candidates and the unique 3-day format across 3 unique locations make this an event worth seeing. The best part you are building real relationships without even noticing it as its so much fun. It’s all the fun of a carnival that meets the professionalism of a conference.”
Stefan Odue
at MoBerries GmbH
“The fair was well organized, warm and supportive. Our SONORRARI presentation stand had room for a table, seating and even two prototypes, which we could present to the visitors. We were especially appreciative of ACTIVE networking with doctors, investors, and people from the healthcare sector and found 2 new employees. All in all for exhibitors and visitors: Top & FUN!”
Claudia Tappeser
Chefassistent des CEO at Sonorrari
“The Tech Jobs Fair was a really great opportunity to connect with talents from various different backgrounds. We were impressed with the great organization and would recommend this event to other companies.”
Josefine Erles
Head of Content and Marketing at Bookitgreen
The Tech Jobs Fair was a good opportunity to meet international talent looking for a tech job in Berlin. We were very satisfied with the conversations we had during that day and with the applications, we received on the spot. In addition, the fair was very centrally located in the elegantly designed premises of Barmer in Berlin-Mitte.”
Sara Trentz
Lead People Business Partner at Blacklane
"The tech job fair was a great opportunity to exhibit our VR/AR projects and connect with talents. We already had a few interviews scheduled thanks to Tech Jobs Fair that we could never have found otherwise!”
Rahel Demant
Co-Founder and COO of VR First
“This was our first year attending at The Tech Jobs Fair and it’s proved to be a great day for us. It provided a fabulous opportunity to meet potential candidates – we’ve spoken to so many people with high value profiles and skills. It’s also allowed us to meet many international job candidates and understand how we could hire or support them in the near future.”
Sebastian Melchert
Co-Founder bei Housy
The Tech Jobs Fair was fantastic thanks to the joined effort of the passionate volunteers. The talent.io team really enjoyed meeting enthusiastic people and it has turned out extremely beneficial in finding great talent for our platform and for our own team. We appreciate the opportunity and are looking forward to the next event!
Elena Ognyanova
“The Tech Job Fair gave us the opportunity to connect to a lot of interesting people looking for a job.
It was definitely worth the time”
Maximilian Noelle
Venture Developer at Innogy Consulting GmbH
The Tech Jobs Fair was indeed a good opportunity to talk with professionals interested in our open positions. Last but not least, it allowed Berlin’s startups/company to meet and create new ways to work together.
Ian Baumeister
CEO at AvoTravel

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