Tech Jobs Fair - London 2025


London TJF 2025 is a great opportunity to look for a new job, while growing your network and meeting other like-minded people in the bustling UK region, known for its cool startup scene!

37th Edition - #TJF24

Be Part of a Growing Recruiting and Branding Event.



    Looking for a job/internship?

    • Meet and interact with recruiters face to face.
    • Unique opportunity to make personal and impactful connections.
    • Participate in motivating lectures and get industry insights from top speakers.

    You will have the opportunity to meet top employers and to speed interview for open positions during the event, meeting the people who actually make the hiring decisions.



    Looking for recruiting, branding and exposure?

    • Access to a large number of candidates in a one-stop environment.
    • Get more attention and awareness about your company.
    • It is more than a job fair, where you and your brand will be highlighted.

    Book early to grab the place where you can highlight your brand in a better way. Book your Exhibitor Package now so as to secure your Exhibitor stand.

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Our Agenda

Tech Jobs Fair Overview

    • 13:0014:15
      Event Open
    • 14:1514:25
    • 14:3014:45
      Beyond the Code: Discovering your Purpose and Fulfillment in the Digital Era
    • 14:5015:05
      3 Keys To Effortless Productivity for Best Achievement!
    • 15:1015:25
      The Future of Sustainability Leadership
    • 15:3015:45
      Thrive Through Transition: Gen Z's Guide to Mental Health in the Future of Work
    • 15:5016:05
      AI = Death of Average
    • 16:1016:30
      How to get more interviews in a competitive job market
    • 16:3516:50
      Discover why qualifications & hard work are not enough to secure your next role!
    • 16:5517:10
      Emerging Technology
    • 17:1019:00

Meet Our Awesome Partners

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Want to become an exhibitor?

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  • Xero
  • Busuu
  • WP Event Manager
  • TitanSwan
  • Echios Edu
  • Hire Tech Talent
  • Recruitnest Agency
  • Oxyzn
  • London School of Emerging Technology
  • The Hub
  • 01Founders
  • Mysocialbites
  • Westminster Adult Education Service
  • Sato Argo Photography
  • Pigee Inc.
  • Future Electronics
  • Stellar Consulting Group

Our Partners

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  • Spey
  • London Tech Community
  • Le Wagon
  • Success Redefined Limited
  • WomenTech Network

Our Speakers

Meet some of our great HR Innovation & Keynote Speakers.

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Tech Jobs Fair - London 2025


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Get your Free TJF Ticket &
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