Switzerland Agenda Details

25th Nov 2021

  • Ashok Dudhat

    Founder & CEO

    14:50 - 15:00


    TJF – Tech Jobs Fair is a job fair with a focus on IT and Digital founded by Ashok Dudhat. The first edition took place in Berlin in 2017. The following cities were Vienna, Zurich and Lisbon, all in 2019. TJF has had more than 10 000 visitors in the past years. The company is based in Berlin, where the team sits and does most of the work. TJF also works with local professionals in the different cities where the job fair takes place.

  • Matt Ward

    Startup & Business Coach for Strategy, Growth and Fundraising | Serial Entrepreneur

    15:00 - 15:20

    How to design virality and word of mouth into your product

    Matt Ward is a serial entrepreneur, Venturelab startup advisor & business consultant for strategy & growth and an ex-angel investor and VC/tech podcaster.

    He helps founders and businesses change the world for the better with experienced growth, strategy, marketing, and fundraising tactics to reach larger audiences, increase revenues, improve business models & processes, and make a bigger impact with their efforts.

    By bringing years of experience (and painful lessons learned) building & exiting companies, helping others do the same and working in and around the startup/venture ecosystem, Matt helps companies (from scrappy upstarts to the Fortune 500) take their business to the next level.

    If you’re building something meaningful in the world and your business needs a proven combination of multi-industry experience, futurist perspective and outside-the-box thinking to help strategically scaling your company, consider working with Matt.

    To learn more about what past clients have to say about working with Matt, visit mattward.io/testimonials

  • Jacob Shekrel

    Mental Strategist and Clinical Hypnotherapist

    15:40 - 16:00

    Lacking this one ability prevents the success you desire

    Jacob Shekrel is a Mental Strategist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.
    Using a method he developed, Jacob helps business people, entrepreneurs, and senior executives overcome the inner factors responsible for stress, anxiety, and depression.
    It is an effective and quick method that not only helps to resolve the roots of stress once and for all, but also rebuilds confidence and self-esteem and even overcomes the ‘impostor syndrome’.

    By education, Jacob is a Sociologist and Anthropologist.
    He is also a Life-Success Consultant student and the representative of Bob Proctor in Spain
    And with 40 years of experience in the business world as the owner and partner in several business.
    He has moved from Israel to Spain 21 years ago.

  • Kerstin Brunner

    Senior Financial Consultant & Adviser

    16:00 - 16:20

    What are the benefits of a holistic financial advice?

    My name is Kerstin Brunner, I am a financial coach and adviser at MLP and my passion is to pick up people wherever they are in life and to accompany them on their path through life. It is important to me to consider all aspects of the individual life situation and to create a financial map with the necessary information. Based on the map, my customers can then independently make financial decisions to their own comfortable feeling.

    For me, the most important part of my work is to build up long-term relationships with my personal values: Empathy, authenticity, and expertise. My English-speaking customers have entrusted me with the fact, that English-speaking financial coaching is hard to find in Germany. I am able to prove that it is possible to successfully advise the needs of Inputs in Germany.

    What are the benefits of holistic financial advice?

    Coming from abroad it could be difficult to clarify all your questions regarding insurances, finance, and other topics which are automatically connected with your start in Germany. Comprehensive financial advice helps you to shape your future independently with an expert at your side. The holistic approach covers knowledge in areas such as banking, insurances, investments, retirement planning, employer benefits and puts all areas in context. Working hand in hand with a financial expert gives you more confidence to make financial decisions on your own and more time for things you really like.

  • Bindu Kalwadia

    Business Manager | Growth Marketer

    16:20 - 16:40

    Tech Jobs Fair's Introduce Hire Tech Talent

    9+years of career experience with several case studies and projects done on Human Behaviour and Child psychology has turned Bindu into an optimistic with a quick-witted personality and gifted her an ameliorate skillset. Working with the Human Resources department, she gained expertise in how one can be a resourceful person for his/her organization. She has been a soft skill trainer for different verticals in the service sector and has proven her abilities in leadership too as a team mentor.
    Bindu enrolled in Masters of Sociology and holds a double Graduation in Library Science and her management studies have become a key for her fine management prowess.
    Currently, Bindu is involved in supporting the organisation to reach its goals in aspects of HR & Branding. She enjoys connecting with new people and likes to explore more about the Tech sector and corporate culture.

  • Sarath Singh

    Business Development

    18:00 - 18:20

    How to Create Tickets Selling Marketplace using WP Event Manager

    I’m part business development team over at WP Event Manager, me and the whole team we always are looking for something unique something different that will make us stand out from the others via our marketing strategy.

    we try to ensure that we give our customer information about our product as transparently as possible, ensuring a perfect after sales support as well. My part of the jobs educating our users about our product how to use them or how to modify/customize them as per their own taste, its not really limited to our product only I try to educate them on general wordpress topics out there as well.

  • Priya Goenka

    Business Development Executive

    18:00 - 18:20

    How to Create Tickets Selling Marketplace using WP Event Manager

    A Self-starter, skilled business development executive, with entrepreneurial spirit with very high personal and professional goals. Solution oriented, consultative, team player adept at building and maintaining relationships.

    Logical approach to problem solving and analytical thinking. excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Self motivated, proactive and driven. Good time management and organizational skills in order to prioritize workload and demands.

  • Sashka Regina

    CEO and Founder at FUTURE FORWARD HUB

    16:40 - 17:00

    Why Aim to Build A Brand That Influences Generations?

    My name is Sashka Regina, Forbes-featured founder of BRANDSASHKA and FUTURE FORWARD HUB Podcast, author and Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein and Salzburg, Columnist for the magazine Tirolerin-Illustrierte and mentor at the female factor.

    Sashka Regina is the leading International Brand and Business Strategist for Creative Visionaries. She’s an edutainer, author, and speaker, serving creative visionaries in the lifestyle market, who want to go from no-name to brand leadership without selling their soul but leading with it. Her signature approach is to Brand Your Soul® using Soul Brand Marketing®. Her methods are creative, wise, humorous and imaginative, to help creative visionary entrepreneurs create and market their unforgettable brand that is tailored to the entrepreneur rather than the profession. And to be understood in a crowded market.

    Sashka is the author of Soul’d Out: Your Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose, which also includes a 50-page workbook, written for creative visionaries who want to find their life purpose and apply it to their vocation. Trained as an actress, dancer, singer, consumer behaviourist, marketer and advertiser, she’s empowered hundreds of clients, students, children and event attendees, to see that their life purpose is what steers their brand and gives it soul and the brand leadership entrepreneurs desire.

    She’s been featured on Forbes, Yahoo Finance!, Buzzfeed, Natural Born Coaches, Trafeze, Steven Aitchison, various virtual on-and offline summits and more. Born and raised in South Africa, residing in London (UK), she now lives in the Tyrolean Alps with her three children.

  • Claudius Krucker

    Coworking Evangelist and Startup Coach

    17:00 - 17:20

    What New Work means in 2022

    Claudius holds a degree in Law from the University of St.Gallen (HSG) and has been active in the Swiss coworking and startup scenes since 2012. His passion is the combination of entrepreneurship and creativity, be it with creative industry startups, or his own art platform artagenda.com. He founded the CreativeSpace coworking spaces in 2014, which are now present in Zurich and St.Gallen. Claudius has also been co-founder of Coworking Switzerland, the Swiss coworking federation, of which he is acting as Co-President since 2020. He develops and moderates events and support services for startups and freelancers.

  • Kinga Daradics

    Country Manager& Head of Global Partnerships @Zenitech, Board Member @Impact Ventures, Chapter Chair @Young Presidents Organisation Budapest Chapter

    17:20 - 17:40

    Leading with impact

    ‘I believe in the superpower of humans to improve. I drive purposeful- sustainable growth for the better of companies, people and the larger communities. A unique combination of energy, curiosity and a track record of outstanding result.’

    Kinga is an international senior executive, with an IT and business background. She has managed companies anywhere between 0 to 1.5 billion USD, or 0 to 2500 people. Key achievements include transformational M&A integration, digital transformations, company growth of several 100 million USDs or growing people form fresh graduates to managerial level or to growing several CEOs. Her industry expertise includes payments, insurance, energy or retail.

    Kinga was/ is active in supporting communities. Among others, she has been active board member in business organisations, like Foreign Investors Council or board member at the Sapientia University. She is advisory member in an NGO organising camps for chronically ill children.

    Her leadership was recognised with several awards including Forbes Youngest Most influential CEO (Romania), Most Admired CEO Top 100 (Romania) or Rising Talent 2014 by the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society (worldwide).

  • Susana Metzger

    Project Director at NUI You

    17:40 - 18:00

    Video & Personal Branding

    Susana Metzger has an eye for the story and for what makes the viewer tick. She is an experienced media producer and has established herself as an accomplished film festivals director for the past decade. She is the founder of the Portuguese Surf Film Festival, at Ericeira – Europe´s only world surfing reserve – and a co-founder of What If? Women in Film Festival, in Zürich. With NUI You, the aim is to bring the most innovative and immersive technology tools to the realm of corporate storytelling.

  • Vincent Irrling

    Founder at KAPSLY

    18:20 - 18:35

    How to bootstrap on a low budget and fairly compensate supporters

    Founder of KAPSLY, the first service investment marketplace with the mission to help founders to build their startups with hands-on support from professional service agencies.

    Organiser of the Swiss Startups Club, one of the biggest event and networking platforms for startups in Switzerland.

  • Marina Cantafio

    Social Media Manager & Blogger at Lovefoodish

    18:35 - 18.50

    Create the job you love

    Marina Cantafio is a Social Media Manager, Freelancer & Founder of the Blog www.lovefoodish.com.
    Her passion for food, storytelling, and networking is her personal superpower.  Marina creates content for several food brands, restaurants & hotels in Switzerland and the world. Her blog has up to 2200 visitors a month and features food & travel stories she experiences while traveling the world. Besides her own blog, she supports various customers in the areas of finances, lifestyle, and healthcare with social media strategy and content creation.

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