Hugo Valdivia

Founder & CEO of Silentus

Founder of Silentus, an anti-procrastination app for workers and students, optimizing homeworking to help them regain 500hrs per year on average and set boundaries between work hours and personal time (maximize time and energy levels).

Awarded Rotterdam School of Management’s “’I WILL’ Journey Award’ in April 2022 for a (volunteers) recycling initiative in Chiclayo, Peru. Currently 20+ households signed up to change their habits towards waste management.

As entrepreneur demonstrated ability to develop and translate ideas into products that improves people’s lives, and build (remote) teams capable of executing clear roadmaps.

Drive execution through finding resources (tech/people/financial) to deliver on-time, in-full, using network/learning/DIY. Able to create something big and tangible from limited resources by being creative and strict prioritization.

Building on 15+ years of experience in Finance and Operations in Global Multinationals including KraftHeinz, TomTom, PwC, Vopak.

Belief that education and technology are the main levers to close skills and inequalities in society. Avid reader (fiction and non-fiction).

Graduate from INSEAD (Executive Master in Finance) and Rotterdam School of Management (MBA).

Attended Job Fairs:

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