Elmira Gazizova

Head of Marketing at Money Masters

Head of Marketing in a fast-growing and innovative ed-tech/fintech specializing in improving financial literacy, and also a co-founder at one exciting ed-tech project. I possess strong expertise in user acquisition in various channels, building up marketing strategies focusing on brand awareness, engaging with prospects, and creating strong relationships with users as well achieving the goals of stakeholders. Thanks to 5 years of being involved in startups and business marketing initiatives and a previous experience in business management, I am leading businesses to meet their needs and build up a strong brand presence that would distribute the values of the company and create loyalty to the brands and their products across different channels.

Why Digital Marketing? I have been involved in creating and promoting the product from the first career step and marketing has a major role in the successful launch. Being data-driven with solid analytical skills and creativity made my shift to Digital Marketing extremely smooth. Simply speaking, I have always dreamt to make every enterprise financially successful with a myriad (army) of happy and loyal customers. And I have always been into technology and innovation.

Being part of FONGIT program made the journey of Money Masters easy and opened a lot of doors. We have been assisted from day one with training our pitching skills and connecting with industry leaders, overall facilitating an already challenging startup life.


Attended Job Fairs:

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