André Casal

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur

André has been working as a software engineer, for more than 15 years, with companies like Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, American TV network NBC, and energy drink Monster Energy. He has provided technical direction to countless startups and managed teams of over 20 people. Currently, he helps other software engineers improve their careers through mentoring and online courses, which have been featured by Microsoft. Teaching has always been one of his passions and that is why throughout his career he consulted, mentored, and tutored with remarkable reviews.

André is launching a Software Engineering University soon, funded by Noumena, and he’s part of Noumena’s Advisory Council.

Besides tech, entrepreneurship, and business, André is also very interested in teaching practical introspection and (nonviolent) communication skills, because to a large degree, the quality of your mind determines the quality of your life, and he’s passionate about transformation.

Attended Job Fairs:

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