Lisbon Agenda Details

12th Sept 2019

15:00 – 16:10
Open door and Welcoming
Tech Jobs Fair provides job seekers an opportunity to browse and apply to some of the fastest growing company. For companies, we provide comprehensive hiring solutions and candidates from categories like work students, fresh graduates, experienced professionals and strategic hires for key positions and as well as brand awarnesss.

Ashok Dudhat

Ashok Dudhat
Founder & CTO at Tech Jobs Fair
16:10 – 16: 20
IAESTE: Promoting life and professional changing experiences all around the world!
IAESTE connects students and employers in more than 80 countries worldwide.
For students, IAESTE offers the opportunity to gain valuable work experience abroad and similarly, IAESTE is a source of high quality trainees for companies and institutions. All IAESTE traineeships are paid, course related and give students the chance to fully immerse themselves in a new country and culture.

Sara has been happily working as an Exchange Administrator for IAESTE Portugal since 2017. Being part of this unique Association means that everyday she help bringing together people from all over the world. Not only by giving students the opportunity to have an amazing work and cultural experience, but also by providing companies with exquisite talent and highly qualified trainees.


Sara Rodrigues
Exchange Administrator at IAESTE Portugal
    16:20 – 16:30
    About Grow Remote
    Grow Remote is a group of community volunteers who believe that smart working (including remote, home, blended and nomadic working) is a big part of the future of work. We think we have the right people, infrastructure and timing but we need to connect the dots.

    June Bolneo is a Chapter Lead at Grow Remote.


    June Bolneo
    Chapter Lead at Grow Remote

    16:30 – 16:45
    Meet Zoi
    Zoi is the abbreviation for Zero One Infinity – underpinning the essence of IT and electronics. We specialize in developing sophisticated software systems and providing guidance to companies for the use and application of the cloud. Based in Stuttgart, Berlin, and Lisbon we combine new technologies, tools, and methods with implementation competence and the challenges of our customers. We are proud that all our customers are leading in their industry.

    Tobias Leitner has gained professional experience in IT for several years. He is working as an IoT Specialist at Zoi. His focus points are application technical architecture analysis and implementation as well as cloud solutions in enterprise environments.


    Tobias Leitner
    IoT Specialist at Zoi
      16:45 – 16:55
      About Hello Monday Club
      Hello Monday supports future-minded founders and leaders with building thriving and authentic organizations that are ready for the challenges of the 21st century.

      Angelique help design and implement strong structures and cultures that fit the companies’ unique strategy and preferred way of working, and that will help them to become successful. She is Organisational Strategist, People and Culture, Future of Work, Remote Working Advocate and founder of Hello Monday Club


      Angelique Slob
      People and Culture Strategist and founder of Hello Monday Club
      16:55 – 17:10
      Shifting from an office mindset to a flexible mindset
      Gonçalo Hall is helping companies and individuals to successfully work remotely and grow their business.
      On his free time, He interviews remote work thought leaders to his podcast and creates content for different media.
      Also, He organizes workshops and speaks at several events to help shift the mentality of people and organizations.


      Gonçalo Hall
      Co-founder of Remote Shift

      17:10 – 18:00

      Introduction BNP Paribas
      BNP Paribas is present in Portugal since 1985, having been one of the first foreign banks to operate in the country. Today, BNP Paribas has several entities operating directly in this territory, offering a wide range of integrated financial solutions to support its clients and their businesses.

      Lionel Tostivint

      Lionel Tostivint
      Chief Operating Officer at BNP Paribas

      Marketing & Design
      He has a passion for great ideas. He has been working in marketing, advertising and creative industries since 2005. He joined Marketing & Communications at BNP Paribas in 2017 to lead the in-house creative studio that supports marketing, communications and events teams across the world.


      Filipe Bernardo
      Head of Design Solutions at BNP Paribas

      Tech Roles in the Financial Industry
      Claude holds three Master studies in Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Probability and Finance and Computer Science, Dynamic System Control. He has been in BNPP since 2006 and is currently Head of Quantitative Research Lisbon.

      Pierre holds a Master studies in Conflict Prevention and Management. He has more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry and is an experienced manager in the implementation of global projects and business improvement programs. He been in BNP Paribas since 2018 in the Transformation team and has recently become Head of Analytics Consulting Portugal.

      Ana holds a Master’s studies in Information Management and more than 10 years’ experience leading with financial data. Since 2018, she works at BNPP at the RISK ERA team being responsible for the Credit & Counterparty Risk Reporting team.


      Claude Cochet
      Head of Team Quantitative Research at BNP Paribas


      Pierre Terver
      Head of Team Analytics Consulting at BNP Paribas


      Ana Sofia Esteves
      Data Analyst at BNP Paribas

      Ana holds a Master in Information Management with several years of experience in both the telecommunications industry and the public sector. Ana has been at BNPP since 2015 as an IT Manager.


      Ana Margarida Belo
      Manager at BNP Paribas Portugal

      20:00 pm – 22:00

      Networking Party
      It is the opportunity to grow your network and built long term relationships with companies. You can learn about HR trends, Bots, AI and Mobile Workers.
      Meeting and interacting with recruiters face to face and network with other corporations.

      Networking Party