Limor Bergman Gross

Executive Coach for Women in Tech Leadership

Hi, I am Limor. I have worked in the tech industry for over 20 years as a software engineer, engineering manager, and Director of engineering. I know firsthand what being a woman in a male-dominated field is like.

After spending nine years living in the US, I returned to my home country and decided to focus on my passion for supporting women’s career growth in tech leadership. I have coached women (and men) for over five years and created a mentorship program for women with PowerToFly.

My main focus is women in tech leadership roles, and I help them with topics such as:

  • Career Progression
  • Imposter Syndrom
  • Boundary Setting and Saying No
  • Speaking up and Asserting Oneself in meetings
  • Managing upward and stakeholder management
  • Negotiation, Persuasion, and communication in the workplace

Women I work with tell me that working with me enabled them to continuously tear down “ceilings” by challenging them to think bigger. They also say I opened their eyes to a new way of contributing to their careers.

I also consult and run workshops with companies on various topics, such as:

  • Internal mentorship program training (I can also build a complete program based on the company’s needs).
  • Presentation Skills – How do you build an engaging presentation utilizing Storytelling? (I also coach one on one and give feedback to presenters)
  • Leadership workshops
  • Effective communication – Listening & Presence, Asking great questions, Communicating effectively in meetings, Improving written and verbal communication
  • Building relationships in the workplace – Working effectively with members of your team and peers. Exploring and embracing similarities & differences, Understanding biases, Effective upward and cross-team communications
  • Exercise your influence – Learning to say no, Clarity and Assertiveness in communication, Managing conflicts, Mechanisms to overcome your emotions
  • Developing your leadership style: Leadership/ communication style archetypes, Understanding your individual leadership/communication style, and Adapting your style to your environment.
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