Daniel Wiesen

Job coach | Advisor for education and training in Germany | Foreign skilled workers and trainees for Germany

As a job coach and consultant for education and training, I help people to discover their personal and professional potential, find strengths, and realize their vocation.

Through my personal consultation and coaching tailored to your individual needs, you will learn how to write a convincing application, how to convince in a job interview with your professional and social skills, how to deliver real added value to the future company, how to achieve the market value you deserve and how to draw attention to yourself with a serious digital public image.

As a long-time executive, company owner, and service provider of the Agentur für Arbeit, it is my job to sift through applications, conduct interviews and make decisions for hiring or rejection. Over the last 16 years, I have seen good applications and have conducted over 1500 interviews in which the applicants were able to convince. However, many of the candidates simply showed poor preparation.

If the candidates do not know the HR people’s expectations? What then? So I have made it my professional life’s task as a job coach and career advisor to help people find out what the HR people want and how to get into the job. More than 3500 satisfied customers have already used our service of www.CvXperts.com is taken up. In addition, more than 1500 application coaching sessions were successfully conducted.

My personal goal and promise to you are: “Your coaching ends with me when you have found your calling! Beyond that, I will gladly accompany you and stay in contact with you. Not only to support you in your professional success but also to help you reach further goals and master further challenges.

Attended Job Fairs:

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