Germany Agenda Details

11th Nov 2021

  • Ashok Dudhat

    Founder & CEO

    13:40 - 13:50


    TJF – Tech Jobs Fair is a job fair with a focus on IT and Digital founded by Ashok Dudhat. The first edition took place in Berlin in 2017. The following cities were Vienna, Zurich and Lisbon, all in 2019. TJF has had more than 10 000 visitors in the past years. The company is based in Berlin, where the team sits and does most of the work. TJF also works with local professionals in the different cities where the job fair takes place.

  • Jeffery Lovejoy

    Senior Talent Acquisition Lead - Future Zalent

    14:00 - 14:20

    How to get your foot in the door to Zalando

    Jeff Lovejoy, Senior Talent Acquisition lead for Future Zalent at Zalando will be giving a deep dive into Zalando.  Who we are, what we do and how to get your foot in the door to one of Berlins most successful unicorns.  Come help us be the starting point for fashion and be a disrupter in the industry. With over 10 years experience in the early career opportunities launching 1000’s of graduates, students, returners, and career changers careers, you definitely don’t want to miss his key advice on how to knock the door down in a competitive job market post corona. Jeff brings experience from Enterprise Rent A Car, FDM group, N26, SumUp and now Zalando.



  • Korbinian Rudloff

    Head of Marketing & Sales at Werkules

    14:20 - 14:40

    Disrupting one of Germany's most conservative industries: Construction

    My passion for technology and especially startups was ignited when I worked in different startups abroad and could see how they improved the everyday life of people. After starting my studies at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, I soon started the first entrepreneurial student initiative at my university. Our goal was to bring many like minded people together to discuss and learn about all relevant aspects that one has to take into consideration when starting their own venture. And we have been quite successful in doing that. During the first two years of our existence many companies were founded and supported by us during the process. 

    Especially interesting for me was any topic around Marketing & Sales and building teams from scratch for real impact. I got the opportunity to learn a lot about that in different companies and startups and put my knowledge to work.

    The most recent venture we have started is Werkules. One night, a few people from completely different backgrounds came together and talked about an industry that was neglected by many startups so far: the German construction industry. 

    That night, the foundation for Werkules was built. 

    We are very happy and proud of the things we have already accomplished as a team but our goal is to revolutionize the entire German construction industry. In order to do that, we look for like minded people to join our mission.

  • Fons Schuurmans

    Manager, Solutions Consulting at Xandr

    14:40 - 15:00

    Introduction to Ad-Tech

    Fons Schuurmans holds a Master degree in Business Information Management from the Rotterdam School of Management and works as a solutions consultant at Xandr in Berlin. As an Ad-Tech solutions consultant he has experience working both with large agencies and publishers in the DACH region.

  • Christopher Hertel

    Lead Software Architect at Quentic

    15:00 - 15:20

    Quentic - Passionate people for sustainable software

    Certified Symfony developer with project experience since version 2.0. Trained teams as Symfony Coach for several years and relaunched Berlin’s Symfony User Group. Working as a Software Architect with focus on modern, clean and simple software.

  • Andrea Zhupa

    Technical Coach at Quentic

    15:00 - 15:20

    Quentic - Passionate people for sustainable software

    Working for Quentic as Technical Coach with the goal to support the code quality.

    Preparing and running trainings for our developers with the focus on software-design.

    Supporting and coaching our dev-teams, encouraging them to write tests, doing TDD and work in pair- or mob-programing.

    Searching for blockers regarding the code quality and trying to solve them or initiate solutions.

    Initiating changes on the system level, if processes has to be adapted.


  • Bindu Kalwadia

    Business Manager | Growth Marketer

    16:20 - 16:40

    Tech Jobs Fair's Introduce Hire Tech Talent

    9+years of career experience with several case studies and projects done on Human Behaviour and Child psychology has turned Bindu into an optimistic with a quick-witted personality and gifted her an ameliorate skillset. Working with the Human Resources department, she gained expertise in how one can be a resourceful person for his/her organization. She has been a soft skill trainer for different verticals in the service sector and has proven her abilities in leadership too as a team mentor.
    Bindu enrolled in Masters of Sociology and holds a double Graduation in Library Science and her management studies have become a key for her fine management prowess.
    Currently, Bindu is involved in supporting the organisation to reach its goals in aspects of HR & Branding. She enjoys connecting with new people and likes to explore more about the Tech sector and corporate culture.

  • Nelli Kundel

    Talent Acquisition Manager at Personio

    15:20 - 15:40

    Culture matters: Working @ Personio

    Nelli works with Personio since April 2020. She studied European Studies at the University of Passau but got into the HR field afterwards because she thinks that people make a company what it is in the first place by developing, engaging and carrying culture.
    After being part of Personio’s Sales department for a year, she now is one of our business recruiters and contributed to double Personio’s team in size this year.

  • Sara Hildebrandt

    Managing Director | CSO/CMO VIMATO I Mentor and Coach

    17:00 - 17:20

    High Risk, High Reward: The deliberate move from Tech Giants to the startup world.

    During my journey so far I have been lucky to grow into becoming an experienced owner with a demonstrated history of leadership, marketing and sales in the tech industry.

    I am skilled in people management, coaching, cross-country and multilingual leadership and account management. My multicultural background allows me not only to speak German, Spanisch, Catalan and Dutch on a native level, but to appreciate and cherish diversity. During my Master of Business Administration (MBA) I focussed on the importance of diversity and cultural values in the success of any organization and process.

    After several years building and leading teams at big tech companies I decided to do a drastic change and quit my quite secure job and entering the startup world. After some months of Covid 19, without knowing what the next months would bring I was offered to become co-owner and CSO/CMO of an influencer search-plattform. The startup needed funding and so the risk was very high. Still I decided to go for it and I don’t regret it one bit.

  • Tom Winkler

    Senior Software Engineering Manager at Webfleet Solutions

    15:40 - 16:00

    How you can contribute to the future of #mobility

    Living close to a RandomForrest near Berlin, Tom was able to: hire, onboard, and work with passionate Engineers in Leipzig, Amsterdam, and Berlin. He has more than 12 years of experience in software development. Leading various new product developments and teams around the context of Mobility and Fleets.

    Reach out to him using one of the following languages: Java, C++, Python, English, German.

  • Daniel Wiesen

    Job coach | Advisor for education and training in Germany | Foreign skilled workers and trainees for Germany

    16:00 - 16:20

    Rights & obligations if you lose your job in Germany.

    As a job coach and consultant for education and training, I help people to discover their personal and professional potential, find strengths, and realize their vocation.

    Through my personal consultation and coaching tailored to your individual needs, you will learn how to write a convincing application, how to convince in a job interview with your professional and social skills, how to deliver real added value to the future company, how to achieve the market value you deserve and how to draw attention to yourself with a serious digital public image.

    As a long-time executive, company owner, and service provider of the Agentur für Arbeit, it is my job to sift through applications, conduct interviews and make decisions for hiring or rejection. Over the last 16 years, I have seen good applications and have conducted over 1500 interviews in which the applicants were able to convince. However, many of the candidates simply showed poor preparation.

    If the candidates do not know the HR people’s expectations? What then? So I have made it my professional life’s task as a job coach and career advisor to help people find out what the HR people want and how to get into the job. More than 3500 satisfied customers have already used our service of is taken up. In addition, more than 1500 application coaching sessions were successfully conducted.

    My personal goal and promise to you are: “Your coaching ends with me when you have found your calling! Beyond that, I will gladly accompany you and stay in contact with you. Not only to support you in your professional success but also to help you reach further goals and master further challenges.

  • Dr. Irene Kilubi

    Founder & Managing Director brandPreneurs & brandFluencers, Initiator & Organisational Lead JOINT GENERATIONS

    16:40 - 17:00

    Community Building using the example of Corporate Influencer

    Dr. Irene Kilubi holds a doctorate in industrial engineering and is a management consultant with powerful companies such as BMW, Deloitte, Siemens, and others on her CV.

    After many previous occupations, she is now following a very personal passion and is pursuing work through community building, corporate influencer strategy, and JOINT GENERATIONS. She is also an Expert Advisor for the European Innovation Council Accelerator of the European Commission.

    Dr. Irène Kilubi is a university lecturer in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship and is a sought-after speaker at conferences and events.

  • Sarath Singh

    Business Development at WP Event Manager

    17:20 - 17:40

    How to Create Tickets Selling Marketplace using WP Event Manager

    I’m part business development team over at WP Event Manager, me and the whole team we always are looking for something unique something different that will make us stand out from the others via our marketing strategy.

    we try to ensure that we give our customer information about our product as transparently as possible, ensuring a perfect after sales support as well. My part of the jobs educating our users about our product how to use them or how to modify/customize them as per their own taste, its not really limited to our product only I try to educate them on general wordpress topics out there as well.

  • Priya Goenka

    Business Development Executive at WP Event Manager

    17:20 - 17:40

    How to Create Tickets Selling Marketplace using WP Event Manager

    A Self-starter, skilled business development executive, with entrepreneurial spirit with very high personal and professional goals. Solution oriented, consultative, team player adept at building and maintaining relationships.

    Logical approach to problem solving and analytical thinking. excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Self motivated, proactive and driven. Good time management and organizational skills in order to prioritize workload and demands.

  • Lisa Janz

    CEO & Founder of Lisa Janz Coaching

    17:40 - 18:00

    The Cover Letter - an underestimated yet powerful tool to help secure an interview

    My name is Lisa Janz and I’m also known as Job Coach Germany. My mission is to offer national and international professionals support along the application process in Germany. The belief that drives me forward every day is that all candidates should have equal opportunities to be invited to job interviews, conduct them confidently and thus win their dream job through strategy and extraordinary preparation. I do this with my most important values: Authenticity, Fairness, and Empathy.

    For a long time now, I have dreamed of a world in which people follow their hearts, especially when it comes to their careers. Whenever I can help an applicant define their dream career and actually win a job accordingly, I get one step closer to my vision.

    Since starting my own coaching business in 2017, I was lucky and have accompanied 400+ clients from around the globe to help them understand the German labour market, the application process, what an employer is looking for in a future employee, how to improve their resume and give them a strategic plan to set their personal job goals and land the most incredible jobs in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

    Especially the job seekers can benefit from my experience. Your aim, that you would like job seeker being able to make the right decisions at the right time for their career is also a big part of my everyday work. I would love to be a speaker at your virtual tech jobs fair – in Germany especially, but I would also love to participate in the tech jobs fairs for the other countries as well as there might be participants who are interested in working in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria.

  • Dietmar Dahmen

    Transformation Guru | Marketing Expert | Business Rock Star | Motivator

    18:00 - 18:20

    What’s Nexxxxxxt, 6X - Traordinary Insights for Your Success

    One of Europes top experts on change, contemporary branding, advertising and future success.
    Co-owner of co-founder of various start ups. Speaker, Motivator, Inspirator, Author and Trainer. Chief Innovation Officer with

    20 year in Marketing Hamburg, Los Angeles, Munich, New York ,Vienna

    • Creative Director DDB (McDonalds, Reebok)
    • Executive Creative Director Ogilvy (IBM, Ford)
    • Chief Creative Officer, Managing Director BBDO  (Allianz, Mars)
    • Chief Innovation Officer –  exit after being sold to IBM
    • Expert on disruptive market strategies with EACA ( European Association of Communication Agencies)
    • Co- founder (Blockchain , Social Money, NFT Token)
    • Global Coach and Keynote Speaker on Marketing, Change, Disruption.

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