Rajesh Venkatesan

Director & CTO at Hotfoot Technology Solutions

Rajesh has over 20 years of experience and is passionate about technology and its applications. Starting his technology journey in building products and platforms, he was instrumental in institutionalizing technology adoption across teams, sold, priced, and built Intellectual Properties that can generate nonlinear revenue in the IT services industry. He has been the key architect in building platforms that brings different pieces together including the flexibility of the cloud, the restrictions of global compliance like PCI, HIPAA, and DPA, the low cost of open source technologies, the existing investments of enterprises in technology to transform and pivot business units of multiple Fortune 500 customers in different domains.

Rajesh has not only led several programs around technology transformations but participates in everyday design and coding, building products that make a difference in people’s lives. Rajesh is a first-generation entrepreneur with four patents in the product, platforms, and cloud under his belt. Rajesh is TOGAF Certified and is keenly interested in transformational programs of enterprises where multiple parts of the organization change and the enterprise architecture around transformations. He is also a certified AWS Architect and has spent nearly a decade understanding and architecting for the cloud and has spoken in public forums on the architecture of the cloud. He truly believes that the best of digital and analytics is yet to come in financial services.

The lending industry is still largely paper-based and most of the current systems are inward-focused rather than customer-focused. He is on a journey to be able to build the organization with these nuggets of wisdom, as one of the most customer-focused companies that make a difference to people. Rajesh loves to spend time with his daughter and is an avid traveler to embraces new cultures and living.

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