Anton Wohlgemuth

Founder and CTO at silana

Anton is a dedicated entrepreneur focused on leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to promote ethical and sustainable practices in the fashion industry. His more than five years of experience as a Data Scientist and Software Engineer has equipped him with a deep understanding of data-driven decision-making and technological innovation.

Recognized as a “TUW 30 Under 30” listmaker by TU Wien and the German edition of Forbes magazine, Anton’s efforts in advancing sustainability have not gone unnoticed.

As the founder of silana, a deep tech robotics startup, Anton is working towards transforming the fashion industry. Silana’s novel approach involves an intelligent robot that automates the fashion production process, reducing CO2 emissions by an average of 85% and improving working conditions in the industry.

Anton’s experiences range from creating a robot for automated clay cutting at 17 to roles at Siemens, TDK, Deutsche Bank, and UniCredit. His varied experiences in hardware, software, robotics, automation engineering, data science, data analytics, deep learning, early stage venture development, and leadership are now being applied at silana.

Anton strongly believes in the potential of technology to foster sustainability and conscious consumption in the fashion industry. He sees technological innovation and education as key drivers for change.

Attended Job Fairs:

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