Khanh Bang Duong (Nancy)

Talent Acquisition Specialist at BlueRock TMS

Hi, my name is Bang- a 22-year-old Vietnamese girl. I am known as Nancy- my lovely favorite nickname! People also usually think of me as FANCY NANCY-you guessed 🙂

I take pride in my creativity and determination. I always work hard towards achieving my goals and constantly manage to step out of my comfort zone. My “morning wake-up spell” – Do something today that your future self will thank for.

I believe that everyone has great potential and life is about finding what you master at. Each person will shine with their own lights!

As a calm and positive human-being, I always see challenges as great opportunities for me to explore my hidden strengths, and also my limitations.

My family & friends are my first priority in life. I love cooking and find joy in innovating any recipes. Besides, I like to travel to different places and take thousands of photos. Last but not least, I enjoy talking with different people as their unique perspectives make my viewpoint become more colorful!

My WHY statement:
“ To encourage people to believe in their inner strengths so that they can blossom with their potential and nourish the growth of others in the garden”.

Attended Job Fairs:

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