Marie Burrell

VP of Growth Strategy at FutureThink

Marie Burrell is a passionate Growth Strategist & Digital Marketer with proven success in driving value through innovative digital experiences and dynamic partnerships. She is a true multi-hyphenate and combines analytical thinking with creative approaches to deliver lasting results in business development. She’s heavily focused on understanding customers & client needs to uncover strategic growth opportunities and drive value.

In her current role as VP of Growth Strategy at FutureThink, she works with leading companies such as Google, Pfizer, and P&G, transforming how their teams think and work. Live or on-demand, FutureThink quickly builds power skills that drive growth and innovation, boost productivity and create a culture of collaboration. FutureThink has become the largest source of simplification and innovation tools and training in the world and with Marie’s help, the company’s revenue is expected to double next year. 

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