Dr. Martin Pfeifle


Creating and managing cross-cultural teams located in Germany, US, East-Europe, India and China in the area of autonomous driving and navigation systems.

Expert in the following domain areas

  • navigation databases/applications (especially based on NDS)
  • navigation guidance (AR) / AD decision making
  • ADAS databases/applications
  • processing sensor data for ADAS applications, e.g. camera, LiDAR, radar, 4D radar
  • sensor calibration
  • SLAM
  • navigation systems, i.e. routing, search, rendering, traffic
  • data mining (clustering & classification),
  • machine learning and deep learning (CNNs)
  • spatial-temporal-uncertain data structures
  • sensor fusion for moving objects, lanes, signs, etc. based on camera, LiDAR, radar, IMU, v2x and map data
  • localization (particle filter, GNSS, ego-motion, landmarks, SLAM)
  • environmental model
  • other aspects related to autonomous driving, e.g. planning, simulation, system and functional safety
  • experienced with standardization bodies and governmental organizations

More than 50 patents and more than 50 research papers in the above-mentioned areas.

Attended Job Fairs:

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