Asbjørn Jensen

CEO at Asbjornspeaks

I really hated elementary school.

I was deeply and utterly bullied. At my first school I got bullied and beaten so much that I got hospitalized for 4 days. So when I was 17 years old I almost got thrown out of high school because of absence, but luckily I got the last chance and ended up taking a year as a foreign exchange student in California at Nevada Union High School.

One of the first days at school we were given a ballot with over a hundred classes.

Everything from horse riding to psychology, and I came across a class i didn’t understand. It was called “Speech”. I asked: “What is Speech?“. The lady at the desk answered: “You learn how to talk”. Confused, I replied, “I know how to talk”. And she said firmly: “No, you learn how to talk from a stage.”.

This captivated me, and I immediately signed up.

Educator and expert in public speaking and storytelling with over 25 years of experience. Currently helping professionals, politicians (MPs), scientists, and tech people improve their public speaking and get their message across from the stage in an engaging and effective way.

During my second semester at medical school, I experienced a different kind of professor.
This professor changed the way I looked at scientific presentations.
For the first time, I saw a person in academia that mastered their communication. A person in academia that mastered their rhetoric. A person that could tell a story. A person that could speak about the most difficult of topics within pathology, whilst keeping hundreds of students engaged, only because of his ability to tell stories.
One of the biggest problems I have encountered amongst scientists, academics, and people from tech, is the problem of presenting and pitching their projects. They know that their research/product can make a difference. They know they have something to offer. But how do you present it, so people will listen?

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