Geoff Brown

CEO & Founder at Ingnite Placements

During a very successful ‘out-of-work’ acting career, Geoff discovered an unerring ability to convince people to buy Encyclopedia Britannicas, Ticketmaster entertainment guides, home mortgages and door-to-door products really not worth buying!

So kissing bye bye to the most outlandish dreams of fame, Hollywood and mixing with the Bob De Niros, Michael Caines and Marlon Brandos of this world, Geoff nurtured his more realistic talent, beginning his first full-time ‘proper’ job in January 2002 with 7city Learning, a start-up financial training company with technology as its genuinely unique selling point. 5 years later with Geoff playing the leading sales role, 7city was acquired by a private equity firm for £30m.

Staying with the same company, he moved on to the challenge of selling an unsuccessful 6-month program – the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) – during the most globally challenging period/crash post 2008, converting the program into a global phenomenon which became the primary focus for the 2nd sale of 7city Learning for £90m to the Fitch Group. Whilst Geoff had global responsibility for developing business and managing client relationships, it was the CQF where Geoff’s passion for recruitment took a hold, helping those who graduated (from students to full-time working professionals and senior directors) to secure IT, technology, quant and engineering roles primarily in the financial services, technology, and professional services sectors across EMEA, North America and APAC.

Whilst maintaining regular contact with CQF Alumni during this 9-year period, many of whom were making waves and now occupying divisional head positions at tier 1 banks and technology firms, Geoff left the Fitch Group in April 2017 to pursue a solo career in recruitment using a significant network of contacts to help him on his way.

As we speak/write, Geoff is in his 13th year in recruitment, continually endeavouring to understand every aspect of a client’s requirements, helping candidates to secure precious roles, and using all his people skills to marry client and candidate with a keen eye on long-term prosperity for both parties.

Attended Job Fairs:

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