Netaly Zohar

UX Designer and Lecturer

Entrepreneur, studio owner and a UX teacher.

I’ve started working in the UX field after working as an art director in an advertising agency. The reason I was attracted to this field is because it helped me to make a difference and influence the experience virtually for millions of users, through one product, and one influence.

I’ve started working in the field in small UX characterization and design projects, and I quickly started working with international companies like avg and strakey. Afterwards, I’ve founded an augmented reality app, opened a UX studio and become a UX teacher.

As time went by, I’ve recognized the need and difficulties of many entrepreneurs with a vision who are interested in the UX characterization field to transform their ideas to a characterization work plan, and the need to know more about the UX field. That’s why I started teaching this shortened course for UX characterization. This course is meant for anyone who needs to know the basics to start working on a project, and doesn’t have the time study for months.

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