Israel Agenda Details

27th Oct 2021

  • Ashok Dudhat

    Founder & CEO

    14:00 - 14:20


    TJF – Tech Jobs Fair is a job fair with a focus on IT and Digital founded by Ashok Dudhat. The first edition took place in Berlin in 2017. The following cities were Vienna, Zurich and Lisbon, all in 2019. TJF has had more than 10 000 visitors in the past years. The company is based in Berlin, where the team sits and does most of the work. TJF also works with local professionals in the different cities where the job fair takes place.

  • Keren Arazi

    Head of HR at Storemaven

    14:25 - 14:45

    Behind the Scenes: Hi-tech Culture at Storemaven

    As Head of HR, Keren serves as a partner in achieving Storemaven’s business strategy, supporting the team’s growth, engagement, high performance and retention. She uses her creative energy to create a fulfilling and memorable employee experience.
    Prior to joining Storemaven Keren served as HRBP and Internal Communications expert at Payoneer R&D and NICE, Ltd., working with global teams to support growth, scalability and smooth business activity and creating communications to enhance collaboration and advance each organizations’ strategic goals.

  • Helena Baker

    CEO of English Speaking Networking

    14:45 - 15:00

    LinkedIn and building a personal brand online

    I moved to Israel I run a networking group for English speaking business owners looking to gain more clients. We have 80 members and four groups – Tel Aviv, Hertzliya, Jerusalem and International. Our International group is a space for business owners right around the world to network and grow their business.  Alongside that I also offer LinkedIn outsourced support for companies looking to leverage that social media channel for lead generation. I work with a small number of companies to offer a bespoke and personal service.

  • Pratik Thakker

    Israel’s Tech Ambassador to India | Israel's #1 LinkedIn Influencer | Speaker | Angel Investor

    15:00 - 15:20

    Learn the Skill You Need to Succeed at Almost Anything

    Pratik is Israel’s #1 LinkedIn Influencer and Founder and CEO of Webzoly that helps tech companies grow in India and Asia-Pacific (APAC) by providing the local tech teams, capital, and drive the marketing, sales, and growth.

  • Sharona Hadar Houri

    Facilitator of change with ease, Invitation to prosperity

    15:20 - 15:30

    What if money is not a problem, you are?

    What if all of the stories that we use to defend our past choices, stop us from receiving possibilities from the future?

    My name is Sharona Hadar Houri, and I’m the founder of “hopeful life and living”

    That allows people to choose change, with ease, in empowering and innovative workshops.

    I facilitated the hundredth of unique classes in Israel and all over the world.

    I’m also the owner of an architect office that based on Feng Shui design for 23 years, And the mother of 5 princesses.

    I live in Israel, in a house that I designed and built on Feng Shui principles.

  • Bindu Kalwadia

    Business Manager | Growth Marketer

    15:50 - 16:00

    Tech Jobs Fair's Introduce Hire Tech Talent

    9+years of career experience with several case studies and projects done on Human Behaviour and Child psychology has turned Bindu into an optimistic with a quick-witted personality and gifted her an ameliorate skillset. Working with the Human Resources department, she gained expertise in how one can be a resourceful person for his/her organization. She has been a soft skill trainer for different verticals in the service sector and has proven her abilities in leadership too as a team mentor.
    Bindu enrolled in Masters of Sociology and holds a double Graduation in Library Science and her management studies have become a key for her fine management prowess.
    Currently, Bindu is involved in supporting the organisation to reach its goals in aspects of HR & Branding. She enjoys connecting with new people and likes to explore more about the Tech sector and corporate culture.

  • Jacob Shekrel

    Mental Strategist and Clinical Hypnotherapist

    16:40 - 17:00

    Catapult your success with the one skill that your competitors are not familiar with

    Jacob Shekrel is a Mental Strategist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.
    Using a method he developed, Jacob helps business people, entrepreneurs, and senior executives overcome the inner factors responsible for stress, anxiety, and depression.
    It is an effective and quick method that not only helps to resolve the roots of stress once and for all, but also rebuilds confidence and self-esteem and even overcomes the ‘impostor syndrome’.

    By education, Jacob is a Sociologist and Anthropologist.
    He is also a Life-Success Consultant student and the representative of Bob Proctor in Spain
    And with 40 years of experience in the business world as the owner and partner in several business.
    He has moved from Israel to Spain 21 years ago.

  • Emil Rozenblat

    Executive Head Hunter

    16:00 - 16:20

    Employer Branding - Speaking the language of employees before everyone else

    ⭐ 11y Years of Executive & Tech Recruiting experience for start-up & Global Companies via
    15 industries recruiting expertise: SAAS, Cyber, Financial, defense, Data, Adetch, Machine Learning, AI, Medical & healthcare, Automative, Consumer Electronics, semiconductors, Internet, etc… ⭐

    Give Emil Rozenblat 24h >> Get 15 Top-notch Talents on your Desk = Fast & Accurate Delivery

    ⭐ Head Hunters Mentor

    ⭐ Top Notch Hitech Recruiting Services

    ⭐ Linkedin Influencer

    ⭐ HR Influencer

    ⭐ Trained more than 300 Technical Recruiters/Sourcers

    Successful Recruiting for S’ups & Hitech companies:

    Interai, Ezbob, FireFly, Noveto, Cyber S-ups, Stealth S-uys, CyberARK, Frontline PCB Solutions, Briefcam, Avantis, Perion, Refinitiv ,Siemens SW, Maytronics, Verint, Biosense Webster, AMAT, and more…

    Recommendations 👉

  • Orna Shkalim

    A Personal Career Coach

    16:20 - 16:40

    10 great tips for finding the right job for you.

    My name is Orna Shkalim, A Personal Career Coach, Lecturer, guide people on how to find a job. guide people how to use LinkedIn platform.

    Helping companies to find the best candidates for them and helping candidates find their correct job.

    Founder Of CCC Level Club – The Place To Collaborate & Connect with our Community.

    The CCC Level Club is a prestigious community that aims to provide a variety of comprehensive solutions , collaborations and networking for C-level

    Over 20 years of experience in business development and sales management.

    Connecting people to success

  • Sarath Singh

    Business Development at WP Event Manager

    18:20 - 18:40

    How to Create Tickets Selling Marketplace using WP Event Manager

    I’m part business development team over at WP Event Manager, me and the whole team we always are looking for something unique something different that will make us stand out from the others via our marketing strategy.

    we try to ensure that we give our customer information about our product as transparently as possible, ensuring a perfect after sales support as well. My part of the jobs educating our users about our product how to use them or how to modify/customize them as per their own taste, its not really limited to our product only I try to educate them on general wordpress topics out there as well.

  • Daniel Alfon

    LinkedIn Specialist, Author, Speaker

    17:00 - 17:20

    18 Epidemic Mistakes Talents Make on LinkedIn

    Daniel Alfon is the author of Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success.

    Daniel joined LinkedIn in early 2004 and publishes Articles, interviews, and exclusive content about advanced LinkedIn strategies to clients and subscribers to his website.

  • Gabriel Hayon

    Chairman, Diplomatic Institute

    17:20 - 17:40

    Dreamployment Seeking your Dream Job? Don't Send CV!

    Leading Global Tech Entities. International Sales Guru, Business Facilitator, International Speaker, M.C.

    • President The Diplomatic Institute
    • Senator World Business Angel Investment Forum, Israel
    • Partner Gold Ventures Investment, Austria
    • Author Customer Oriented Entrepreneur, #DreamPloyment
    • Trusted Advisor to C-Level Executives and Top National Leaders
    • Headhunter specialized in C-Level, Relocation, International Sales

    25 years’ experience in international sales and business development in variety of industries, territories and business models. Spanish, English, Hebrew, Portuguese.

  • Priya Goenka

    Business Development Executive at WP Event Manager

    18:20 - 18:40

    How to Create Tickets Selling Marketplace using WP Event Manager

    A Self-starter, skilled business development executive, with entrepreneurial spirit with very high personal and professional goals. Solution oriented, consultative, team player adept at building and maintaining relationships.

    Logical approach to problem solving and analytical thinking. excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Self motivated, proactive and driven. Good time management and organizational skills in order to prioritize workload and demands.

  • Shlomo Freund

    Financial Coach For Remote Workers

    15:30 - 15:50

    How your finances can create the perfect work-life balance for you?

    Shlomo Freund is a location-independent entrepreneur and has been for the past 16+ years. His lifelong passions for finance, investing and travel lead to the creation of his current business, Free Financial Self, which helps people organize their finances to reach financial independence faster.

    This allows him and his family to live, work and enjoy life with friends and family both wherever and whenever they like.

    The end result? Armed with a strong, customized roadmap built around financial and personal lifestyle goals, an increase in individual happiness.

    Shlomo appeared as a guest on 40 podcasts and gave talks in online and offline events to more than 10000 people.

  • Jacob Share

    Job Search Expert, Pro Blogger, Creative Thinker

    17:40 - 18:00

    4 things you should be doing every day of your job search

    Jacob Share is the job search expert who created the award-winning JobMob blog, one of the most popular job search blogs on Earth, with over 20 million visitors since 2007. JobMob is filled with straight-talking advice and humor based on Jacob’s real-world experiences of finding jobs in the US, Canada, France and Israel.

  • Dietmar Dahmen

    Transformation Guru | Marketing Expert | Business Rock Star | Motivator

    17:15 - 18:00

    What’s Nexxxxxxt, 6X - Traordinary Insights for Your Success

    One of Europes top experts on change, contemporary branding, advertising and future success.
    Co-owner of co-founder of various start ups. Speaker, Motivator, Inspirator, Author and Trainer. Chief Innovation Officer with

    20 year in Marketing Hamburg, Los Angeles, Munich, New York ,Vienna

    • Creative Director DDB (McDonalds, Reebok)
    • Executive Creative Director Ogilvy (IBM, Ford)
    • Chief Creative Officer, Managing Director BBDO  (Allianz, Mars)
    • Chief Innovation Officer –  exit after being sold to IBM
    • Expert on disruptive market strategies with EACA ( European Association of Communication Agencies)
    • Co- founder (Blockchain , Social Money, NFT Token)
    • Global Coach and Keynote Speaker on Marketing, Change, Disruption.
  • Limor Bergman Gross

    Director of Engineering | People Leadership | Mentor | D&I | Public Speaker | LinkedIn Expert | Co-Founder

    18:00 - 18:20

    Transform your online presence on LinkedIn - Get weekly job opportunities at your mailbox

    Over 20 years in the tech industry as an engineering leader. I have been leading teams and organizations of different sizes while building a great culture, innovating, and shipping products.

    My passion is helping women succeed in the tech industry. To do this, I’ve focused on mentoring female leaders for the past four years.

    I’ve also teamed up with PowerToFly to create a mentorship program that will help women succeed in their careers and grow their skills by being mentored by women who already reached the same goals and have mastered skills those women need to improve.

    I volunteer for the last four years with Plato (, mentoring managers and leaders. It is a gratifying experience, and I am happy to contribute and learn back from others. I also mentor with PowerToFly, GrowthSpace, and The Female Factor.  Giving back to others and helping their growth has been beyond rewarding to me.

    My new and upcoming venture is teaching women how to code and help them find a job in the tech industry. I have partnered with a leading expert in training people how to code and think about solving problems. We are going to launch a comprehensive training program for women at the beginning of 2022.

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