Cornelia Habetler

Chief Culture & Financial Officer at enspired

Cornelia joined the startup enspired from the very first day of existence when the path ahead was still unclear. Two years later, enspired counts 43 employees with plans to grow, reaching the 100-employee mark in 2023.

Cornelia significantly contributed to building a work environment from scratch and setting up the finance department on the side.

Starting as a Linux and network administrator created the base for her career in tech. After switching to an IT outsourcing provider, Cornelia quickly became a team leader and was able to combine technical expertise with management skills. She found herself in versatile positions like Service Delivery Manager, Service Architect and People Manager in local and international departments. In 2015, Cornelia started as Head of Operations in VisoTech, until destiny and her love for numbers and people intervened. Acting as a stand-in for the role of Head of Finance, HR & Business Administration, she decided it was time for a career change. And here we are: introducing her as the CCFO of enspired, a fully digital power trading-as-a-service company.

Currently, Cornelia puts her experience and passion into building the foundation of the enspired culture and community. Creating a work environment everyone enjoys, sticking to the vision of the company and getting all employees involved in the process are major key points for a startup to grow – the right way. Putting it in Cornelia’s words: “We want to empower our community to leverage their joy of development and to make our innovation journey a shared success.”

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