Daniela Sarmiento

Personal brand and career strategist

Personal brand and career strategist specialized in Executive Presence.She provides strategies to independent and corporate professionals on how to present themselves confidently to more leadership and business opportunities.

What keeps Daniela’s mission alive is that many professionals are highly technically skilled, yet need to strengthen the necessary skills to promote their value through the way they communicate.

Daniela’s suite of services delivered through consulting, coaching, workshops and speaking engagements provides a multi-faceted approach to gain high transformation for her clients.

The main reasons her clients look for her are:

  • To help them identify their success factors, while releasing all their overwhelming feelings for not knowing how to position themselves as the “Go to person” in their field.
  • To gain clarity on the narrative they should be sharing to accelerate their steps to their next professional transition.
  • To develop their Executive presence, so they can show up authentically in any room and make others remember and respect them.
  • To leverage their reputation as they would like to stop being overlooked and undervalued.

Thanks to a strong background in Communications, Business development and International headhunting, she has been able to pass on this combination of rich experiences to professionals who want to stop missing rewarding opportunities. 

Ashok Dudhat

Attended Job Fairs:

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