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The digital transformation in IT Sector has brought new professions and strengthened multidisciplinary, the existing ones in engineering, analytics, and marketing.

Now is the time to reinvent ourselves and take advantage of the boom of the forced digital transformation of small, medium, and large companies with IT sector. This is why digital and technological profiles have become more sophisticated and have changed their perspectives together with new specializations that are emerging in the market.

Marketing and communication in IT Sector

Marketing and communication in IT Sector

The immense wave of social networks, pay per click or affiliation gives as a consequence a wide field of possibilities for this profession in the IT Sector. From a branded content manager who is focused on content marketing to create the link between the brand and the customer and who designs the strategies to achieve sales objectives and the calling engagement. Also, the content manager who is the one who makes the digital contents to publish them in social networks, blog or brand page.

The community manager who is in charge of social networks and must enhance the image of the brand in all digital channels with different tools and strategies. Manages communities and creates digital content.

There is also the SEM – SEO who is the expert in developing marketing campaigns for a website in a search engine through organic or paid search. Web optimization of a company is important to achieve the connection between the client and the company. Achieving indexation and high positioning of the page are part of his work.

Sales in IT Sector

The commercial part of the business has been transformed into the digitalization of the commercial tradition. New customer needs, new channels, and tools, making it necessary to appear new professions dedicated to customer management, knowledge of products and services and advice to customers.

Professions such as digital sales manager or key account manager, require knowledge of marketing, new technologies, and search engine optimization. Like the e-commerce manager who is responsible for implementing and managing the online sales strategy, they become the bridge between traditional and online sales.

Knowledge of new technology and logistics operations must be tailored to optimize the customer experience.

Data science in IT Sector

Data science in IT Sector

Decision-making in a business should be based on the management of data and information presented by the organization. Intelligence Analyst is in charge of collecting and analyzing this information for decision making and measuring results.

It also works together with the statistician, the data scientist and the data architect who, with knowledge of machine learning and programming, improve decision making and support the manager’s strategy.

Agile Project Manager in IT Sector

New project management methodologies have opened up in the digital transformation. The scrum master who is the facilitator of team meetings and knows the Agile methodology supports the product owner who is responsible for transmitting the customer’s needs to the team to develop the product with the desired objectives.

New technologies in IT Sector

New technologies in IT Sector

Blockchain, internet of things and experts in virtual reality, make the appearance of professions like service design, UX designer that will be in charge of being the intermediary to optimize the user experience in the different applications and interfaces of the company.

In IT Sector Apps developer and Web developer are specialty programmers to develop, maintain and test the products.

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