How to stay productive while working from home

We have been living a transformation in all areas of life. What has caused the pandemic is that a large part of the population is now studying or productive working from home and remotely. The digitalization of daily life is a reality and has been imposed in the most unlikely way.

The daily adjustments for working from home are necessary and therefore it is necessary to think of strategies and methodologies to be much more productive and avoid all the distractions we have at home.

Some recommendations should be taken into account to remain efficient and separate the spaces for leisure and work.

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”

– Franz Kafka

Here, Some tips for How to stay productive working from home

Separate office space for working from home

Separate office space for working from home

Having a delimited and functional space to do professional work is essential to maintain the pace of work that was previously within the office. It is necessary to avoid having the same space for the recreation space by avoiding distractions. Physical space at home should be adjusted to create a mental space conducive to optimizing time either for study or for working from home.

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Organizing time and work

There is a great need to organize time around daily activities including time for work and time for recreation.
You should try to replicate the same schedules that you had at the office but with the new spaces at home.

Schedules can be established through technological tools to continue the routine of before.

Like time, short and long-term goals should be organized. Daily goals to be achievable, achieving daily or weekly milestones, will help to maintain similar productivity as before. Use the SMART methodology to plan your goals.

Separate office space for working from home

Stay connected with others

In times of quarantine while working from home, creating new professional networks or maintaining professional connections becomes increasingly challenging. However, thanks to the many technological tools available, the maintenance of professional networks can be achieved. There are numerous online events to continue training in new methodologies, also to meet new people and celebrate holidays with those closest to you.

It is essential to maintain connections with people, despite current restrictions.

Taking care of your mental well-being

It has been days and weeks of profound social and cultural changes that have affected the mental health of many people. Lack of interaction, recreation, and other activities are causes of illnesses that destroy mental peace and well-being such as anxiety or depression by working from home.

It is therefore important to have strategies or tools available to help bridge this disconnection with the outside world. Meditation techniques, Yoga exercise, or physical exercises, are found on the web with videos, interaction rooms, or other tools that help clear the mind of possible social difficulties. Talking to someone, a family member, or a networked person or health professional should be considered.

Knowing when to stop

It should be recognized when the body and the mind are not connected and focused on the task at hand. There will be moments of low productivity and a lack of concentration. Re-evaluate the situation to identify some impediments that do not allow efficiency in the work while you are working from home, it is necessary to do it with active and programmed pauses that allow the new beginning of the programmed activities.

Perform new tasks to increase motivation while working from home

Perform new tasks to increase motivation while working from home

It has been seen that people have attempted new tasks that had not been thought of before the pandemic.

Following recipes, starting a blog, having new social networks, getting motivated with online videos, are also new strategies to keep your personal life and work in balance.

You should not stop reinventing yourself and recognize that there may be new hobbies or activities

This time has left us with great lessons for making better use of time and recognizing new leisure strategies.

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