Best Netflix Documentaries For Entrepreneurs

Netflix is high in demand for all the people who want to binge-watch movies and tv shows of all genres, but did you know it is also great for up and coming entrepreneurs? You might be a little surprised about it, but we’ll tell you just how you can make the most of this video streaming service. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you should check out these top Netflix documentaries to know and learn so much more. As an entrepreneur and a student, you must understand that knowledge never ends. Even domain experts say that they don’t know everything there is out there to know.

Staying motivated is a tough ask these days, especially during the quarantine when everything is shut down. These selected Netflix documentaries will motivate you and enrich your knowledge streams so you can use this information to utilize it in your entrepreneurial endeavors. So, sit down, grab your devices, some snacks, and tune in.

1. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

A documentary about the famous and acclaimed sushi restaurant in Tokyo was released in 2011, and you can find it on Netflix. Jiro, the commended chef, who operates the three-star restaurant in Japan, has been making the same sushi for many decades, sticking to the principle of practice makes a man perfect. The documentary is a story of how his lifelong dedication and the best of work ethic has led him to bring his restaurant to much success. The movie is a constant reminder of how no perfection is borne overnight; it is created by continuous struggle, effort, and persistence. Jiro is the epitome of such things.

2. Print the Legend

If you are interested in the latest trends related to 3D printing, you are going to right up your alley. Winning Two Special Jury awards, Print the legend is a documentary available on Netflix about 3D printing. Following two 3D Printing startup companies MakerBot and Formlabs, the film shows the journey of how the two are trying to accelerate the growth of 3D printing. The two startups are making an incredible effort into bringing 3D printing to everything, including our daily life.

It follows the idea of dreaming about something and then implementing the approach from absolutely zero working on solutions to achieve it. Innovation, hard work, and vision are the elements any entrepreneur can take inspiration from this one.

3. Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Who doesn’t know about Bill Gates, right? The richest man on Earth for most of the last decade and one of the top 5 for the most extended period known to the modern eras, Bill Gates is often quoted as the father of modern technology and software because of his background with Microsoft. Bill Gates is by far one of the wealthiest examples for any entrepreneur, so any documentary about Bill Gates is no slouch.

Oscar-winning director David Guggenheim made this documentary in three parts, each one hour long. Bill Gates talks in as much detail as possible about his childhood, education, Microsoft, and the growth of the company and how his family life has turned out. Perhaps the most intriguing part about this one is the unique solution proposals by Bill Gates in his life during Microsoft and afterward. It’s a must-watch for any entrepreneur who dreams of changing the world.

4. The Director: An Evolution in Three Acts

This documentary is about Frida Giannini. For those who don’t know, Frida is a famous Italian designer, and she was the creative director for Gucci till 2014. The mastermind behind the massive fashion house of Gucci, Frida, led two lives as she had entirely contrasting public and private entities. Showing the scenes behind the curtains of Gucci during their shows of the Spring and Summer of 2013, the movie does an excellent job of portraying the complicated processes that go on. Ordinary people see it. Frida envisioned it in a way that understood what dress comes off the rack and what stays on. An excellent watch for people who are into product developments.

5. I am Bolt

Like Bill Gates, Usain Bolt is a pioneer of his field. One of the greatest athletes of all time, Bolt takes his place on the list through this documentary shot about him. At his finest, Bolt rivaled football legend Pele and legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali, in terms of popularity and acclaim.

This documentary aims to provide an insight into how Usain managed to reach where he is now, his struggles, inspirations, and relationships.

6. Capital C

Capital C is not a movie about capitalism as it might wrongly indicate; it’s a documentary about crowdfunding and how it can be used to play parts in our lives that were unknown before. Before we move ahead, Capital C is itself a product of crowdfunding. Funded through a Kickstarter campaign back in the day in 2015, it explores the concept of crowdfunding, how it can help the people who are trying to create something and the ones who want to give back to society by being a part of something meaningful. The story revolves around three people who successfully turn their dreams and ideas into reality over three years.

7. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

A personal favorite, Minimalism, is a documentary about Minimalism. Funny, right? We think that this should be a must-watch for all people, including entrepreneurs. Aimed at modern-day consumers, this movie talks about how you can survive with minimal material items. In today’s world, material objects have taken the utmost importance, while basic emotions such as peace and happiness have taken the backseat. This movie addresses those issues and applies the principles of Minimalism to life and business. Through the idea of reducing spend, you can increase profits. Another idea that this documentary puts ahead is to give up the idea of using lavish offices and spaces when the same work can be achieved in ordinary areas.

8. Tony Robbins: I am not your Guru

In case you don’t know, Tony Robbins is an author, public speaker, coach, and philanthropist. He coaches about life and talks about business strategies. This particular documentary explores how Tony prepares for his workshops and how he manages his time and his workload. Entrepreneurs who are finding it tough to adjust with the constant struggle and workload should consider this one.

9. Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

There are not many people in the world who have not heard of Steve Jobs. The pioneer of modern technology, the creator of Apple, and somebody responsible for so many marketing strategies implemented today in the tech world, Jobs is an inspirational figure. This documentary was released after Jobs’ death and tried to display a balanced portrayal of Jobs’ complicated life as the Apple founder. For entrepreneurs, it’s a must-watch because it talks about the marketing brilliance of Steve Jobs.

So Netflix and chill in a productive way now, Netflix has opened a portal of incredible movies and documentaries at your disposal. These were our top picks for Netflix documentaries for entrepreneurs, but you can browse around and look for even further gems.

Oh, and we almost forgot to mention, if you don’t have a subscription, it might be a good time to get one.

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