7 Business Ideas To Consider During The Quarantine

If you are a business owner or a startup company, now is the time to serve the community by doing your bit. During these difficult times, when everyone has to stay at home, and most businesses are closed, it’s an imminent need to provide services, work on cutting-edge solutions with great business ideas, and serve the community in general.

Startups generally can get the best output from limited resources, which is why a lot of them succeed. At the current hour, there’s a high requirement of doing the most from the scarce available resources. For startups, it’s a critical time to adjust to the outbreak and start doing their best for society. While a lot of startups are struggling throughout this outbreak period, the ones that are or were doing well before the quarantine should play their part and balance the society by doing everything they can.

It is a tough time, and it requires the government, the people, the businesses, and the startups, and everything in the society to function in unification. The owners and the companies that can afford it, while paying their employees and working correctly, should join hands with the government and the people to help limit the damage from the outbreak. The loss includes both the safety of the humans and the safety of the economic situation of the countries.

For startups that are new or barely staying afloat, there are ways to give back to society without breaking the bank. There is room for improvement in basically every area right now, and everyone should do their bit to chip in with whatever they can.

Another thing to consider alongside serving the community is that because of the coronavirus situation right now, everything from our society to our organizational culture is going to change. These ideas will help you and your companies make that jump by doing what you can for the society, and in return, the community will return your efforts by helping your businesses. In such times, it will also lead to good publicity that will help build your business further.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about Business ideas:

1. Serve the community by providing products and services

The COVID19 has had a significant impact on society and the economy. Neither the public nor the economies are safe anymore. The crisis has led governments and organizations to act quickly to make sure that they can cover the gaps.

community services

In such times, startups and major organizations can support the affected societies by doing what they do best. Now it is understandable that different companies have different fields of operation so that no general statement can be made for this. Some startups that have products that can help in such times, such as 3D Printers, can provide them at discounted or even free prices to the hospitals in need. Other companies that have services can put on discounted or free services so people can benefit during the quarantine.

2. Provide online lectures, webinars, podcasts, or learning if you can

One of the essential needs during quarantine is the need to learn. Almost all the institutes around the world are closed until further notice. Students are suffering because of the unavailability of proper online courses that can help them cope with the situations and keep them on track. If you are a startup, you can provide online learning lessons for people and increase your viewership and help people. Webinars, podcasts, and lectures are the most common ways of delivering online learning, and they work the best. You can provide your relevant field studies and informational videos to help people. Be sure to make them either free or incredibly affordable so the majority can learn.

3. Work on solutions to help fight the local and international situation during the quarantine

COVID-19 virus has shaken the world upside down with almost all the countries in the world reporting coronavirus cases. There has currently been no vaccine or solution available to tackle the situation. Most states and governments are trying their best to limit the damage, but they need our help. If you have any idea or a solution that might help make the current situation even a little bit better, now might be the best time to implement it. Start working on the idea. Develop it using your resources or ask for some if you need it. Governments and other organizations are funding such ideas and researches that could help the situation in any way. Even ultra-simple apps to keep track of humans or to provide the latest and authentic information about the virus would go a long way.

“You only have to do a few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.”

– Warren Buffett

4. Help the local industry by providing assistance

Helping the local community is the best way to play your part and help during the quarantine. During this time, people are advised to stay at home and work from home, which also makes it a need to assist them. With so many interns, entry-level workers, and even entire businesses needing assistance, you can help by providing them resources and support as to how to survive during this time.

online learning

5. Organize online events that can help people grow

Alongside online learning, you can organize online activities that can help people in a lot of ways. Firstly, there are online hackathons; then, there are programming challenges and quizzes where people can compete with each other using their skills. It may or may not have a winning prize. It can often result in new products or services that can be useful for the community during such outbreaks.

6. Offer advises and consultations in your fields and areas concerning remote working

During such times, a lot of businesses need help to stay afloat. It may be financial or resourceful. It can also come in the form of consultations and advice. If you are a surviving startup, the chances are that you have already managed to set up your whole system in a way that your employees can work from home and automate as many processes as possible. You can advise startups and local businesses on how to manage everything working remotely. Explore #business #Ideas that can help you even in #Quarantine. Click To Tweet

7. Help small and medium-sized enterprises

Serving the community includes serving the economy. You can start by helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through mentoring their teams in progress. That aside, you can help them in the automation of their processes so that work can go on during quarantine without loss. Automation and digitalization of businesses are of utmost importance in the current situation. You can help in setting up from local shops to even city or state-wide chain businesses that are struggling to conduct their work. You can use the latest IoT techniques to solve problems and use AI to automate it all.

small enterprises

Conclusion: A lot of people are still worrying about how to sustain their startups and how to help make the whole situation better. There’s a massive hole that only people can fill by chipping in with their respective parts. Remember that now might be the best time to set the right example for others to follow. Work together, grow together, and survive together during this quarantine period.

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