Tech4Covid19 Positive news from Portugal during tough times

Portuguese tech companies are working harder and cleverer than ever to overcome the current Covid-19 pandemic. Meet #Tech4Covid19

Tech4Covid19 is a movement created last month and it already counts almost 4000 people engaged, including engineers, designers, marketers, health professionals, among many other specialities.

Tech4Covid19 is currently working in many different cities in Portugal and it has resulted in almost 30 different projects to help solve some of the most urgent Covid-19 related problems. For instance: Accommodation for Health Professionals, which mobilizes hotels and local accommodation to support relocated doctors and nurses, Fundraising to raise funds to purchase ventilators and other essential medical equipment, Delivery Service to assure a Nationwide delivery service for friends and family while in isolation by sending goods, documents, and many other items or Free Video Medical Consultations, an app which allows primary health care through free video consultations.

In such a short time, the Tech4Covid19 movement has reached thousands of people, it has been in the news everywhere and it even got a message from the Portuguese President, Marcerlo Rebelo de Sousa, who highly praised their efforts so far.

The TJF - Tech Jobs Fair shows its support and solidarity to the Tech4Covid19 movement and all the people working to fight the Covid-19 Pandemic in Portugal. Click To Tweet

Stay safe and positive.

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Rita Guerreiro
Business Development Manager
Rita Guerreiro writes for different blogs and magazines and is a regular contributor of the newspaper Portugal Post (Germany). She has had some articles published in cooperation with Goethe Institut Portugal, Diáspora Lusa or the Berlin Biennale, among others.
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