India Agenda Details

30th June 2022

  • Ashok Dudhat

    Founder & CEO

    13:00 - 13:20


    TJF – Tech Jobs Fair is a job fair with a focus on IT and Digital founded by Ashok Dudhat. The first edition took place in Berlin in 2017. The following cities were Vienna, Zurich and Lisbon, all in 2019. TJF has had more than 10 000 visitors in the past years. The company is based in Berlin, where the team sits and does most of the work. TJF also works with local professionals in the different cities where the job fair takes place.

  • Ganesh S

    Vice President at ICT Academy

    14:00 - 14:20

    Job Vs. Career

    Business Strategist and Consultant with over 25 years of experience in leading and managing multiple business verticals specializing largely in the Technology enabled Education. He is also a visiting guest lecturer to several universities and institutes across India.

    Industry Experience :

    Worked in multiple verticals of the Education & Training Industry and have held various positions and performed strategic roles in organizations like First Computers, Pentasoft Technologies, Everonn Education, QAI Global, Aris Global, and McGraw-Hill Education, and have consulted and mentored several EdTech startups. Currently holds the following positions;

    1. Vice President- ICT Academy
    2. Member – Industry Advisory Board – Saveetha Engineering College
    3. Member – BoS- DoMS, Sri Ramkrishna Engineering College
    4. Member – BoS- DoMS, Saveetha Engineering College
    5. Member Skill Development Council – FICCI

    Training/ Teaching Experience

    • Having started his career as a trainer, he is more passionate about training and renders seminars and guest lectures at various Forums and Academic Institutions.
    • He is a specialist in facilitating Business Education by integrating Simulations, in the areas of Economics, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Change & Crisis Management, Conflict Resolutions & Leadership, Business & Boardroom Strategy, etc.
    • Has rendered Business Simulation Sessions at institutes including IIMs, IITs, GLIM, VITs, etc. apart from other Tier 2 & 3 category institutes and corporates like Steria, TVS Tyres, FSS Tech, etc.
    • Has conducted various Faculty Development Programs (FDP) and trained over 10000+ Faculties from several institutes across India impacting more than 20 million learners.
    • His favorite areas include Outbound Training in Leadership, Team Building, Problem Solving Skills, and Inbound Training in Marketing, Business Strategy, Business Modeling, Global Economics, Goal Setting, MBO, and Motivation Practice.
  • Vivek Naidu

    Founder at Hotfoot Technology Solutions

    14:20 - 14:40

    Financial Inclusion - How tech engineers are speeding financial inclusion in India

    Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the Banking & Financial Services, Business Process Design & Consulting, and Financial Technology. Passionate about lending, with more than one and half decades of experience in Banking Sales, Credit Evaluation, Score Based Decisioning, and Digitisation. Have built a platform that will enhance the lending and borrowing experience.

    Also addresses Financial Inclusion, New to Credit, Lending based on surrogates, and additional data Assisting Financial institutions with Direct Origination using our unique tech platform – where they can deploy capital by leveraging distribution and collection reach of smaller NBFC’s while having real-time access to lending decisions.

  • Amit Kirti

    EY GDS Strategy and Transactions, Data and Analytics Leader

    14:40 - 15:00

    Tech career opportunities in EY GDS Strategy and Transactions

    Amit Kirti leads the Data and Analytics (DnA) team at EY GDS Strategy and Transactions (SaT). In this role, he is responsible for building Analytics and AI capabilities for EY GDS Strategy and Transactions. Amit works closely with clients across sectors helping them solve complex business problems, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Generation, Cloud, and other new and emerging technologies.
    He combines his years of strong business consulting experience in problem-solving for clients across sectors such as consumer, industrial, and healthcare amongst others with emerging technologies to build innovative solutions. He has been instrumental in developing multiple strategic solutions for key accounts delivering tangible P&L impacts.

  • Pranjal Nayak

    Head of Engineering at Reverieinc

    15:00 - 15:20

    Reverie Language Technologies – Democratising the internet for Indians

    In his role as Head Engineering, Pranjal Nayak is responsible for leading the research & product development in Reverie. Pranjal has been associated with Reverie for over 12 years. Pranjal has a decade long experience in Indic language computing. At Reverie, Pranjal has led the creation of various tools and technologies for Indian languages starting from display & Input technologies to NLP. He expertises in creation of display solutions for Indian languages and has led the development of display technologies for various devices ranging from smartphones, Feature Phones, STB, LED display boards etc. Pranjal created the display solution that powered the first ever Android device with OS-level Hindi language support in India.

  • Vivekananda Pani

    CTO and Co Founder at Reverie Language Technologies

    15:00 - 15:20

    Reverie Language Technologies – Democratising the internet for Indians

    Vivek is the Co-Founder and CTO of Reverie Language Technologies, a company specializing in text and speech technologies for Indian languages.

    With more than 20 years of experience in Indian Language Computing, Vivek is one of the very few subject matter experts who are passionate and dedicated to making usage of Indian languages easy on digital platforms. Vivek began his Indian language journey at the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Pune, in the year 1997. His journey spans across developing advanced multilingual tools for early computing devices and word processing software for computers to leading today’s state of the art AI-driven Indian language technologies like Automated Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, Text-to-Speech, Natural language understanding and Multilingual Search.

    He has represented Reverie in contributing to the standards for Indian languages released by SIG for Indian languages at CeWIT in IIT Madras.

    He has also represented the industry in LITD 20 to define Indian languages encoding standards for mobile phones.

  • Rajesh Venkatesan

    Director & CTO at Hotfoot Technology Solutions

    15:40 - 16:00

    Staying relevant in times of tech disruption

    Rajesh has over 20 years of experience and is passionate about technology and its applications. Starting his technology journey in building products and platforms, he was instrumental in institutionalizing technology adoption across teams, sold, priced, and built Intellectual Properties that can generate nonlinear revenue in the IT services industry. He has been the key architect in building platforms that brings different pieces together including the flexibility of the cloud, the restrictions of global compliance like PCI, HIPAA, and DPA, the low cost of open source technologies, the existing investments of enterprises in technology to transform and pivot business units of multiple Fortune 500 customers in different domains.

    Rajesh has not only led several programs around technology transformations but participates in everyday design and coding, building products that make a difference in people’s lives. Rajesh is a first-generation entrepreneur with four patents in the product, platforms, and cloud under his belt. Rajesh is TOGAF Certified and is keenly interested in transformational programs of enterprises where multiple parts of the organization change and the enterprise architecture around transformations. He is also a certified AWS Architect and has spent nearly a decade understanding and architecting for the cloud and has spoken in public forums on the architecture of the cloud. He truly believes that the best of digital and analytics is yet to come in financial services.

    The lending industry is still largely paper-based and most of the current systems are inward-focused rather than customer-focused. He is on a journey to be able to build the organization with these nuggets of wisdom, as one of the most customer-focused companies that make a difference to people. Rajesh loves to spend time with his daughter and is an avid traveler to embraces new cultures and living.

  • Kshama Dhir

    EY GDS Global Strategy And Transactions Leader

    16:00 - 16:20

    Technology and Sustainability

    Kshama Dhir is the global lead for EY GDS Strategy and Transactions (SaT) service line that comprises over 2800+ professionals in India, Poland, China, Hungary, and Spain.

    She has a rich experience in business transformation, global operations, and the development of new and customer-centric solutions. Her keen interest is to build new markets and develop next-generation leadership. Kshama is a Chartered Accountant and has a master’s degree in Finance. She joined EY GDS in 2007. She has about 25 years of experience with a host of Global organizations.

  • Bindu Kalwadia

    Business Manager | Growth Marketer

    16:20 - 16:40

    Tech Jobs Fair Introduces Hire Tech Talent

    9+years of career experience with several case studies and projects done on Human Behaviour and Child psychology has turned Bindu into an optimistic with a quick-witted personality and gifted her an ameliorate skillset. Working with the Human Resources department, she gained expertise in how one can be a resourceful person for his/her organization. She has been a soft skill trainer for different verticals in the service sector and has proven her abilities in leadership too as a team mentor.
    Bindu enrolled in Masters of Sociology and holds a double Graduation in Library Science and her management studies have become a key for her fine management prowess.
    Currently, Bindu is involved in supporting the organisation to reach its goals in aspects of HR & Branding. She enjoys connecting with new people and likes to explore more about the Tech sector and corporate culture.

  • Sarath Singh

    Business Development

    16:40 - 17:00

    How to Create Tickets Selling Marketplace using WP Event Manager

    I’m part business development team over at WP Event Manager, me and the whole team we always are looking for something unique something different that will make us stand out from the others via our marketing strategy.

    we try to ensure that we give our customer information about our product as transparently as possible, ensuring a perfect after sales support as well. My part of the jobs educating our users about our product how to use them or how to modify/customize them as per their own taste, its not really limited to our product only I try to educate them on general wordpress topics out there as well.

  • Priya Goenka

    Business Development Executive

    16:40 - 17:00

    How to Create Tickets Selling Marketplace using WP Event Manager

    A Self-starter, skilled business development executive, with entrepreneurial spirit with very high personal and professional goals. Solution oriented, consultative, team player adept at building and maintaining relationships.

    Logical approach to problem solving and analytical thinking. excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Self motivated, proactive and driven. Good time management and organizational skills in order to prioritize workload and demands.

  • Jyotsna Minocha

    Program Head – FutureSkills at NASSCOM

    17:00 - 17:20

    FutureSkills PRIME – a digital skilling and employability initiative by GOI and NASSCOM

    Jyotsna leads the Blended Learning Program for NASSCOM FutureSkills. Prior to joining NASSCOM, Jyotsna was with General Electric and GENPACT with over 20 years of experience in the US and India. She has held several leadership roles and senior management positions during her career at GE and GENPACT. Her roles involved managing a half a billion dollars Purchased Service operations for GE, creating first women only BPO centre of 3000 employees in Saudi Arabia, heading Global Supply Chain Operations & Partnerships, F&A Solutions, P & L Management.

  • Anand Sudhakar Chiddarwar

    Staff Engineer Data

    17:20 - 17:40


    I am a data-driven person with keen eye to analyse, innovate and build the solutions using Analytic Tools. I am currently working as Staff Engineer for Big Data Analytics Platform in Health Domain, responsible for deriving usage and customer insights using advanced analytics and big-data tools.

    I am passionate about Data Engineering Problems – be it understanding the business needs, forming the problem statement, deciding data collection strategy, data wrangling to delivering solutions ensuring customer satisfaction.

    I enjoy mentoring and building amazing teams and motivating them to cope with deadline-oriented environments ensuring timely and quality solutions. I engage in technical councils with peers and teams working across domains. I like to understand different people and their ways of understanding customer’s business needs, deriving data insights and the methodologies used. I take a positive approach to life and like to see the best in others.

  • Darshana Thakkar

    Founder & CEO Transformation-The strategy HUB

    18:00- 18:20

    Employment opportunities with advanced technology

    MSME Transformation Specialist and Digital Transformation Expert.

    Darshana Thakkar is an expert in Transformation, Cost reduction, & Utilization of resources. An Electrical Engineer followed by MBA-Operations with hardcore industry experience in managing business operations. She has invested 25 years in Transforming Micro and Small Enterprises. Her rich experience in resolving pain areas and the real-life problem of the SME industry are helping the organization for quick results. Her expertise in managing business operations with limited resources helps client organizations to transform their business practices from person-driven to system-driven with existing resources. She is an expert in driving the Digital Transformation of the organization and managing changes. She has helped many organizations to increase profitability and achieve sustainable growth.

    She is passionate to support the start-up ecosystem of our country. She is empowering and providing strong handholding support to start-up organizations.

    She conducting various training and coaching session on Entrepreneurship development, Business operational excellence, and Digital Transformation of MSME in association with various government and Non-government organizations as well as on her own.

    She is associated with CED, Government of Gujarat as a Business function expert in the Entrepreneurship development program, As faculty for industrial subjects in the Second Generation program(SGP), and as a start-up mentor and member of the start-up selection committee in the CED incubation center.

    She is a certified corporate director registered with IICA and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

    Apart from this, she is an author and publishing her blog, article, and case study related to the industry. She is an empanel author for Technology in MSME and Starts up business in India’s No 1 Automation magazine “Industrial Automation”

  • Parul Misra

    Product Manager at Orane Consulting

    18:20 - 18:40

    Introducing Orane - A Global Digitalization

    I am the Product and Solutions Manager at Orane Consulting with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry in various roles.

    My responsibility is to develop and enhance our products in a way that enables them to carve a niche for themselves in today’s competitive market with USPs as simple, effective, high-performance, and efficient solutions.

    My interests include learning about  Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, and other Ancient alternative medicines like Siddha, Farming, and Music.

    I take delight in directing and co-helping small events which are for children and by children.

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