HR tips to increase your chances of getting hired

Because TJF is also about learning, we have gathered a set of HR tips for job seekers during the Lisbon edition in 2019. We asked recruiters and HR managers from different companies to tell us about the best practices to find a fitting job, as well as ways to increase the chances of getting hired. Featuring advice from PNB Paribas, Climber Unbabel, Landing. Jobs and many more.


Here HR tips to increase your chances of getting hired in job:-

  • Be yourself and be sincere

  • Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Come as real as possible.

  • Be confident and tailor your cv

  • Know very well which position(s) you are going to be applying for

  • Make your application different

  • It’s about making it unique

  • Understand the job(s) you are applying to

  • in terms of career and self-development, as well as values and cultural fit

  • Don’t be shy

  • Be open to learn new things and always be curious

  • CV may not always be that important

  • As long as you can show the recruiters how enthusiastic you are and what you love about the job

  • how your strengths

  • but don’t be afraid to show your weaknesses as well

  • Get to know the company you are applying for

  • Really see if there could be a real fit and be transparent about what you are expecting from the company (salary expectations, task expectations, holiday expectations)

  • When in an interview, ask to talk to the people who will be working with

  • Get to know the environment and your potential new colleagues

All in all, the common advice seems to go around the motto “Be yourself, smile and be as authentic as you can”. No matter how big the company is, whether it is more or less international, we’re all humans after all. Showing your strengths and weaknesses as well as your passion can really help explaining why you are a good fit for the job.

Watch the full video with the advice given by the attending companies of TJF Lisbon 2019 here.

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Rita Guerreiro
Business Development Manager
Rita Guerreiro writes for different blogs and magazines and is a regular contributor of the newspaper Portugal Post (Germany). She has had some articles published in cooperation with Goethe Institut Portugal, Diáspora Lusa or the Berlin Biennale, among others.
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