2020’s High-Paying & Promising Careers For Women

It’s 2020 but still, somewhere Careers For Women are being undervalued in the technology sector and that only 20% of women working technology relative to men. The technological transformation has brought with it new industrial challenges and therefore new needs for professionals specialized in IT careers. It is estimated that there will be a shortage of personnel in the next two years and therefore, more women are required to participate in science and technology careers.

The gender gap must be addressed with new educational opportunities for women in technology careers, addressing the pay gap and changing gender stereotypes that have been faced in recent decades.

“Sit down and ask yourself, ‘What is the most important thing to me?’ What grosses me out the most? What makes me the most upset — is it healthcare? Is it so many people being hungry in our culture? Is it sexual abuse? Mix that with doing something you love, something you could keep doing forever and ever. For me, it was ending violence against women, and I mixed it with music. And I’ve had a 25-year career. So that’s my advice: Find something you really care about and mix that with something you love doing.”

– Kathleen Hanna

New possibilities of Careers For Women have opened up for professional development in technology areas such as software development or product management but there are promising new careers for women in the coming months.

Below are the best careers for women

best careers for women

Based on different features and qualities women look for in their working lives.

  1. Specialist in big data or artificial intelligence

    Data storage, analysis, and evaluation for decision making are what today is called the new oil.
    That is why careers related to engineering, mathematics, and statistics are necessary to start a career for women in data.

    On the other hand, the use of artificial intelligence in many everyday areas has evolved to the point of requiring professionals in this area. Data science, autonomous learning engineering, or neural networks are important topics to achieve new developments for women in technology.

  2. Specialist in Blockchain

    Increasingly, blockchain technology is making its way into the digital transformation and the fourth industrial revolution. The storage and management of this technology require more and more professionals in this area so women can choose these careers for women.

  3. Career for women as Technology Director

    On the side of leadership and equipment management, there are these positions in the labor market. The management of technology projects, according to decisions to improve the productivity of the company or to elaborate new products, needs people with training in leadership and knowledge in technology.

  4. Consultant in digital transformation

    More and more companies are turning to an urgent digital transformation. With the new challenges and capacities to respond to change, professionals in the area of digital transformation are required to help small and medium enterprises follow this path and be able to increase their productivity. Adapting the business model, organizational culture and team management are some of the skills required for this professional development, so this is also one path of careers for women.

  5. Software developers

    It is the most demanded profession this year. Companies require programs, software, and new alternatives to attract more customers, launch new products, and achieve digital transformation through websites, applications, or new digital tools. This field is projected to grow quickly over the next few years so this profession is better to choose as careers for women.

  6. Recruiter / HR Manager

    Human resources specialists work with a variety of issues regarding employees and potential employees.

    Recruiters look for candidates for open positions, interview them, and hire new workers. Other human resources professionals may conduct training sessions of current or new employees, work with payroll and benefits, and develop programs and policies.

    Recruiters may go for recruitment agencies on behalf of clients looking to fill open positions or within the organization themselves, and other human resources specialists work primarily within organizations across many industries. Recruiter / HR Manager is every time chosen path as a careers for women.

  7. Careers for women in Sales

    Often working within the “field”—an assigned territory—sales representatives pitch the products of the businesses they represent, usually to other businesses or wholesalers that use or sell the merchandise in question. Sales representatives’ methods of selling their products often vary widely in the corporate and industry that they work, and a few receive commission or bonuses supporting the number of sales they land.

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