Amazing Changes of Recruitment Industry In Next 10 Year

The recruitment industry is in a transitional phase right now. With the introduction and normalization of the latest technology, social media, and tons of tools, recruiters have had to adapt and bring themselves up to pace to capture the best talent out there. To make it effective and brilliant, the recruitment industry has seen some massive changes and will continue to do so as the new decade will bring even more challenges.

Here are 7 ways how the recruitment industry could potentially and inevitably change over the next decade.

How could the recruitment industry change over the 10 years?

The recruitment industry has changed drastically over the last 10 years and will continue to do so for the next 10 years as well. Here’s how it could change. Click To Tweet

1.The importance of recruiters and recruiting

The importance of recruiters in the industry has always been subjective. Often seen under a controversial perspective, recruiters have never gotten the value they deserve because a lot of people still undermine the ability and skills of this job. Well, that is bound to definitely and inevitably change over the next 10 years in which we will see companies focusing and investing a ton in the recruitment industry.

2.Constantly changing hiring plans

Recruiting teams have long evolved, and now hiring plans are evolving too. Every successful large organization already acknowledges how fast they have to switch their hiring plans to keep up with the industry.

3.New technology and tools

The latest tech and tools will not put recruiters out of business. In fact, they will do the opposite as there’s always the need to hire people who can operate these tools and mediums in a way that makes them so good and effective at what they do.

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4.Data, so much data

2020 – 2029 is going to be the decade where data is going to be used more than it ever was before. Data such as talent data, leadership data, evaluation criteria, hiring process, and so much more, is vital to any country’s hiring prowess. The use of data will be vital for any recruiter in the recruitment industry who is going to make his mark.

5.New jobs and new job titles

The next 10 years will see tons of new jobs and new job titles being created in small to massive organizations. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Sciences, and automation, there will be tons of new jobs, and the recruitment industry will have to accommodate all of them.

6.Artificial intelligence and algorithms

While a few of the organizations are still using the old process of getting tons of paper CVs, most have shifted to digital CVs and they are going to change that as well. With the help of powerful software that already exists and will become even better, the applying and shortlisting process will get even better.

7.Hiring on potential/Without experience/Degree

2000 – 2030 saw the majority of the companies hiring people with Degrees, qualifications, and experiences. It was an approach that occasionally worked perfectly but was mostly a hit-and-miss process as it didn’t bring the brightest of talents in front.

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Now, that is changing. By 2030, there will be rarely any organizations that will hire people for their degrees or experiences. Most companies will be hiring on potential and skillsets. There will be new variables and new data that will undoubtedly change the recruitment industry and turn it into a new direction.


Recruiters are the people in demand right now, and the demand will not decrease any more. In fact, it will be quite the contrary. Because of the latest tools and the importance of all the new forms of data that can be used and will be used when ready, the recruitment industry will have to change for the better.

From using and analyzing data such as talent, leadership, and other variables, to mastering the latest technologies, mediums, and trends, the recruitment industry and recruiters specifically will be adapting to a lot of new things. With automation and new job creation, the industry is evolving. If you are a recruiter or a business owner, now might be a great time to make those changes.

The future holds great things. Maybe you could be a part of it too.

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