Write A Killer Application Letter Using This Simple Guide

An application letter or a cover letter is a single-page (normally) letter which is used to apply for jobs alongside the job application and resume. Unless the organization explicitly asks you not to include an application letter, you should attach it as it speaks the things your resume cannot.

If you want to learn how to write a letter, do not worry as it is not as difficult as some people might make it to be. Today we will talk about six essential points that will teach you how to write an application letter and may even make you an expert.

When penning down an application letter, you should start by introducing yourself, write down the job you are applying for, talk about your skills, interests, be polite and professional, and then ask them to contact you if you fit in with them.

Remember that the cover letter is an essential step of your job application that you should not skip. An attractive application letter might land you an interview that your CV could not.

Now, it is not as simple as that.

Aspects that you must take care of in your application letter

application letter

1. Simple and to the point

Your application letter must be straight and short. It doesn’t need to be an entire story about how you came across this job. If you can sum up everything in half a page, that’s a great thing.

If not, you can go up to an entire page but nothing more than that. The person who is going to read your application letter is going to read 10s of others as well and they need to have an easy and readable letter that is catchy and straight.

2. Cover Letter Header

Yes, a good and professional cover letter header is vital to your application letter. You must include the following things within the header:

  • Name
  • Contact details (Email address and phone number)
  • Date
  • The company you are applying at
  • The name of the hiring manager (if you know)

3. Keep it professional

Many people start writing random stories and buttering the hiring manager when it comes to their application letters. Let us break that bubble. It doesn’t work like that.

No matter how many compliments you give to the recruiter, no matter how many stories you write about how you are destined to work for the company, it does not matter. On the contrary, it only hurts your chances of getting hired.

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Keep your entire application letter professional and to the point. Talk about relevant things in a brief yet clear way.

4. Make it relevant to the job you are applying for

Every job is different and has different requirements. The art is in making a cover letter that is relevant to the job application of the specific job. Now that is not an easy thing to do since there will be jobs that might not be relevant to your skills.

You must try your best to fit in everything as if you are applying for this specific job. Create an application letter using this trick, and you will be called in for an interview.

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application letter

5. Run it through spell check and grammar check

We cannot stress it enough. Make sure that your application letter is perfect grammatically. There must not be any spelling mistakes, no slang, and no grammar issues.

There is always spell-checker and grammar-checker software on your computer and the internet. Use them. Make your letter slang-free, and you are good to go.

6. Talk about any relevant interests

Any interests, skills, or hobbies that might be relevant to the job you are applying for, write them down in your application letter. Make them stand out in the way that the hiring manager knows that you would enjoy doing this job.

You can also talk about what made you apply for this position at this company. Or any other relevant thoughts.


An application setter is often a necessary part of your job application. It is non-negotiable, and unless stated otherwise, you should always attach it alongside your resume for the job. That being said, follow these tips when you are penning down your letter to make it stand out.

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