Tips To Overcome Office Politics Effortlessly

Office politics are a tricky, sometimes dirty, and often a consequential aspect of any corporate firm. You might have often heard about corporate employees talking about politics and telling newcomers to learn how to play the game.

Newsflash: you do not have to compromise on your morals and integrity to play office politics. Sometimes it’s as simple as greeting your supervisor. The corporate ladder is not insurmountable. So when we tell you that you can win at politics without selling your soul, rest assured that it is possible.

Let us tell you exactly how.

How can you learn to deal with politics?

What Are Office Politics?

To dissect the equation that is politics, we must first understand what it is. It’s vital to understand that workplace politics in many forms and types. It cannot be defined in a line. According to a dictionary, it is defined as “actions and behavior involving competition for status or power in a workplace.”

So, when we say that politics is an act that would elevate or demote your level in the corporate company wouldn’t be far from the truth. One of the most popular examples of politics is sucking up to your boss whenever required. Sometimes it means killing your pride and taking one for your career.

Another major example of office politics would be that group or individual that’s always favored by the boss naturally. This personality is, for some weird reason, loved by the bosses and the organization even if they don’t work as hard as others. So, how does it happen? And more importantly, how can you learn to play office politics?

How can you learn to deal with office politics?

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1. Think about the rewards and the bigger picture

Sometimes it becomes tough to suck up to your boss and keep your pride away in the face of office politics. That’s when it is crucial to think about the bigger picture. The rewards could be a promotion, a raise, or a good relationship with your boss or colleagues. That’s when you can be a yes-person for a while.

You do not have to compromise on your values. We are not suggesting you say yes to everything, but saying yes and being friendly on things unless the thing is borderline unacceptable might be a good idea most of the time.

2. Honesty

Ask yourself, would you ever want to be a yes-person all the time? Of course not. Sometimes you will have to call out certain things going on in office politics. In such situations, your relationship with your boss and managers will come in handy.

Sometimes it pays off to come off as honest and call out things as they are. Your boss might appreciate your honesty as well. This is a crucial stage of positive politics.

How can you learn to deal with office politics?

3. Focus more on working and less on politics

If you want office politics to stay positive for you, you must keep them limited. These shenanigans are essential to learning, but your work will still outvalue these things. Your skill set is the reason your workplace hired you, and that’s the thought behind your way up the corporate ladder.

If you are irreplaceable in your work, nobody can put you aside.

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4. Observe and know your environment

By far, the most crucial part of office politics is learning your environment including the people, the structure, and the values of your organization.

Workplace politics starts and ends with observing and knowing what is happening around you. Who is befriending and sucking up to whom, who is your friend and who is envying you? All of these questions matter at the end of the day. If you keep an open eye, you can learn with time about what could benefit you and what could not.


That’s where it all ends. As corporate employees, you must learn how to play workplace politics to ensure that you are not left behind when others are climbing up the corporate ladder. That’s how things work in the corporate culture.

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