How Can Digital Professionals Showcase Their Abilities at a Job Fair?

The advancement of digital technology and the internet has greatly impacted everything around us, and its impact on the job market is no different. With the emergence of new industries and more and more companies requiring employees, new employees like digital professionals are always in high demand. Despite plenty of employers and job openings, finding the right one can be a lot of work and take a lot of time. To save the work of picking out jobs and finding the proper interviews for you, opting to attend a job fair can be much more beneficial.

A job fair allows people looking for a job to directly communicate with the company representatives they would like to apply for. One of the biggest challenges people face at a job fair is making the right impression and properly advertising themselves in their short meetings. Making a good and lasting impression at a job fair is absolutely essential as there are plenty of other very capable people applying too. The challenge of advertising yourself is even more complicated as a digital professional due to the nature of your job. Knowing how to properly showcase your abilities is essential to landing your dream job, and this article will look at the best way for you to succeed.

Advantages of attending a job fair

Advantages of attending a job fair

The most common and obvious advantage of going to a job fair is that there are a lot of different companies under one roof, giving you many options and opportunities. Job fairs are often held with a wide array of jobs in the same field, as they also aim to advertise jobs to the people attending.

Finding your passion

Attending a job fair means you don’t always have to actively look for a job. There are many cases in which people find something they are interested in by just exploring. Job fairs are an excellent opportunity to explore different paths for people unsure about what field they might want to go into. Finding something you are passionate about is not always easy. For more help in this matter, it’s always good to seek the services of career counselors or career coaches as that is what they aim to do. When looking for a career coach, it’s better to have one in your city as they might be more aware of your options. For example, if you reside in Melbourne, then look for a career coach in Melbourne.

Pointers in showcasing yourself

With all the possibilities at a job fair and you attending the fair, you still need to show yourself as a person that companies would want to hire. Before showing your skills and abilities, you need to be presentable. Being dressed appropriately and looking professional can make an excellent impression. On top of being dressed accordingly, being fully prepared with your resume and other essential documents means you will not be lacking if you need them. Being prepared doesn’t just mean tangible things; it also includes mentally being prepared. When going to a job fair, one should always prepare to be completely ready to ask and answer questions from the company representatives there. The attentiveness and importance a person gives to the representative are essential to the person you are talking to.

Showing your abilities at a job fair

At a job fair, there are plenty of different companies looking for employees for their companies and even more people wanting to work for the companies. With so many people interested and limited time, you usually won’t get long to talk to the representatives there. In a short time, you do get to converse with the person, you have to show them that you are a perfect fit for their company, and you do this by the way you talk and by letting the person know what you can do.

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The best way to talk

Always sound confident when conversing with someone is the most important thing to remember. A confident person always looks more assured about what he is saying. Along with that, talking clearly and concisely is also essential. Other than that, it is also important to be respectful and attentive towards the other person. You never want them to think that you are cocky or not compliant.

Be inquisitive

Asking questions and wanting to know more is also very good in letting the other person know you are interested. This doesn’t mean you should swarm the other person with questions. It just means you ask enough to show you want to know more. It’s also important to ask questions relevant to what the job is. This can reveal a lot of knowledge you might have in the field. At times asking the right questions can also help you direct the conversation to a place where you might be able to showcase what you might be capable of. For example, your conversation can allow you to relate something you have done to what you are talking about.

Don’t boast; try to tell a story instead

When you talk to the representative, never boast about your skills. Instead of sounding like you are showing off pretentious, try to tell a story that can showcase your skills. Using a story lets the representative see your skills, and it allows you to tell them more naturally.

Can you show tangible evidence of your skills at a job fair?

showcase your skills at a job fair

Due to a job fair being a large event with so many people, there just isn’t enough time to talk to one person for a long time and show them all the stuff you might have done or all your accomplishments. The above-mentioned pointers are a great way to allow you to showcase your capabilities in a conversational manner. Representatives won’t be looking for proof from you and will be more interested in how you talk to them or how interested you are. It’s always beneficial to have copies of your resume, as handing them to the person you are talking to can help.

Feature your soft skills

What the tips mentioned above can do is showcase your soft skills. A good conversation will let the representative know of your communication skills, listening skills, and time management, among other things.

Follow up post job fair

Follow up post job fair

Having talked with multiple representatives and shown interest in a few jobs, it’s always important to follow up after the fair. Submitting an online resume if needed or just following up after some time lets them know that you are a more serious candidate. You shouldn’t sound needy. Instead, your aim should be to have a more interested tone.

A job fair can be an excellent opportunity to find something you might like. Still, it rests upon you to take the chance and benefit from it.

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