Prepare Mind-Blowing Cover Letter with These Effective Tips


A company layoff its employees due to several reasons, the common reason being downsizing or the company is bankrupt.

The highlighting point about getting laid off is that it is not the employee’s fault. The competence of the person is not in question as it is the company’s doing.

A layoff can make you think of ways to address the situation before applying for another job. Good for you, a cover letter does the job.

Your Layoff Needs Addressing: Here is Why

Applying for a new job is a hectic task. Job application often has a question that demands a reason for leaving the previous company. Getting laid off from a job can put you under stress before the next interview.

And this is why you should write a letter to address your layoff while applying for a new job.

Moreover, if you don’t want to discuss the subject of being laid off in the interview, then writing a cover letter helps you out.

Once the hiring manager reads your letter, they will discuss it less in the interview.

Prepare Mind-Blowing Cover Letter

Explaining the Layoff in a Sophisticated Manner

One cannot deny the benefits of having a cover letter. Not only it increases your chances of getting hired, but it also gives the hiring manager an overview of you as a person.

Including a layoff in the letter is a difficult task. Job application cover letters are vital to explaining laid off jobs efficiently.

So, here are a few cover letter writing tips that will help you explain your layoff in a sophisticated manner.

1. In Cover Letter Do not make it all about the Layoff

Around 26% of the world’s population gets laid off. It may not seem like a huge percentage, but it is. Layoffs are common, and there is nothing to be ashamed about it.

The first tip for writing a cover letter after getting laid off is to keep it simple. A hiring manager will spend roughly some minutes on your job application cover letter, so make sure that it is not all about the layoff.

Explain the situation in two lines or so. You don’t want the layoff to be the highlight of your job application. Over explaining the situation will reduce your chances of getting a call, as it implies unprofessional behavior.

Clarify the situation in the letter, just so the other person gets an idea of where you are coming from and leading.

2. Highlight the Best Version of Yourself

A cover letter is a great way to market you in the job industry. Make sure that you don’t oversell yourself and come off as overconfident.

Include information about yourself and highlight your accomplishments before and after writing about the layoff. In this way, you will come across as an individual who gave it all at a previous job.

One of the great cover letter writing tips is to link your accomplishments in the letter by telling how you made an impact.

Highlight the Best Version of Yourself IN Cover Letter

Your accomplishments can include anything. For example, when you were an employee of the month.

3. Be Honest and Direct

It is essential to be direct while filling out a job application. Maybe getting laid off is something you don’t want to include in your letter, but you have to do it with honesty and integrity.

Both job applications and cover letters should be honest. You don’t want to carry the guilt of being dishonest while starting at a new place, trust me on this.

Furthermore, being honest about the reason behind being laid off jobs is another of the cover letter writing tips. Keep in mind that getting laid off is the company’s downfall and not yours while applying for another job.

4. String the Right Words

Writing a cover letter is an art that people lack. There can be so much to say, yet you can barely pen it down. Your job application and letter should be free of errors as that leave a lasting impression.

Moreover, explain the lay off with minimal words and make sure that you don’t sound desperate or needy. Write about the lay off in such a manner that your point gets across, there is no need to lengthen it.

Accurate grammar, short sentences, and readability are some of the tips for cover letter writing.

5. Utilization of Time

Humans get lazy when they are free. To be active, we need to work around the clock. When a person gets laid off, it has all the time in the world to do something productive.

My advice would be to include a small paragraph in the letter, explaining how you utilized the time, to do something productive. It will give you a positive image and who knows, maybe your job application may get selected.

Even if you haven’t done anything remotely productive, then show how enthusiastic you are about working again.

6. Avoid Unnecessary Explanations

Remember, it’s a job application, not an interview. You don’t need to over-explain the situation in the cover letter because technically, you don’t owe anyone an explanation.

One of the top tips for cover letter writing after the layoff is to include the facts and figures. 

7. Advertise Your Skills

Be creative and give the hiring manager more reasons to hire you. Make sure to include your soft as well as hard skills in the letter.

Applying for a job application without advertising your skills means that you’re uninterested.

8. Tell About the Learning Process

Do not hold grudges with the previous workplace. Explain briefly about your previous work in the letter. Make sure to include all the work that you did in the laid-off job.

Be grateful for that experience, and make sure that you seem eager to get back in the work field through that cover letter.

Signing Off

Lastly, thank them for the time, that they took out to read your job application and cover letter. End the letter with a simple “thank you for your consideration.

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