Top 10 Phone Interview Tips That Will Confirm Your Job

Phone interviews can be smooth or difficult depending on your environment, your mindset, and the opposite end. To help you in your next job hunt, we have created a list of ten of the most effective phone interview tips that will help you successfully nail that interview.

The thing is that you will have to give job interviews at some point in your career as they are a norm these days. Other interviews may be different and common, but phone interviews require you to be careful about many things, which we will cover in our interview tips below.

Phone interviews are remote interviews that are conducted over calls. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the most effective phone interview tips that you could take advantage of.

Interview Tips

1. A quiet environment

By far the most important of the phone interview tips is to have a decent environment around you when you are scheduled for the interview. We all have awkward moments in our lives, but we can always try to make them less awkward or avoid them altogether.

Create a quiet environment for the phone call so it can go on smoothly without any issues.

2. A clutter-free workspace

A lot of people oversee this, but it is essential to have a distraction-free working place, even for a phone interview. Such a workplace helps you set your thoughts clear, and your focus is lasered. If you have a great workspace, you will automatically find yourself having a great phone interview.

This is one of the great phone interview tips that you can utilize by arranging your work desk in a minimalistic and even manner. Your interviewer might not be able to see your desk, but you will, and having an arranged space would help you focus.

3. Confirm the schedule of the phone interview

We know it is very basic, but it is also one of the ways you can keep yourself ahead of the schedule. Confirming the phone call timing beforehand is one of the most effective phone interview tips that will help you in preparing yourself in time for the interview.

4. Prepare proper equipment

While most of the time, all you will need for a phone interview is a phone. But sometimes you might need the internet as the call could be over the internet. That’s the thing about remote interviews.

If your job is technical or related to development, it might become a screen-sharing interview or something like that. For such situations, you must ensure your internet is working, and your laptop is perfect.

5. Practice questions beforehand

Now, it doesn’t matter what type of job you are applying for. Practice questions are always vital to your performance in the interview itself. This is one of the most common phone interview tips that you must keep in mind.

Think about the obvious questions, write them down, and practice your responses. Ensure that your replies are natural and speak of why you would make an excellent fit for the position.

6. Know about the company

Before your interview takes place, understand the company and how it operates. Most of the time, the information and the skills you have about your position will be more than enough, but this is one of the phone interview tips that will make the interviewer think highly of you.

Interview Tips

7. Know everything about the job

The key aspect is knowing and learning everything about the job you are applying for and everything that was posted on the job advertisement. Having a complete understanding of the entire job is one of the prime phone interview tips that will help you in landing that job.

8. Small talk and comfort

Since you will not be talking face to face with the interviewer, small talk is crucial to how the interview will go down. Diffusing the tension with polite greetings and slightly friendly behavior is a great phone interview tip that goes a long way.

Remember that call interviews are difficult for both parties, not just the interviewee – How you greet the interviewer when you pick up the call matters a lot.

9. Listen completely before speaking

Before you speak, listen. Before you talk, evaluate what the interviewer asked you. Phone calls can often become very distracting as there are tons of other visual things in front of you that you might be distracted from.

If you are looking for one of the most important phone interview tips, remember to keep yourself focused on what the interviewer is saying and asking. One of the best interview tips about listening to rephrase what the interviewer is saying. This will not only build a solid impression but also help you in understanding what they say.

10. Speak properly and completely

Sometimes phone connections mess up. Sometimes one of the persons can become hesitant or start babbling. The key is to stay calm and patient while speaking but also adamant.

The interviewer must listen to every word you say. That is only possible if you speak clearly and completely. Don’t speak in a low volume which could become a hearing problem for the interviewer. Speak your work clearly and in a decent volume, and you are good to go.


Now that you learned how to conduct yourself on a phone interview in the best way through our awesome phone interview tips, best of luck out there. If you are looking for a job, you can try the amazing platform that Virtual Tech Jobs Fair is providing you. It is a virtual job fair where you can actively hunt for fantastic jobs.

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