Top 10 Questions to ask in Job Fair as a recruiter

Your chances of leaving the event with viable job opportunities can be considerably increased by being prepared with the correct questions to ask at the job fair. Unfortunately, a lot of attendees only ask the same cursory questions before leaving.

With the help of this list of insightful inquiries, job fairs will go from being sporadic opportunities to potential ones.

  1. Inquire about the position you want

    You should spend some time getting acquainted with the companies that will be present at the career fair (and which ones you are interested in) before you even enter. Look at the opportunities that are available on your own time. Asking about job availability is the last thing you want to do to squander a recruiter’s time.

    Focus on the specifics of the roles that interest you rather than asking the same basic questions everyone else does. Before you participate in any stage of the recruiting process, career fairs are a fantastic way to gain more knowledge about potential roles. Consider it to be a first interview!

    Questions to ask in Job Fair as a recruiter

    Try addressing inquiries like these:

    • What is the [open positions] usual day like?
    • Specific requirements and duties were listed in the job description. Can you provide us with more details regarding [the matter you want to be clarified]?”
    • What problems do you expect a new [open post] can address?
  2. Ask for information about the goods and services the company provides

    Do you at least have a basic understanding of the goods and services that the business provides? If not, prepare before attending the employment fair. This will enable you to make better-informed inquiries that will not only provide you with insightful information but also create a positive first impression.

    Recruiters adore candidates that have done their homework and are excited to talk about specifics. It demonstrates initiative and fosters a closer relationship. Additionally, they’re more likely to be interested in employing a candidate who is familiar with the company’s goods and services than one who is applying from scratch.

    You can enquire:

    • What was it like at the business during [product/service] development?
    • “I saw that [product/service] was just produced by the company. What role do you think it will have in the company’s future plans?
    • I love your most recent [product/service name], are there any plans to improve it?
  3. Question About The Workplace Culture

    No matter what industry you work in or what position you apply for within an organization, company culture is important. You’re going to dedicate a significant portion of your life to this task. It makes sense to want to know more about what it’s like to work for the organization.

    You’re not trying to question hiring managers or look for a reason to withdraw your application. These inquiries during a career fair are meant to ascertain whether you can integrate easily into the company. Some settings are casual, while others are highly formal. Some involve a lot of teamwork, while others need a lot of independent work.

    In any case, your experience will be significantly impacted by the business culture.

    When posing these queries during a career fair, exercise caution. Many recruiters have practiced their responses in order to present the organization in the best possible light. Don’t focus solely on the vocal responses. Think about your body language, and don’t be afraid to do some independent research on the corporate culture.

    Although some job searchers are hesitant to ask these kinds of inquiries, it is best to learn the answer now rather than squander time later.

    Here are some great questions to ask in job fair

    • What kind of individual succeeds at [company]?
    • What initiatives does your company take to promote diversity?
    • How does [business] encourage dialogue, and what kind of feedback culture exists there?”
  4. Talk about the field

    It always pays to be knowledgeable about the market you’re seeking to break into, and getting input from a firm insider can be quite beneficial. If you already work in the field, you probably have no trouble answering these questions. Do some research to assist you to prepare for a career fair even if you aren’t.

    To find out more about the company’s new initiatives or evolving plans, visit its media website. Then, become acquainted with emerging trends. Every sector of business changes.

    Businesses must adapt to the changing environment. You can ask more insightful inquiries during the job fair if you have some knowledge of the industry as a whole.

    You could, for instance, question like:

    • “I noticed that [pattern] is spreading throughout [business].” How does your business intend to handle those changes?
    • How do you think that [trend] will affect the near future of [business product or service]?
    • Do you think that [trend] will continue?
  5. Question about opportunities for career advancement

    Right now, getting a job might be your top priority. But it’s also important to inquire about your potential in a company.

    You won’t want to remain in one place for too long. You’ll probably wish to get promoted or take on new types of projects at some point.

    Ask the recruiter about prospects for career advancement while you are speaking with them. You don’t want to land in a position where there isn’t much room for advancement.

    By posing these queries to hiring managers at a career fair, you can convey to them your desire in a long-term career with the organization.

    Questions to ask in job fair:

    • “Does [business] provide any structured mentoring or training programs to support new hires in developing and succeeding?”
    • How does [business] pledge to support employees’ professional growth?
    • Does [business] spend money on training to retrain or upskill employees?
  6. Learn about their experience working for the company

    When speaking with a recruiter, you don’t have to put all of your attention on yourself. The ultimate objective is to create enduring connections that advance your career. At a career fair, your meetings with recruiters are just the beginning.

    Inquire about the experience and career path of the recruiter! That not only demonstrates a sincere interest in the perspectives of others, but it can also provide you with useful information about what it’s like to work for and advance within the company.

    You have the chance to speak with someone who works actively for the organization you want to join. They are a wealth of knowledge and can offer a viewpoint you won’t find elsewhere.

    Here are some questions to ask in job fair to start a fruitful conversation:

    • “How long have you worked for [business] and how did you begin?”
    • What aspect of your position at [business] do you find most enjoyable?
    • What has been the most difficult challenge you have faced in your current position?
  7. Ask about the training that new hires receive

    This is one of the most neglected and undervalued inquiries you can make at a career fair. You’ll probably go through some training as a new employee before becoming fully acclimated to your role. Understanding what is coming can be useful.

    This training may also serve as general onboarding to introduce new hires to company policies and procedures. In other cases, new hire training focuses more on skill development.

    You can better understand the hiring timeline by asking these questions. Say, for instance, that obtaining a job would necessitate a relocation or substantial lifestyle shift. It may be possible to organise the adjustment period to assure success if you are aware of the upcoming instruction.

    Prepare by asking inquiries like:

    • “How long is the [position’s] training period?”
    • Will I have the chance to observe colleagues or learn about other jobs?
    • What exactly does your onboarding training entail?
  8. Find out whether there are any additional skills that new hires need to succeed

    Companies typically give you a list of the qualifications you’ll need to succeed in an open position. These lists aren’t ideal, though, as all roles have multiple facets.

    For instance, advertising need more than simply a sharp eye to succeed in marketing. Along with these skills, you must have mastery of time management, creative writing, and teamwork. There are several relevant talents to take into account.

    Inquire with recruiters about the qualifications you might need to excel in the position you seek. Those inquiries exhibit a high level of initiative and reveal that you are prepared to go above and beyond to fulfill your potential as an employee.

    Additionally, you can use this knowledge to get a jump start on developing talents that you can apply right now. There is a significant probability that those talents will be useful in other situations that are similar, even if you don’t move further with an application or get hired. Why not get better now to increase your chances later?

    Here are a few to get you going:

    • “Do you have any outside training recommendations to aid in my job search at [company]?”
    • Will enhancing [skill] make me more qualified for [open position]?
  9. Ask about the hiring procedure

    Different businesses have different hiring procedures. While you might just need to go through one lengthy interview at one company, you might have to go through several rounds at another!

    There is nothing improper about inquiring about the recruiting procedure when speaking with recruiters at a career fair. They may offer helpful information that will enable you to decide whether to move forward or not (or give you insight on how to prep). You might want to think about applying to other chances if the application procedure is lengthy and you need a job soon just to be safe.

    Possible questions to ask in job fair:

    • “Could you briefly describe the hiring procedure for [position]?”
    • “How long does the normal hiring process last?”
  10. Find out when you can expect a response

    Last but not least, be sure to inquire as to when and how you may expect to hear about your application. The recruiter will be able to provide you with a general schedule for when they start reviewing applications and contacting candidates. That is helpful once more when considering applying for different openings.

    This is a fantastic opportunity to establish a long-lasting business relationship. Find out how to contact them and whether they have a preferred means of communication.

    Ask inquiries like:

    • Do you have a business card I may use to contact you regarding [open position]?
    • “After meeting you here, what’s the next thing I should do?”
    • Who can I speak with regarding [open position] or potential future opportunities at [company]?


There is nothing stopping you from making the most of job fairs now that you are acquainted of some useful questions to ask in job fair. When it comes to the job search, there is no alternative for speaking with someone in person and getting to know them.

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