How to participate in a virtual career fair events

Recruiters and potential employers can interact directly with graduates and job seekers at virtual career fairs, also referred to as virtual jobs fairs.

Going to a job fair is a phenomenal chance for job seekers to interface with organizations/ companies.

Watch the video below to know more about TJF’s 2021 virtual fair:

Benefits for jobseekers & tips for success

Whether you’re going to our forthcoming virtual job fair or will attend one, later on, find out about the benefits of virtual job fairs and tips to set yourself up for progress.

Time commitments are shorter

Going to a job fair takes a long while. You need to drive to the area, spend your day holding up in line to talk with a prospective employer, and afterward travel back home once more. Yet, with a virtual job fair, you can enter and exist according to your preference, without additional driving time.

With virtual job fairs, you don’t have to worry about things like your commute time or getting stuck in traffic because you don’t have to worry about things like your travel time.

Not confined to a single location

Suppose that you might want to go to a job fair, but for some reason, you can’t get sufficient time in your calendar to go to the event face to face. Or on the other hand, perhaps the on-location job fair you were expecting to go to has been dropped because of social distancing guidelines. Luckily, a virtual career job fair allows you to associate with different employers without leaving your comfort zone.

Virtual job fairs are open to anybody with an internet connection. If you live in a remote region where job fairs aren’t normally held or are a military companion, for instance, you can go to a virtual job fair and reap its benefits like a traditional virtual career fair.

Suitable for introverts

Nothing like enormous crowds to send your inner contemplative person into overdrive. Virtual job fairs have the benefit of a traditional career fair without meeting or involving yourself with huge gatherings.

Tips for preparing for a virtual career fair

Find out about the companies

Try not to let the way that you don’t need to go for a job fair bait you into imagining that you don’t need to plan. You’ll in any case have to treat a virtual job fair similarly as you would an in-person one. Also, that implies researching the organizations that will be in participation. Like that, you can meet with expected employers and dazzle them with your industry information.

Don’t neglect your technology

There’s nothing more awful than entering into a virtual career fair, and your Wi-Fi gets out of place. Try to test your settings before going to a virtual job fair so you can let your abilities and experience shine and not your lack of internet connection.

Put on your best outfit

Despite the fact that the job fair is virtual, it’s still vital to dress in proficient clothing that is proper for your industry.

Make sure to place yourself in a good position with your technology as well as with your garments. Dress for the virtual job fair very much like you would if you were going for an in-person interview.

Looking professional and put together not just shows potential employers you are capable, however, it additionally assists you with getting in the right outlook to have a talk with employers and radiate trust simultaneously.

Choose your home office

Even though you can go to a virtual job fair from any place, preferably, you should sign into a virtual job fair from your workspace where you can organize your video background so it looks proficient.

Focus on the camera

Look at the webcam rather than the interviewer during a video interview. If you look at the screen during the interview, this could be distracting and unprofessional.


Virtual career job fairs offer you the special chance to meet with companies hoping to enlist proficient candidates, without leaving your home! you can also create profile on HireTechTalent for getting interview requests from top companies.

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