How hiring during COVID-19 has been fully challenging

Several months have passed, but we still feel the effects of a pandemic while hiring during covid-19. The covid-19 has caused an unparalleled disturbance in the industry. From grabbing a coffee cup from Starbucks to making complicated decisions, all have been affected and become a challenge.

The covid-19 crisis has impacted companies of all sizes, across all industries. Millions of people have lost their businesses and jobs. The all-ready students who were eagerly waiting to start their professional careers, or the talent that wanted to transfer themselves, and even the companies who tried to fill in their graphic designer position as soon as possible. All have suffered, and now hiring during COVID-19 is more challenging than ever.

Since we have been hiring during covid-19 and fully supported the employees who wanted flexibility and transfers, we can share our experiences during these trying and unfortunate times.

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How long does it take to hire an employee internationally?

Hiring during covid-19 has been challenging; before the pandemic, this process was pretty smooth. But now, if you’re hiring internationally, you have to keep the present health conditions of that country in mind too.

Countries like India, Brazil, Italy have been badly affected by the virus. Their corona infection rate is very high; their embassies are not accepting new applications. Even if some embassies accept new applicants, there is a massive backlog of documents yet to be processed. Embassies are currently prioritizing those people who are applying for health care.

hiring during COVID

While there is some silver lining, countries like New Zealand and Australia are not significantly affected. Hiring from these countries is pretty smooth. What a company can do to streamline this process is.

Keep checking the status of health with the respective embassies. Keep checking the visa requirements if someone has already been issued the visa – check-in with the local police to enter the country on the work visa. Also, prepare everything the employee needs for the processing of their application and the permit.

Hiring during Covid-19 remotely

Hiring during covid-19 has a silver lining to it that you can hire people remotely. But still, there are some measures to need to incorporate even if the employee is starting remotely. You have got to stay supportive and in correspondence with the employee to make the transition more comfortable with him.

Some countries might still be in severe lockdown. So, make sure you cooperate with the employee. Try to include him in your activities as much as possible. A coffee check-in frequently is a good ice breaker. Before hiring during covid-19 remotely, you need to have a proper plan for the new hire.

Trust more

Because of the restrictions, hiring during covid-19 may only result in your new hire working from home. In this situation, there is no choice but to trust each other more. Filing up this trust gap will help us in the future when more significant opportunities come up.

We can reflect on the time where we trusted each other. Now again, it’s a similar time. Employees shouldn’t break the trust barrier if they’re tasked to work from home. Timings of work should be as flexible as they can be.


Hiring during covid-19 can be complicated for you. If you’re hiring internationally, it can be more complicated. More than you can imagine, it won’t be easy for the people to move out of their countries and settle into another and face quarantines and different covid-19 protocols.

So, plan the time frame accordingly, give them space, give them time, give them flexibility. If you can allow them to work from home, permit that to be more convenient for you.

Variety of hiring

The best way you get a variety of hiring during COVID-19 is through Job Fairs. Just like its success last year, virtual TechJobsFair is back again. This Job Fair gives recruiters tons of candidates to choose from, where you can handpick candidates.

The Virtual Tech Jobs Fair comes with its perks such as fast-tracking your hiring procedure. The Fair allows different candidates to interact with plenty of recruiters. Since it is virtual this year, you bridge many constraints like not convenient to attend the event or timing issues.

hiring during COVID-19

This fantastic opportunity is for all sorts of professionals. If you’re attending this event, you’re more likely to land a job, with more than 200+ companies and 10k+ attendees.

In a nutshell

While hiring during COVID-19, Support your employees in these trying times. Millions have lost their jobs if you can grant them jobs, do it. Provide your employees as much flexibility as you can. Be supportive and make sure you find as many solutions to their problems yourself.

Since they are relocating themselves from another country, make them feel welcomed, it is essential to check-in, listen to their queries. Even make them find a flat, a home. Employees will give their full effort to you if you’re showing commitment to the employees in these trying times to promote engagement in the company.

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