Handling Employee Resignation Gracefully – 6 Genius Tips

Many managers face employee resignation almost every other day. Employee resignations are a part of the corporate culture. People resign for all sorts of reasons including personal fatigue, stress, career changes, better opportunities, and so many more. But the crucial part is what to do when your employees resign?

What steps would you take when you face an employee’s resignation? Taking the appropriate measures would pay off well for both the resigning employee and yourself. You should not keep any hard feelings, normally. But here are six things you must do when you handle resignations.

1. Respond to Employee resignation in the politest manner

As a manager, you are more than likely to face an employee resignation once a year or more. It’s not unusual, nor is it unacceptable. Sometimes it does put you and your company in a tricky situation, but more often than not, you will be more than capable to handle it with ease.

With all of that said, every person deserves kindness and politeness. These things are much more important in a professional setting for they set your standards in front of the world. Be polite while dealing with employee resignation as they resigning could use your support and kind words.

employee resignation

2. Wish them all the best and tell them they have your support

Nobody likes it when valuable employees hand over employee resignation. But if and when they do turn in the resignation, they must have all your support. When somebody has worked for you a while and provided their dedicated services to you, you must wish them all the best.

Some employers go the extra mile while handling employee resignation as they hand out recommendation letters and well-wishing emails. Staying in touch after the employees leave is also a decent touch that speaks tons about your organization and what it stands for.

Offer them any advice that could fit in their situation and could help in their future. Such gestures may be minute, but they matter a lot. An employee resignation is a test on the employer’s end as they will have to deal with it gracefully.

3. Try to understand their reasons

Listen to the leaving employee. Try to understand their reasons for handing over resignation. If it has something to do with the company, consider giving it a thought. If there’s a problem within the organization, it could potentially result in more employees leaving if the problem is not solved.

The most popular reasons for employee resignation are:

  1. Incompetent salary packages.
  2. Unsatisfied employees.
  3. Untimely promotions
  4. Office politics
  5. Unmerited corporate chain
  6. Career changes
  7. Personal problems

4. Display a positive image, a united front

Sudden employee resignation can disturb the team’s workflow. There’s a special need to manage the entire situation efficiently by making sure the entire progress is not disturbed and it can resume efficiently.

A simple thing such as a message to the entire team filled with positivity and unity can go a long way in ensuring that no productivity is lost. Sometimes, the leaving employee is liked too much by the working teams. In such employee resignation situations, you must raise the morale of the team by ensuring that you will do something about it.

Make sure that your message to the team is consistent, persistent, and positive.

employee resignation

5. Ask the employee to stay a few extra days if you require

Sometimes the leaving employees are too valuable, and their job cannot be handled by anybody else for the time being. In such cases, you must bring in immediate replacements or ask the leaving employees to stay for a few extra days after employee resignation.

Some organizations ask their employees to stay till they can find their replacements, while other companies ask the leaving employees to find them a replacement. Either way, sometimes you must make the employees stay because of work emergencies.

6. Look for replacements

Once the employee resignation is done and dusted, it’s time to look for like-for-like replacements. Until the position needs to be immediately filled, you can take your time in searching for the best candidate.

One of the best ways you can handle an resignation do is to send your recruiters to job fairs like the Tech Jobs Fair. It is one of the most effective platforms to find the best candidates for your candidates in rapid time.


We understand that employee resignations are hard, especially if the employee was particularly good at their work and added a lot of value to your organization. But how you handle resignation speaks a lot about your company, and they should always be done maturely and gracefully.


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