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If you asked your grandparents about the difference between today’s world and the world 30 years back, they would tell you that it’s huge!!!!! As children, we used to play games on big PCs. The internet was connected through wires. Now children can be seen hooked to their IPads using wireless internet 24/7. The difference really is huge!!!

The present is highly controlled by technology and that includes career options as well.

How Information Technology will shape future careers and why you should care?

Career in IT

Automation is making its way

There was a time when people would have piles of files with tons of data to go through. Now many tasks are done through automated channels like:

  • Booking a flight
  • Applying to universities
  • Booking a ticket for your favorite movie
  • Washing clothes

The list goes on and the wonders of automation are all around us.

Automation experts, engineers, and technicians have made our lives easier and will continue to do it for generations to come. To explore room for automation, MGI conducted research on 46 countries and 2000 work activities. They found that 60% of all occupations have a minimum of 30% of activities that can be automated based on the technologies in the present.

For future technologies who knows what can be the height of possibilities. Considering present technology, if the present automation techniques are adapted then that can have a profound effect on 50% of the global economy and 1.2 Billion employees.

As time goes on the need for automation will increase to outweigh human capabilities. Considering just the marketing business, if you own a company say “digital marketing agency New York” you can promote your brand with automated ads through ECPC (enhanced cost per click).

Bridging the gap between jobs and employees

Digital platforms have made it easier for people to find jobs and for employers to find employees. Now you can apply for a job online, get interviewed and selected online, and even work online. The 2019 pandemic has shut down offices around the globe and that has opened our eyes to the need for Information Technology.

Many people are now working remotely and many who solely relied on physical jobs are finding it hard to work. Information Technology has become a necessity more than ever!!!

With digital platforms, we can see an increase in:

  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility of work
  • Transparency
  • Even GDP

We can save:

  • Money
  • Workforce
  • Time

While many can’t work for a certain duration, with remote and flexible working hours many people find it easy to work. That has a huge effect on the global economy and the global workforce. According to a US survey, ¾ of housewives would be able to work if they were offered flexible work time.

Improved Security

Information Technology has revolutionized security in many ways. One of these is satellite imagery and analysis with AI (Artificial Intelligence). With AI, analysts don’t need to study tons of data. Through AI data can be processed in real-time and information can be sent to relevant departments for action.

Let’s take an example. If a region on earth is flooded then with satellite data AI can identify affected areas and send information to relief organizations to take immediate action. AI professionals are much needed for such technology and thus it rises as a very successful career option that can save the world!!!!

Better Healthcare

There was a time when people died from diseases like chickenpox and malaria. Now deaths from such diseases are almost non-existent due to technology. Now wearable health devices like watches help to keep a check on your heartbeat and devices like pacemakers can alert health centers when a patient is in serious distress.

With technology, it’s easier to check patient records to track down diseases like what happened in the case of Covid-19. None of this could have been possible without Information Technology. We are in an era where professionals, engineers, and doctors can save lives through faster methods in healthcare.

Preserving natural resources

Ever think where the meat on your plate comes from? With resources on earth depleting and increased crime taking over the global trade market, better methods to combat environmental and social issues becomes very important.

One of the ways Information Technology is helping the earth is through Blockchain technology. Blockchain is a system of information that is very hard to hack, cheat and change. It’s used in cryptocurrency as well. With blockchain technology, the path of tuna in the tuna fishing industry in Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand is now being tracked.

That helps in making sure labor slavery and illegal fishing is prevented. Thus with professionals working to make blockchain technology stronger, we can rely on Information Technology to save the earth from further damage.


In this article, we took you through 5 areas where IT professionals are making good progress. Automation saves time and effort. Digital platforms help increase efficient employment. AI offers better security and health care services are improved with electronic devices. We can’t deny that technology has made contributions to making lives better.

Lastly, with blockchain technology, we can save illegal product trade and control crimes worldwide. Information Technology careers empower people to make the best out of their potential while saving much-needed resources. We hope to see more individuals participate and play their roles in the IT world. The world heavily relies on it.

Career in IT

If you are interested in a career in Information Technology, we highly recommend you consider the TECH JOBS FAIR. It will be held on the 26th of August 2021. It will consist of 5k+ attendees with 500+ companies and 400+ partners from four cities of Europe. It’s a great platform to find opportunities in the IT industry. You will learn from the best experts and will get to network with your peers.

With all the advantages that technology brings, we recommend you give a career in Information Technology a shot!!

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