8 Important Things help you choose between two jobs

Today we’re going to talk about the kind of dilemma every job seeker loves to have, the option to choose between two jobs. To choose between two jobs is not a simple task. You’ve to analyze both of the jobs in-detail. You have to point out all the perks and all the cons of both jobs.

The most important thing to keep in your mind is, don’t let emotions play their part and don’t always go for the job paying you more. Have a look at the bigger picture; in the long run, there is more chance for your growth. Let’s jump into the details you need to focus on when to have to choose between two jobs.

How to choose between two jobs?

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Side-by-Side comparison

The best to do when you’re facing the dilemma of choosing between two jobs is to go old school. Get a pencil and a paper and write down each role’s perks and cons side-by-side. Have an in-depth look at that, prioritize what you desire the most, salary figure or job satisfaction, or the location.

Sometimes you choose the company’s name, and why not if you’re offered jobs by TESLA and a local software house? Even if there’s not much growth in TESLA, your gut will choose TESLA.

It’s best to make a list of everything the job offers. The list can include things like salary figures, Work hours, Yearly Bonuses, Incentives, Growth opportunities, location, name of the company, company values, and much more.

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Know your priorities

Before you start doing the first job, there’s always this image of a dream job in your mind. The picture gets more apparent as you age. You might have your degree according to your interest, but still are the responsibilities offered to you align with the tag dream job.

There might be a chance both the jobs won’t be showing you that. At the time, whoever matches your goals the most, choose that. Eventually, it is all about satisfaction and comfort. If you’d like your job, you’d undoubtedly enjoy working. So, make sure your priorities are in order when you choose between two jobs, not just the money.

Keep long-term career goals in mind

In your job interview, you’ve been asked what good can you do for the company? But once the job offer is on the table, focus on what the company can do for you? Go over everything you observed during your research and the interview. Keep in mind the culture of the workplace. Ask yourself, which job will challenge me? Which job offers me to learn new skills? Which job offers more growth? Does this job align with my career goals?

Salary or personal satisfaction

People look at only one factor when they’re given the option to choose between two jobs, and that’s the salary. Of course, salary-figure is a crucial factor. You may have got big bills to pay, college debts to pay. But salary isn’t the only important factor. Your satisfaction needs to be in there as well. You may have more money in one job, but you won’t be happy working there.

You don’t want to work over 40 hours a week, but there you are working. It is not necessary to go for a job with more money. Decide which one provides you with more self-satisfaction.

Access the workplace culture

When you have given the option to choose between two jobs, you’re given unlimited power. But don’t access the job’s merit on personal satisfaction and the money. There are other factors to the mix as well.

The environment of the workplace matters a lot. If the setting is toxic and negative, then you won’t like working there. Even if you’re passionate about the company’s goals, you’ll lose your interest in an uncomfortable and toxic place.

When there’s a culture that makes you feel valued, the interest and passion will develop themselves. Whether there’s a culture of trust, collaboration, flexibility, do your homework.

Imagine a typical day in each role

If you still can’t choose between two jobs. Imagine it this way, what’s a typical day going to look like at each company. How and when your day will start, will you be provided with flexible timings to work with, what’s your daily commute going to be? What people are you going to interact with daily?

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Research about your boss

Sometimes when people quit their jobs, they don’t stop because of the company. They left because of their boss. Your manager has a direct impact on your work life and experiences. A bad boss can make you lose passion and motivation for the job you loved once. On the flip side, a good manager will be there for you, support you, help you grow.

Your manager will be responsible for your professional growth. He can be a mentor figure for you when you have to choose between two jobs, research about your potential boss.

Keep looking for job opportunities

When you’ve got two job offers, there’s something good in you. If you still can’t match all the columns of your dream job. Tech Jobs Fair, just like last year, has gone virtual. This virtual job fair provides job seekers exposure to hundreds of companies. It enables you to meet with different company representatives, even if you won’t get the job. You’ll always get the experience.

Final say

Sometimes you have to take a risk and jump into the job that excites you, not providing more zero figures. Trust your gut when you enlist all these opinions in your mind while selecting what’s best for you. You are on your way to make the right decision.

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