Ace Job Interviews By Giving 9 Awesome Examples

Everybody likes anecdotes, why not start your job interviews with them? Storytelling gets the listener invested and interested in the conversation. If you would keep on ranting some generic this and that in your job interviews, the possibility is the interviewer would get bored. Skills and achievements matter, but the presentation of things matters too.

You can do all the things great; you can rehearse your pitch; you can even visit the interview site and find a perfect parking spot for the day. But when the interviewer asks you to leave the generic talk out of it. “Tell me about the time when…” At this point, your mind will go all blank, so you need to be prepared for these kinds of prompt situations during job interviews.

Broad declaration won’t blow the interviewer’s mind; a real-life example would. For ideas like that, we have got something for you.

How to give examples during job interviews

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1. Examples That Emphasize on results

In job interviews, do not put out generic statements like you’re an excellent communicator. Tell them how. Go like, in the last role; I arranged standup meetings where no topic was assigned. It improved the overall morale, and it helped in eliminating redundancies. It also became a fun and safe place where everyone is entitled to some opinion and share their views in a group.

How to give examples during job interviews

2. Quantify your accomplishments

During job interviews, you can say that I’m a self-starter, or you can tell them how. Recently our project management system did not generate reports to show them to our investors. We had to do them manually, which was an overhead for the team. I took the initiative on myself and did some research on my own. I found a better management system that also generated sophisticated project reports that we can show and satisfy our clients and investors.

Examples like these are a good way to nail job interviews.

3. Highlight Cognitive Thinking in Job Interviews

Show the interviewer how your brain functions. Rather than saying that you have excellent time management skills in your job interviews, you can say, I manage my time exceptionally well. I use different tracking software to keep track of daily routine tasks and assign myself specific deadlines.

You can also say, during job interviews, that I also urge my team and colleagues to do the same. If I’m working in a group, I encourage my team members also regularly to update their tasks in the software. This way, I manage my time pretty well.

4. Highlight Feedback in Examples

In job interviews, saying things like I’m a great team player is a buzzword. Over my career, I have always been complimented on group working skills. Throughout, I have been told by my bosses, co-workers, clients that I am easy to work with, I am always serious about my work, and adaptable in different transitions of life.

5. Sharpen your Interviewing Skills Through Examples

Knowing what to say during job interviews is not an easy task. TechJobsFair is a platform that is tailored for these kinds of situations. You are mixed with numerous companies and people. Like its success last year, TechJobsFair has gone virtual this year too.

How to give examples during job interviews

This virtuality will take away many not showing up constraints. You can correspond with people with similar interests since you need to make an everlasting impression on the interviewer. You can use these platforms to sharpen your interviewing skills and get exposure.

6. Express Leadership Via Examples

Leadership is another key-buzzword you would hear at job interviews. But telling interview personnel how you stepped up to the plate when your team needed a leader desperately is the main trick to master. Exhibit yourself as someone who can dictate terms and how you believe in keeping a hierarchy to maintain work balance. You can also highlight some accomplishing moments when you cleared a deadline in the hardest of circumstances.

7. Solved a Problem

You’re likely to turn in the problem solver tag to yourself. But simply associating the word with yourself and giving the interviewers evidence about it adds to your chances of getting selected. So, don’t just slap it on your resume. Instead, support your traits with examples during job interviews.

Elon Musk once said in an interview that he hires people by asking them about what real-time problems have you solved and what was your role in that. The key for judging people is the one who was really into that problem – one who solved it would know all the minor details about it, not just the top abstract. So, he judges them by the elements they talk about the problem.

Dig back through your history; even tiny moments could work. Explain to them through the example how motivated, creative, and resourceful of a thinker you are.

Examples during job interviews

8. Overcame a Challenge

The workplace can be full of obstacles and off-moments. There will be times when your project manager would assign you a complicated and challenging project. It’s important to show the concerned parties in job interviews about how you came out of that challenge.

Your details don’t need to be thrilling and exciting; instead, they have to be realistic. Interviewers are not looking for a movie plot. They are looking for real-life scenarios.

Tell them how you worked a double shift to make your ends. Or how you managed a massive work project on a tight deadline.

9. Examples That Show You Learned from a Mistake

Nobody is perfect. Everyone has made mistakes in the past. You can fall; you can fail. It won’t matter. But how you choose to get up and pull yourself back matters. No need to be embarrassed by your mistakes; instead, tell the job interviews personnel about the lesson you learned from that mistake.

Final verdict

You can calm yourself by preparing these tricky behavioral interview questions. Have your stories sorted out and ready, demonstrate them with full confidence and ace your next interview.

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