9 Tips To Become A Successful Recruiter

The job of a recruiter has never been more important in all of corporate history than it is right now. Every great organization requires a successful recruiter or many successful recruiters to filter out the top candidates and bring them to the company. It’s not an easy job as it requires a lot of perseverance, research, and on top of all that, dedication to take control of the situation and finding the top candidates.

While in the past we saw recruiters being taken for granted, now, the tables have turned and everybody is on the hunt for a successful recruiter to bring the best talents to their footsteps. So, what makes a successful recruiter?

How do you become a great one? Well, for starters, you require a lot of practice, skill, and that catchiness in your eyes to recognize the top talents when they come across you. Let’s check 9 of the best tips that will help you become a more successful recruiter.

Tips to become a successful recruiter

Tips to become a successful recruiter

1. Be active on social media

Social media is huge in today’s world. In fact, when we talk about the modern approach for successful recruiters, social media is one of the key aspects of it. Many people are addicted to social media but if you are a recruiter, you can use it for your benefit by using your searching skills to track the best talents for your company.

The most useful social media networks include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be active on these networks. Let people know who you are. Make your identity evident. Post about your company, and post about open positions.

Once people start getting to know you, they will automatically look for opportunities to get in touch with you. If used rightly, social media can unlock a potential reach that is unmatched.

2. Think out of the box

The basic principle of the modern approach is to take an approach nobody else would. Get creative. Think out of the box. Think about how you could look for the best candidates for the open positions at your firm.

Once you learn the art, you will find it much easier than other recruiters to recruit the best talent out there. Start looking at events like the Virtual Tech Jobs Fair which will allow you to take a peek and interact with the top talents out there. Start following up on groups and profiles on LinkedIn or other social media. It will pay dividends.

3. Focus on your soft skills

There are certain skills and traits that the most successful recruiter would have. Skills like sales, people, management, communication, marketing, and problem-solving are vital to your success in the modern era. On top of all those, you must start getting better at your time-management and negotiation because those come in handy when you have to negotiate a potential employee’s contract.

Tips to become a successful recruiter 2

4. Never take no for an answer

Often, we see that patience and persistence can pay massive rewards. Stubbornness can be a great quality in a successful recruiter, because let’s say you found the perfect candidate after looking them up and searching them for long hours, but they are not convinced to join your organization. While this does not normally happen but there are often talents for higher positions that won’t yearn to work at your organization.

To convince them, you have to be a little stubborn and try to entice them to join your workforce.

5. Take risks

Risks are a part of every industry and especially the recruitment industry. Every time you are hiring a candidate, you are taking a risk. But if you ask us, we suggest taking even more risks because when you take such risks, you learn the most. The results can either pay off or serve as lessons.

6. Keep learning

Always keep learning about all the new things and new approaches. The only way to actually know how good you are is to get yourself in a circle with other recruiters and see how they work. Learn from the best.

One of the best ways you can do that is by visiting job fairs like the awesome Tech Jobs Fair where you can meet successful recruiters as well as top candidates. There are also training programs that you can get admitted into.

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7. A personal touch never hurts

Getting personal respectfully with your candidates is a great idea. In an industry where the best candidates are in high demand, the successful recruiter knows how to get in personal touch with the best talents in the market.

Start messaging them personally, write custom messages for each person that can resonate with them, and stop sending automated responses to candidates.

8. Research the candidates

Checking the candidates that you have shortlisted or are looking for is a fantastic tip on becoming a successful recruiter. If you are a data-driven recruiter, you are in for a ride. You can start by tracking your applicants and see where they are applying and how badly you want them.

9. Get a distraction-free setup on your devices

Most recruiters, who never make the jump from an average to a spectacular one, are limited by distractions. If you are in the recruitment industry, you know how much your phone rings all the time.

With notifications constantly streaming in from different sources such as WhatsApp, social media, email, phone calls, and other applications, you must create a focused and distraction-free environment that will keep you from wasting any time.


Great recruiters are differentiated from the average ones based on these abilities, traits, and their willingness to adapt. To take the modern approach, to research everything, and keep your persistence in check alongside your patience, a successful recruiter will take control of the situation and make things happen for their company.

Happy recruiting!

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