5+ Career Mistakes Every Job Hunter Should Avoid

If you are a job seeker, there are certain career mistakes that you should always void if you are going to grow your career and progress to places. While a lot of people don’t care because they are young, and there’s not much maturity, there are a few basics that one needs to know because there are consequences.

These are not hard rules that will make you change your ways and get you out of your comfort zone, these are mere corrections that you could use rather sooner than later. A lot of people face career issues because of these little mistakes. For job seekers, these career mistakes hurt a lot as they could potentially rob you of your dream jobs.

Once you have decided to make your mark in the world and start a brilliant, hard-working career, there are things that you are supposed to do and things that you are not supposed to do. The first step is to look for a job in the market. Career issues include many problems, but the most common one is messing up before even getting a job by being unprofessional.

If you do possess the skills and expertise that it takes to work properly, you must avoid these career mistakes to get that dream start.

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1. Incomplete Application

One of the most basic career mistakes that any job seeker makes is an incomplete application. This is a rookie mistake, but we won’t judge you if you made it as well. After all, we are all humans, and we want every one of us to learn and be better at these things.

An incomplete application reeks of unprofessionalism, and that’s something you would always want to avoid. Ensure that you fill out and provide all the relevant details. Any other details that could make your case stronger are also welcome.

Career Mistakes Every Job Hunter Should Avoid

Recruiters see hundreds of applications and resume every day, and the first step they do is filter out the incomplete applications by putting them aside. If you are not getting any response from recruiters, you should check out your application and see if you have been making this career mistake as well.

2. Not taking the instructions seriously

Instructions are put there for a purpose. That purpose is to follow them. If a recruiter says that phone calls are not welcome, or emails without a subject line won’t be considered, then you must follow these instructions. Following the instructions is the bare minimum for any job seeker.

3. Being generic

Don’t be generic. What are we talking about? We are talking about resumes, CVs, cover letters, job applications, or any other document that you are supposed to be giving to a place you are applying to. This is one of the career mistakes that a lot of people make.

Getting generic about things can only make things difficult for you and ambiguous for the recruiters. The HR people might not even consider your ‘generic’ documents, so it’s best to avoid that. Be specific about your skills and fields. It will pay dividends.

4. Applying in a hurry

Always apply in a patient and confirmed way. A lot of people make these career mistakes by applying immediately and missing out on a lot of details. Organizations do not hire on a first-come-first-serve basis, so you can always take your time, as long as you meet the deadline of applying. Take your time and fill in everything.

Career Mistakes Every Job Hunter Should Avoid 2

5. Getting fancy

Getting fancy does not equal professionalism. Fancy formatting, catchy and meaningless words, and graphics will not help your cause. Make sure that you do the minimum by being professional and leave the rest to your recruiters. Let your skillset and expertise speak. Smart formatting and efficient wording go a long way.

6. Not following up

Online applications that you apply through emails or job portals need follow-ups. Once you have applied, you have to sit back patiently to wait for the reply. But if there is no reply within 10 days, you should follow up on your application by making an interaction. Don’t annoy them by calling or mailing repeatedly.

Be polite and make sure that your interest is shown when you ask about the application. This is one of the most common career mistakes that job seekers make.

7. Putting too much information on your resume

Recruiters are human too. If you need career help, the least you can do is help the recruiters who are supposed to hire you. Often there is only a single position available, yet the recruiters have to go through thousands of CVs to filter out the candidates.

One of the most common career mistakes and the opposite of being generic, some people put more information than required on the resume. This hurts the chances of getting selected. Be professional and put only the relevant details.

8. Not knowing your worth

Not knowing your worth (your skill’s worth) is one of the most common career mistakes you could make in your career. Often, we see that the most brilliant people we know in our lives are not paid as much as they deserve. That’s because they are willing to work for less.

Hence, you should know your worth. We are not suggesting you go crazy and punch above your weight but having an idea of what your skill set might be worth is vital to your career growth.

Career Mistakes Every Job Hunter Should Avoid 3

9. Relying only on job ads

Do not rely on only job ads. Most of the important and high-end jobs are not advertised. You might be confused as to how to find them if they are not advertised. The most effective way is to look at what companies you would like to work for and establishing contact with them. Look for recruiters that go out of their way.

One of the most effective ways to do that is to look up job fairs that you can attend. One of the top job fairs happening is the TechJobsFair. A virtual event where all the top recruiters attend, it’s the best chance to grab the opportunity.


If you are seeking a job or planning to change jobs after having stuck around at a job for some time, there are certain career mistakes that you should always avoid. Everyone needs to be professional when it comes to applying for jobs. Follow our instructions, do everything well, be professional, and make sure that you don’t hurt any chances of attaining a nice job.

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