What you must know about Virtual Job Fair – A complete guide

What is a Virtual Job Fair

Virtual job fairs are taking over the normal conventional fairs and for good reason too. Virtual events started happening because of the pandemic. Although the pandemic forced the adaptation of virtual career fairs, it must not take anything away from the fact that virtual job fairs have tons of advantages that are game-changers.

A virtual job fair is a career fair that takes place virtually over the internet using software that provides the facility to conduct video calls, conference calls, and other additional features that would help in incorporating a real-life-like experience in job fairs for both recruiters and job seekers.

Now the essential thing here is the software used, the platform itself, and its reach. Tech Jobs Fair is probably the most prestigious job fair that caters to the requirements of a lot of people around the globe.

Tech Jobs Fair is the perfect platform for all the IT job seekers and recruiters around the world, with 25k+ attendees so far. Getting your dream job from a different part of the world has now become a reality, thanks to Tech Jobs Fair. It is the virtual job fair to attend this year. But why should you opt for Virtual job fairs?

Why are Virtual Job Fairs so important?

Virtual job fairs are the primary focus right now and for all the right reasons. Job fairs have existed ever since the corporate scene started. Recruiters from all the major and minor organizations arrive at these career fairs and look for the best candidates for their organizations.

But the major obstacle when it came to conventional job fairs was that it was dependent on the physical availability of the person and the recruiter. You had to be there to look for a job. Virtual Job fairs eliminate that rule and allow you to attend the job fair from any part of the world, should the platform allow it.

With the major obstacle out of the way, Virtual job fairs are also financially easier to deal with as the costs are majorly reduced as all you need is a quiet room at home and a laptop to attend or host a job fair.

With the massive influx of IT and tech-related jobs in the market all over the world, there’s a shortage of talented individuals who can fulfill these roles. Because of this problem, major organizations and software houses have looked towards hiring remote employees who can work with the team from wherever they are based. That unlocks the potential to reach millions of workers around the world that you could potentially hire.

The audience and the reach are unmatched when it becomes remote as everyone with the Internet can access it now.

The second major advantage that virtual job fairs provide you with is no issues concerning time and schedule. As you do not have to be physically present at a specified location and rent the specified location to host the event, you can keep it going for as long as you want. The host can also schedule slots for different recruiters and candidates or any other way they want to conduct it.

You do not have to worry about the venue unless you are hosting the job fair at a venue. You can make your event as flexible as possible using different languages, different speakers, scheduling flexibility, virtual spaces, and video calls.

That’s why Virtual Job fairs are crucial to the job market right now.

How can you perform best at Virtual Job Fairs?

Tech Jobs Fair is one of the best platforms out there if you want to look towards a Virtual job fair that is focused on technology and IT jobs. If you are not seeking an IT job, you can look towards other job fairs happening all over the world that cater to your needs.

If you are looking for a tech-related job such as a developer, software engineer, or any other job, you can follow the following tips to perform the best at Tech Jobs Fair and land your dream job if you are from Austria, because Tech Jobs Fair is going to organize Austria’s Largest Virtual Recruiting & Branding Event on 6th of May.

Austria's Largest Virtual Recruiting & Branding Virtual Tech Jobs Fair

  1. Homework

    Just because it is a virtual job fair does not mean that you should come unprepared. Do your homework. See what organizations would be present at the Tech Jobs Fair. Decide which ones you would want to apply for.

    Prepare for that. Understand what you would need to succeed.

  2. Check all your equipment

    By far, the part where most candidates fail is the failure of the internet, equipment, or any other malfunction. Try not to use a mobile phone or a tablet and prefer a laptop with a dedicated webcam. Use proper handsfree with a working mic. Check it beforehand, so it doesn’t disturb your interview and your progress.

  3. Practice and get comfortable with your environment

    A virtual environment is a tricky thing, and it is much different than a real interview situation. The crucial part is to get comfortable with a virtual setup. Start by looking in the camera and maintaining your confidence alongside your voice. You will not know how the other party is hearing you, so do ask if you sound okay and then continue.

  4. Bring an updated CV/Resume

    Whether it’s a virtual job fair or a conventional one, keep an updated resume with you. Whichever job you must apply for after an interview or before one, you will have to submit a resume. Make sure there are no typos, and everything is up to date.


Tech Jobs Fair is the virtual job fair you must look for. If you are looking for a tech job, you will have access to 500+ top-class companies and 400+ partners across 14 countries that Tech Jobs Fair has in the tech and digital industry waiting to hire the top candidates.

On the other hand, if you are a recruiter from a tech company or looking for employees for your IT team, Tech Jobs Fair is the place to be. Sign up, register, and get started immediately.

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